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PINK SNAKE collection

Pink Snake Collection: Fashion forward, vibrant collection with pink and coral snake skin print.

Pink Snake Club Covers GSCC199-0040


Pink Snake Visor GSVV199-0950

Pink Snake 3 Zip GSZB199-1450

Pink Snake Towel GST199-0009

Pink Snake Mid-Size Tote Bag GSTB199-2450

Pink Snake Shoe Bag GSSB199-1950

Pink Snake Duffle Bag GSDB199-3450

Pink Snake Golf Bag GSGB199-0125

BLUE/GREEN PERF collection

Blue/Green Perf Collection: Fun mix of blue and green perforation with spring green trim.

Blue/Green Perf Club Covers GSCC200-0040

Blue/Green Perf Visor GSVV200-0950

Blue/Green Perf 3 Zip GSZB200-1450

Blue/Green Perf Towel GST200-0009

Blue/Green Perf Mid-Size Tote Bag GSTB200-2450

Blue/Green Perf Shoe Bag GSSB200-1950

Blue/Green Perf Duffle Bag GSDB200-3450

Blue/Green Perf Golf Bag GSGB200-0125

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Python Visor GSVV181-0950

Retro Visor GSVV190-0950

Metro Shoe Bag GSSB191-1950


Retro Leather Glove GS190B-1250

Retro Glove GS190-1250

Python Glove GS181-1250

Metro Visor GSVV191-0950

Python Accessory Bag GSAB181-1250

Metro Leather Glove GS191-1250

Python Shoe Bag GSSB181-1950

Retro Accessory Bag GSAB190-1250

Retro Shoe Bag GSSB190-1950

Metro Accessory Bag GSAB191-1250

Python 3-Zip Bag GSZB181-1450

Retro 3-Zip Bag GSZB190-1450

Metro 3-Zip Bag GSZB191-1450

Python Towel GST181-0009

Retro Towel GST190-0009

Metro Towel GST191-0009

SIGNATURE collection

Retro Mid-Size Tote Bag GSTB190-2450

Metro Mid-Size Tote Bag GSTB191-2450

Glove: 100% cabretta leather. Left hand sizes S-M-L-XL; Right hand sizes S-M-L. Visor: Sporty, adjustable velcro closure with moisture wicking sweat band. 14-Way Golf Bag: Cart bag features full length dividers, zip off ball pocket with logo capability, seven easy access pockets, thermal-lined cooler pocket, a non-slip easy lift handle system, rainhood cover, hidden external putter tube, a scorecard, tee and pencil holder, a viewable cell phone pouch and an umbrella sleeve. 33” x 9” x 11”.

