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Pumping Units

A pumping unit is a mechanism which imparts reciprocating motion to a polished rod, which in turn is attached to the sucker rod string below the wellhead stuffing box. Technical Data used in the field explained in diploma in petroleum engineering. Several types of pumping units are available today. The component parts of most of the units are basically the same but the arrangement of the parts differs. Selection of the proper size and type of pumping unit for a particular application is important. Like most other machinery, pumping units must be properly installed, lubricated, and maintained. Built into the majority of pumping units is some method of counterbalance, which in most cases consists of adjustable weights on the rotating cranks or air pressure pushing up on the walking beam. The counterbalance system, whichever type is used, opposes the weight of the sucker rod string and a portion of the fluid to be lifted. The actual well load on a pumping unit should be measured and analyzed often to ensure that the counterbalance is correct and that the load and torque capacity of the unit has not been exceeded. Some more details of diploma in petroleum engineering are as under. Pumping units generally are typed according to the method of counterbalance. This is true for beam balanced units, air balanced units, conventional crank balanced units, and special geometry (or Mark II) crank balanced units. In addition to the method of counterbalancing, the geometric arrangements of the principal components are distinguishing features. The beam balanced, the conventional crank balanced, and some special geometry units are classified as Class I lever systems because the Samson post bearing (pivot point for the walking beam) is located between the well load and the actuating force of the pitman side members. The air balanced and the Mark II crank counterbalanced units are classified as class III lever systems because the walking beam hinge point is located at the rear of the unit and the actuating force of the pitman side members is located between this pivot point and the well. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join diploma in petroleum technology.

Pumping units  
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