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An intro to a magazine

Are you an independent artist? Do you want to get your work

NOTICED? You don始t have to use clashing colours for us to notice your talent. Just e-mail Trait with details on the artistic work that you do at


s r o t u b i r t n o c

{INSERT YOUR ARTICLE HERE} Do you love to write? Are you an aspiring journalist? Do you want to get your opinion heard? If you answered YES to any of those questions then Trait is for you. Often in todays society, teenagers are tarnished with the same brush. Weʼre constantly reminded of this in daily news coverage. Headlines pop out of the screen telling us about “teenage gangs” and how weʼre “bone idle and dumb”. Older generations cease to believe that we, the younger generation, have talent and ability. Everyone seems to think we all fall into the “teenager from hell stereotype...” Could you prove this stereotype wrong?

It doesnʼt matter how much writing experience you have, as long as you can communicate your points and issues we would love to read and publish it. Our system works on this basic principle. You send your articles to with a summary of the theme of your article. We store these articles in the “trait article bank” and publish them in a suitable issue. For the first issue (September ʼ11) we are welcoming ANY article you want to write. The theme is “Whatʼs Your Trait?: What matters to you?” So donʼt hesitate to send them in!

music makes the people...

We始re not looking for the next Madonna, but we are looking for talented solo and group musicians. Do you have an E.P or Album release coming up soon? Would you like a community of readers to listen to your tracks? Send us an e-mail at and a link to your music site. We can review your current tracks, do online interviews with you and advertise your music. All great ways to allow you to make it BIG.

...come together.

Take a picture.

It’ll last longer. We will always be looking for photos and art to illustrate articles, ideas and front covers. Thatʼs why we need your artistic talents to provide us with fantastic images. Again, it doesnʼt matter what your experience level is as long as you enjoy taking a few snaps or illustrating, we want your work. Hereʼs how it works, You send us good resolution images- we use them in our publication- we credit you with every photo we use. Simple. If we find your work particularly outstanding we can offer you ʻad spaceʼ. Meaning for every 6 decent photographs you send us we will offer you a full A4 space add where you can advertise your blogs and websites. If you send in 10 outstanding photos we can give you a double page spread of ʻadd spaceʼ. This will allow more traffic to your sites and guides readers to more of your fantastic work.

? ? ? It would be nice to see your photos here.

If you like to stay up late. Writing words in figures of eight. We want to hear at any rate, Your poems, so send them to Trait.

Your poems are probably better than ours, so weʼll leave that bit to you. Every issue we want to publish our readerʼs poems in our exclusive poetry corner. You could be the next Rudyard Kipling, so show the world your fantastic way with words..

1) You e-mail us your articles/ photos/ art work/ blog URL始s

2) We edit, format and publish them into Trait magazine.

3) You and all your friends can read them at traitmagazine

The BIG small print

At Trait we do things fairly. We do not stand for any form of abuse whether it be against a person or targeting a group of individuals. When you send us your work you give us permission to use and edit it as we wish without any form of payment or royalties. You must also certify that it is your own work and is in no way plagiarised, copied or indecent. Readers must also acknowledge that the work that will be shown in this magazine is the writers own and cannot be copied or edited without the creators permission. You can obtain the permission of creators by contacting either the creator or Trait directly. Those who wish to produce photographs of other people must obtain the permission of the individuals and must inform them of how and where their face will be portrayed. If you have any questions don始t hesitate to e-mail us at

Trait Magazine (Pre Issue)  

This is the pre-issue before the official first magazine (Sep.2011) Please comment and discuss. If you would like to get involved in the mag...