Retro Duffle Bag GSDB190-3450

Metro Duffle Bag GSDB191-3450

Python Club Covers GSCC181-0040

Retro Club Covers GSCC190-0040

Metro Club Covers GSCC191-0040

Python 14-Way Golf Bag GSGB181-0125

Retro 14-Way Golf Bag GSGB190-0125

Metro 14-Way Golf Bag GSGB191-0125

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TRELLIS collection

Trellis Glove G192-0010

Trellis Visor V192-0750

Trellis Socks S192-0375

Trellis Club Covers CC192-0035

Trellis 3 Zip Bag ZB192-1050

Trellis Shoe Bag SB192-1750

Trellis Towel T192-0008


Trellis Mid-Size Tote Bag TB192-1950

Trellis Duffle Bag DB192-2950

Trellis Golf Bag GB192-0095


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SANTA CRUZ collection

Santa Cruz Club Covers CC193-0035

Santa Cruz Glove G193-0010

Santa Cruz Visor V193-0750

Santa Cruz Socks S193-0375

Santa Cruz 3 Zip Bag ZB193-1050

Santa Cruz Shoe Bag SB193-1750

Santa Cruz Mid-Size Tote Bag TB193-1950

Santa Cruz Towel T193-0008


Santa Cruz Duffle Bag DB193-2950

Santa Cruz Golf Bag GB193-0095

SILVER WILLOW collection

Silver Willow Club Covers CC194-0035

Silver Willow Glove G194-0010

Silver Willow Visor V194-0750

Silver Willow Socks S194-0375

Silver Willow 3 Zip Bag ZB194-1050

Silver Willow Shoe Bag SB194-1750

Silver Willow Mid-Size Tote Bag TB194-1950

Silver Willow Towel T194-0008

Silver Willow Duffle Bag DB194-2950

Silver Willow Golf Bag GB194-0095

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IMPERIAL collection

Imperial Visor V195-0750

Imperial Glove G195-0010

Imperial Socks S195-0375 Imperial Club Covers CC195-0035

Imperial 3 Zip Bag ZB195-1050


Imperial Shoe Bag SB195-1750

Imperial Mid-Size Tote Bag TB195-1950

Imperial Towel T195-0008

Imperial Duffle Bag DB195-2950

Imperial Golf Bag GB195-0095

CALYPSO collection

Calypso Visor V196-0750

Calypso Glove G196-0010

Calypso Socks S196-0375

Calypso Club Covers CC196-0035

Calypso 3 Zip Bag ZB196-1050

Calypso Golf Bag GB196-0095

Calypso Mid-Size Tote Bag TB196-1950

Calypso Shoe Bag SB196-1750

Calypso Duffle Bag DB196-2950

Calypso Towel T196-0008

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MOD OVAL collection

Mod Oval Club Covers CC197-0035

Mod Oval Glove G197-0010

Mod Oval Visor V197-0750

Mod Oval Socks S197-0375

Mod Oval 3 Zip Bag ZB197-1050

Mod Oval Shoe Bag SB197-1750

Mod Oval Mid-Size Tote Bag TB197-1950

Mod Oval Towel T197-0008


Mod Oval Duffle Bag DB197-2950

Mod Oval Golf Bag GB197-0095

URBAN BRICK collection

Urban Brick Club Covers CC198-0035

Urban Brick Glove G198-0010

Urban Brick Visor V198-0750

Urban Brick Socks S198-0375

Urban Brick 3 Zip Bag ZB198-1050

Urban Brick Shoe Bag SB198-1750

Urban Brick Mid-Size Tote Bag TB198-1950

Urban Brick Towel T198-0008

Urban Brick Duffle Bag DB198-2950

Urban Brick Golf Bag GB198-0095

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PRINT GLOVE collection

Trellis G192-0010

Santa Cruz G193-0010

Silver Willow G194-0010

Golf Glove: Stretch lycra back with cabretta leather palm. Left hand sizes S-M-L-XL; Right hand sizes S-M-L. UV50 sun protection. Minimum Quantity: 6

Leopard G101-0010

B/W Hounds Tooth G160-0010

Nantucket G185-0010


Imperial G195-0010

Calypso G196-0010

Mod Oval G197-0010

Urban Brick G198-0010

Zebra G102-0010

B/W Gingham G107-0010

Tartan Plaid G108-0010

Scottie Plaid G138-0010

Nine & Wine G180-0010

Pink Link G183-0010

Jazzed G184-0010

Capri G187-0010

Lime Tile G188-0010

19th Hole G189-0010

Pinkadilly Plaid G175-0010

Versailles G186-0010

SOLID GLOVE collection

Hot Pink Bling G110B-0010

Bling Glove: Stretch lycra and cabretta leather palm glove. Some styles include a magnetic tab with crystal Glove It ball marker. Left hand sizes S-M-L-XL; Right hand sizes S-M-L. UV50 sun protection. Minimum Quantity: 6

Light Blue Bling G109B-0010

Gunmetal Bling G107B-0010

Olive Bling G108B-0010

Gold Bling G101B-0010

Silver Bling G100B-0010

Turquoise Bling G111B-0010

Bronze Bling G106B-0010

Navy G161-0010

Pink G150-0010

White G129-0010

Red G128-0010

Black G118-0010

Aqua Bling G102B-1250

Orangeade Bling G103B-1250

Violet Bling G104B-1250

Black Bling G105B-1250

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SOLID VISOR collection

Black V118-0750

Red V128-0750

Slide-On Bling Visor: Crystal slide-on visor includes a hat clip with magnetic crystal Glove It ball marker. Coil visor available in solid or with crystals. UV50 sun protection. Minimum Quantity: 3 White V129-0750

Silver Bling VB100-1250


Gold Bling VB101-1250

Violet Bling VB104-1250

Black Bling VB105-1250

Light Blue Bling VB109-0950

Hot Pink Bling VB110-0950

Pink V150-0750

Navy V161-0750

Aqua Bling VB102-1250

Bronze Bling VB106-1250

Turquoise Bling VB111-0950

Orangeade Bling VB103-1250

Gunmetal Bling VB107-0950

Olive Bling VB108-0950

Black Bling VB118-0950

White Bling VB129-0950

Coil Visor: Features an adjustable coil that is comfortable and pressure free with UV50 and a wide brim for optimal sun protection

