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How To Posting A Link To Another Site From Your Page. If you find something you want to post on your page like this, you might be tempted to click Facebook.

It will look like this.

And if you do all it will look like this post on my timeline.

When you can make it look like this on your page.

Follow the steps below to see how. Step 1: After doing that go to the web page you want to post and copy the web address.

Step 2: Go to your post section on your Facebook page, write something and then paste the link you copied from the web site.

Step 3: After the link page apears deleate the pasted link http: adress then post.

Now your post looks like this, something worth checking out.

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If you would like to post pdf price list or something like that I can show you how to do that too.

Facebook link posting to another site from your page sep 2013  

How to post a Facebook link posting to another site from your page.

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