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Permalink to Mobile Apps Automated Testing Bored with MANUAL Testing? When you’re ready to move up in your career and want to be HOT and want to acquire the RIGHT skills to grow, come see us. We have trained hundreds and probably close to thousand professionals in Automation Software Testing using HOT industry tools like QTP, Selenium, JMeter, SoapUI Web Services, Eclipse, JUnit, TestNG, Ant, LoadRunner… Do you have an interest in testing web applications? Want to learn the hottest skills? Be smart learn QuickTest Pro QTP, Eclipse, JUnit4, TestNG, Selenium-IDE, Selenium Server (formerly RC Server) and Selenium Web Driver, SoapUI, LoadRunner, Quality Center and JMeter. Here is your chance to Learn the skills needed to land that dream job in web testing! To give you an example when your Selenium Online Training course is complete, you’ll be able to write tests that effectively test your applications but also to integrate Selenium in your existing testing processes following the good practices that this tool requires. We will be working extensively with: Selenium IDE The Firefox plugin used to build test-cases and test-suites directly on top of your web-app. You can also export your tests to Selenium RC. Selenium RC A client/server system that allows you to execute tests written in a variety of languages on a local or remote computer and on all major browsers.

QuickTest Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the

automation of user actions on a web or desktop computer application. It is primarily used for functional regression test automation. QTP uses a scripting language built on top of VBScript to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test. As part of a functional test suite, it works together with Mercury Interactive WinRunner and HP Quality Center and supports enterprise Quality Assurance. We assume you are reading this because you have interest in becoming an automated software testing tool expert, if so what better tool than QTP, because it’s rated as one of the most versatile, perfect and easily usable tool in the industry. You can become knowledgable in using this tool if you put in a little effort, we will show you how to learn this tool provided you are ready to invest your time seriously in learning it. In my future posts I’ll introduce you to QTP, take your hand and walk you through it, making sure you not only understand but master QTP or Selenium (your choice). My name is Irfan (see more detailed info about me on the side-bar), I will guide you all the way in learning and mastering QTP 10 in about just under 2 months….yes, seriously. I will be presenting a series of blogs, tweets and Youtube videos to guide you all along, if you need to gain in-depth knowledge then you should look into enrolling into my online course. In this “free” Learning and Mastering QTP 10 blog-series, let me show you how to quickly work with QTP 10. I re-iterate, if this generates enough interest in you to explore QTP 10 further then you may want to join my online course that will surely make you a master of QTP in just under 2 months.

Become a SharePoint Hero At we believe in imparting knowledge going deep, as such our topics help you Learn and Master SharePoint 2010 in much detail. Take a look at some of the topics we cover: Installing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (2010 & Foundation) SharePoint 2010 Editions Creating the SharePoint Site Hierarchy Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Creating a Sharepoint List Creating Document Libraries Building WebPart Pages – Master/Detail Phone List

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Bored with MANUAL Testing? When you’re ready to move up in your career and want to be HOT and want to acquire the RIGHT skills to grow, come...

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