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Training Materials

This is our newest version of our Training Games 6 pack for MAC. You'll love presenting and reviewing your own training materials within all 6 of these great games. These trainer games include a built-in icebreaker game, an exciting, animated musical intro, easy push button scoring, a grand finale, fantastic graphics and sounds and even a prize selector for your game winners! These training games are roughly based on popular TV quiz show games, but of course, are designed to deliver your own training materials within a classroom setting. Most games also include additional slides for exercises or additional information to expound on your multiple choice or true/false questions. As a bonus, we've also included a free and fun Feud Team Builder Game. Training Games 6-Pack PowerPoint Quiz Show Games Volume The most unique and fun 6-Pack of Quiz Show Training Games yet! All the games are loaded with fun and fabulous game features for corporate training, homeschooling and more. Just add your training questions and presentation materials right into the game and you're ready to play. These games, based on popular TV Quiz Shows and other exciting game formats, are guaranteed to be the highlight of your program. Games feature a "MORE" slide with each question for trainers to include additional learning information or a participative exercise. Most games include a built-in Ice Breaker, animated musical intros, fanfare with animation and music. All six sports games are completely editable and can be altered over and over again to accommodate your changing training needs. They are based on real life sporting events that everyone watches or plays. In the racing games, the vehicles race across the screen. In Baseball, the players run the bases. In Football, watch the ball march down the field. And in Golf, play 3 different holes and watch every shot advance toward the hole. It is possible to even get a hole-in-one. These are unique games that play differently every time. Add some sports trivia questions and they become a great ice breaker. InJeopardy Deluxe Quiz Show Game InJeopardy Deluxe Quiz Show is the ultimate training quiz show game because there are so many ways you can play. It has automatic scoring, works with PowerPoint and accommodates ALL PC PowerPoint versions (2002 thru 2013).

The game can be played in 5 unique ways - Single player or up to 4 teams! Allow teams/players to take turns answering questions or buzz in a fast response. Answer Double and Final InJeopardy questions. Design games with 12, 16, 24, or 32 questions. Pass questions to the next-in team, and use negative scoring if an incorrect answer is given. Easy to customize game screens and 12 different game backgrounds to choose from. Add your own presentation slides into the game. 3 question timers. Built-in audience RULE screens, and comprehensive HELP document. Great game sounds. Prize Selector screen. InJeopardy Deluxe integrates with fast response buzzer systems. FREE bonus award certificate program included. TGI has been building training games for over ten years and we put all that experience into this great game. Training Games PowerPoint Ultimate Peril Game Based on one of most popular game shows on television, this Jeopardy-type PC game for trainers has all the bells and whistles of a great easy-to-use training game. Great graphics and sounds, question count down timer, The Daily Double, Final Peril and Buzzer options, as well as the ability to present additional information before or after the question. Me First" Wireless Buzzers IMPROVED AND UPDATED! Add some fun and interactivity to training! Participants can buzz in to answer training questions using these personal answer domes ("P.A.D.s"). The Me First buzzer system has a range of 80 feet, is easy to use and is very portable.P.A.D.s blink green to signal who buzzed in first. A buzzer sound on the facilitator's remote can be turned on or off. Buzzers also power off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use. The Facilitator remote unit now has RIGHT or WRONG buzzer sounds to give immediate feedback to participants, which can be turned on and off) and the product has upgraded 2.4 ghz wireless frequency to comply with CE certification. We have updated our best selling PowerPoint 6 pack with improved graphics, sounds, features and games. Even includes a free Word Jumble Ice Breaker /Team Builder game. These training games for work or play add fun and excitement to any training or teaching event. Easily enter your own program questions into the game and you're ready to PLAY! Two screen shots from each game are shown below.

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Training materials  

Training Games: Creating And Selling Games, Icebreakers & Team Builders For Teachers And Trainers. PowerPoint Games For Classroom & Business...

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