PRINT VISOR collection

Minimum Quantity: 3 Trellis V192-0750

Santa Cruz V193-0750

Silver Willow V194-0750

Imperial V195-0750

Calypso V196-0750

Mod Oval V197-0750

Urban Brick V198-0750

Leopard V101-0750

Zebra V102-0750

B/W Gingham V107-0750

Tartan Plaid V108-0750

Scottie Plaid V138-0750

B/W Hounds Tooth V160-0750

Pinkadilly Plaid V175-0750

Nine & Wine V180-0750

Pink Link V183-0750

Jazzed V184-0750

Nantucket V185-0750

Versailles V186-0750

Capri V187-0750

Lime Tile V188-0750

19th Hole V189-0750

toll free 866.968.2021


Trellis S192-0375


Santa Cruz S193-0375


Silver Willow S194-0375

Imperial S195-0375

Socks: 80% cotton/20% nylon. Socks fit sizes 5-9 Minimum Quantity: 6

Calypso S196-0375

Mod Oval S197-0375

Urban Brick S198-0375

Leopard S101-0375

Pink Link S183-0375

Nantucket S185-0375

Meadow S176-0375

Ruby Damask S177-0375

Versailles S186-0375

B/W Hounds Tooth S160-0375 Lime Tile S188-0375


Capri S187-0375

Bamboo S178-0375

Jazzed S184-0375

3-Zip Carry-All Bag: Functional carry-all bag clips on a golf bag then converts to a cross-body bag. 24” detachable strap included. 5.6” x 7”

ZIP BAG collection

Minimum Quantity: 3

Mod Oval ZB197-1050

Trellis ZB192-1050

Capri ZB187-1050

Santa Cruz ZB193-1050

Silver Willow ZB194-1050

Imperial ZB195-1050 Leopard ZB101-1050 Nine & Wine ZB180-1050

Urban Brick ZB198-1050

Pinkadilly Plaid ZB175-1050

Lime Tile ZB188-1050 Calypso ZB196-1050

Pink Snake GSZB199-1450

Versailles ZB186-1050 19th Hole ZB189-1050

Blue/Green Perf GSZB200-1450

Nantucket ZB185-1050

Pink Link ZB183-1050

toll free 866.968.2021



Trellis CC192-0035

Santa Cruz CC193-0035

Silver Willow CC194-0035

Imperial CC195-0035

Trellis GB192-0095

Santa Cruz GB193-0095

Silver Willow GB194-0095

Imperial GB195-0095

Calypso CC196-0035

Mod Oval CC197-0035

Urban Brick CC198-0035

Leopard CC101-0035

Calypso GB196-0095

Mod Oval GB197-0095

Urban Brick GB198-0095

Leopard GB101-0095

Club Covers: Our club covers are made with 100% polyester. The club covers come in a set of 4 (1-3-5-X) with a pull over knit. Driver size fits up to 480cc.

B/W Hounds Tooth GB160-0095

8-Way Golf Bag: Cart bag features 3 full length dividers, zip off ball pocket with logo capability, seven easy access pockets, thermal-lined cooler pocket, an easy lift handle system, rain-hood cover, external putter tube, and an umbrella sleeve. Dimensions are 34” x 8” x 10”.

Pinkadilly Plaid GB175-0095


Capri GB187-0095

Lime Tile CC188-0035

Pink Link CC183-0035

Nantucket CC185-0035

Versailles CC186-0035

Lime Tile GB188-0095

Pink Link GB183-0095

Nantucket GB185-0095

Versailles GB186-0095

toll free 866.968.2021


DUFFLE BAG collection

Duffle Bag: Dual end accessory zippered pockets. Side zippered valuables and accessory pocket. Interlocking handle and padded adjustable shoulder strap. 13” x 24” x 12”

Trellis DB192-2950

Santa Cruz DB193-2950

Silver Willow DB194-2950

Calypso DB196-2950

Mod Oval DB197-2950

Leopard DB101-2950


Nantucket DB185-2950

Imperial DB195-2950

Urban Brick DB198-2950

Versailles DB186-2950

Capri DB187-2950


toll free 866.968.2021


TOTE BAG collection

Mid-Size Tote Bag: Our mid-size tote bag includes an outside zipper and measures 15” x 4” x 9”. With a 21” handle length.

Trellis TB192-1950

Calypso TB196-1950

Pinkadilly Plaid TB175-1950


Santa Cruz TB193-1950

Mod Oval TB197-1950

Versailles TB186-1950

Silver Willow TB194-1950

Urban Brick TB198-1950

Capri TB187-1950

Imperial TB195-1950

Leopard TB101-1950

19th Hole TB189-1950

Santa Cruz T193-0008

Trellis T192-0008

Mod Oval T197-0008 Urban Brick T198-0008



Towel: Micro-fiber terry cloth tri-fold towel measures 16� x 5� with carabiner clasp. Minimum Quantity: 3

Imperial T195-0008

Calypso T196-0008

Silver Willow T194-0008

Pink Link T183-0008 B/W Hounds Tooth T160-0008 Nantucket T185-0008 Leopard T101-0008 Pinkadilly Plaid T175-0008 19th Hole T189-0008 Lime Tile T188-0008

Versailles T186-0008

Capri T187-0008

Nine & Wine T180-0008

toll free 866.968.2021



Tennis Backpack: Contains two main zipper compartments. First zipper compartment holds two tennis racquets and the second zipper compartment holds all other tennis accessories including a ball pocket. Our tennis bag can be worn as a backpack with two straps or the two straps can be zipped together as one and worn over the shoulder.

