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The BIG small print

At Trait we do things fairly. We do not stand for any form of abuse whether it be against a person or targeting a group of individuals. When you send us your work you give us permission to use and edit it as we wish without any form of payment or royalties. You must also certify that it is your own work and is in no way plagiarised, copied or indecent. Readers must also acknowledge that the work that will be shown in this magazine is the writers own and cannot be copied or edited without the creators permission. You can obtain the permission of creators by contacting either the creator or Trait directly. Those who wish to produce photographs of other people must obtain the permission of the individuals and must inform them of how and where their face will be portrayed. If you have any questions don始t hesitate to e-mail us at

Trait Magazine (Pre Issue)  
Trait Magazine (Pre Issue)  

This is the pre-issue before the official first magazine (Sep.2011) Please comment and discuss. If you would like to get involved in the mag...