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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 28, 2012 Contact: Tony Cook, Editor Model Railroad News

MODEL RAILROAD NEWS RETURNS TO PRINT! (Kansas City, January 28, 2012) – White River Productions has added Model Railroad News to the company’s family of publications. The agreement between LampLight Publications and White River Productions was completed Friday, January 27th. This development will return Model Railroad News to the hobby market after a short absence. Model Railroad News’ most recent issue was October, 2011. A combined Jan/Feb, 2012 will arrive in in the coming weeks. This combined issue was in production, when Model Railroad News ceased publication in December, 2011. The first new edition of Model Railroad News from White River Productions is planned for March, 2012. The resumption of monthly publication will begin with the March edition. “We are pleased to be able to welcome Model Railroad News to White River Productions,” said Kevin EuDaly, owner of White River Productions. “This magazine has been an important voice in the hobby and White River looks forward to continuing its high standards and quality for readers and manufacturers.” Tony Cook will serve as editor for White River Productions. “I’m thrilled to continue being part of this important publication and will turbo-charge my efforts to make it a satisfying opportunity for model railroad enthusiasts to make the most of their leisure time pursuits,” said Tony Cook. Mr. Cook is a lifelong model railroader and has been part of the magazine’s team since May of last year. “I look forward to working with our existing staff of very talented and knowledgeable writers to deliver what our readers and industry has come to expect in the pages of Model Railroad News.” Subscribers will be pleased to know existing subscriptions are to be honored by the new ownership. Fulfillment will be based on the number of remaining issues in existing subscriptions and will not be based on calendar months. The magazine’s website ( is under a revamping and will be back online in the very near future. Look for Model Railroad News information on the website.

Model Railroad News will utilize its popular Facebook page and new YouTube Channel to communicate with its readers for the immediate future. The magazine’s new mailing address for subscription, billing, invoicing and other (non-editor) correspondence: Model Railroad News c/o White River Productions PO Box 9580 Kansas City, MO 64133 The magazine’s new mailing address for letters to the editor, reader feedback and industry communication: Model Railroad News 6324 N. Chatham Ave., Box 117 Kansas City, MO 64151 About Model Railroad News Founded in 1995 by Mike Lindsay and his Lamplight, Model Railroad News has distinguished itself among hobby industry magazines with its detailed product reviews, great photos, and topical model train news. The magazine is sold by most fine hobby shops, many bookstores and is offered to readers in the mail via annual subscription. About White River Productions Founded in 1992 by Kevin EuDaly, President, White River Productions is currently producing magazines, calendars, books, and other peripheral items such as membership brochures, advertising rate cards, annual meet announcements, and ballots. The company began when owner Kevin EuDaly decided to write and publish Missouri Pacific Diesel Power. White River Productions publishes 20 historical society magazines, Passenger Train Journal, Railroads Illustrated, and NMRA Magazine. ###

Model Railroad News Returns To Print  

Press Release announcing White River Productions acquisition of Model Railroad News magazine.