Pink Link TR183-3450

Trellis TR192-3450

Pinkadilly Plaid TR175-3450


Versailles TR186-3450

Capri TR187-3450

Santa Cruz TR193-3450

Calypso TR196-3450

Mod Oval TR197-3450

Lime Tile TR188-3450

Retro GSTR190-3950

Metro GSTR191-3950


Leopard HB101-0495


Pinkadilly Plaid HB175-0495 Pink Link HB183-0495 Jazzed HB184-0495

Headband: Designed to provide comfort for golf, tennis and active lifestyles. It includes a velvet backing for non-slip grip, a magnetic tab for a ball marker and 1.5” elastic for a comfortable fit. Glove It ball marker included.

Nantucket HB185-0495 Versailles HB186-0495

Minimum Quantity: 3

Capri HB187-0495

Pickle Ball Bag: Designed specifically for pickle ball paddles and balls. Large center compartment is padded to protect your paddles and large enough to hold four paddles Two insulated large pockets one on the inside of the bag and one on the outside of the bag. Zipper pocket on the bottom of the bag that holds three pickle balls. 12” W X 21.5” H X 5” D

Lime Tile HB188-0495 19th Hole HB189-0495 Retro GSHB190-0495

Trellis PB192-1750

Nantucket PB185-1750

Urban Brick PB198-1750

Versailles PB186-1750

Leopard PB101-1750

Pinkadilly Plaid PB175-1750

Pink Link PB183-1750

Capri PB187-1750

Lime Tile PB188-1750

19th Hole PB189-1750

toll free 866.968.2021


SHOE BAG collection

Shoe Bag: 12” X 7” with a full-length zipper, top carrying handle and mesh ventilation. Minimum Quantity: 2

Versailles SB186-1750

Silver Willow SB194-1750

Capri SB187-1750

Blue/Green Perf GSSB200-1950

Santa Cruz SB193-1750

Nantucket SB185-1750

Pink Link SB183-1750

Trellis SB192-1750

Imperial SB195-1750

Pinkadilly Plaid SB175-1750 Lime Tile SB188-1750

Urban Brick SB198-1750

Leopard SB101-1750


Calypso SB196-1750

Mod Oval SB197-1750

Pink Snake GSSB199-1950

toll free 866.968.2021



Chelsea Glove IMG501-1650

Chelsea Shoe Bag IMSB501-1550

Chelsea Visor IMVV501-1150

Chelsea Yoga Mat Bag IMYB501-2150

Chelsea 3 Zip IMZB501-1550

Chelsea Towel IMT501-0011

Chelsea Tennis Tote IMTT501-0050

Chelsea Golf Bag with Club Covers IMGB501-0175


Manhattan Glove IMG502-1650

Manhattan Shoe Bag IMSB502-1550


Manhattan Visor IMVV502-1150

Manhattan Yoga Mat Bag IMYB502-2150

Manhattan 3 Zip IMZB502-1550

Manhattan Towel IMT502-0011

ManhattanTennis Tote IMTT502-0050

Manhattan Golf Bag with Club Covers IMGB502-0175


Hamptons Glove IMG503-1650

Hamptons Golf Bag with Club Covers IMGB503-0175

Hamptons Shoe Bag IMSB503-1550

Hamptons Visor IMVV503-1150

Hamptons 3 Zip IMZB503-1550

Hamptons Towel IMT503-0011

Hamptons Tennis Tote IMTT503-0050

Hamptons Yoga Mat Bag IMYB503-2150


Tribeca Glove IMG504-1650

Tribeca Golf Bag with Club Covers IMGB504-0175

Tribeca Shoe Bag IMSB504-1550

Tribeca Visor IMVV504-1150

Tribeca 3 Zip IMZB504-1550

Tribeca Yoga Mat Bag IMYB504-2150

Tribeca Towel IMT504-0011

TribecaTennis Tote IMTT504-0050

toll free 866.968.2021


PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 1673 537 South 48th Street, Ste. 106 Tempe, AZ 85281 866.968.2021

Corporate Logo Program Contact us for tournament discounts, tee prizes, and member/guest gifts.

and A special thanks to the Moutain Shadows Golf Club for providing the location.

Models apparel provided by Jofit golf and tennis collections.

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