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Pumping Unit Geometry

Pumping units are manufactured in various geometric configurations in addition to methods of counterbalance. Technical Data used in the field explained in petroleum courses in Rawalpindi. As mentioned before, beam balanced and conventional crank balanced units are Class I lever systems, and air balanced and Mark II units are Class III lever systems. Within these two lever systems are variations effected by moving the gear reducer on the structural base with respect to the equalizer or cross yoke. In the case of the Mark II, the cross yoke is not located directly above the slow speed shaft of the gear reducer but shifted forward toward the horsehead. This shifting, accompanied by a specified direction of rotation of the cranks, results in a longer time interval for the upstroke and a shorter time interval for the down stroke. Some more details of petroleum courses in Rawalpindi are as under. The type of pumping unit best suited for a particular pumping problem very often is a matter of personal prcference. The conventional crank balanced pumping unit is the choice of many operators mainly because it has been readily accepted by field personnel for many years. Many other operators’ choice is the Mark II special geometry unit with its capability of a more uniform torque pattern on the gear reducer. Usually these special geometry units will require one size smaller gear box size than other type units for a particular application. The American Petroleum Inst. (API) lists standard gear box sizes in their specification API Spec 1lE. ’ Other operators specify the air balanced pumping unit, which is readily adaptable to platform or pier installations and other unstable substructures. This is because the inertia and shaking forces of air balanced units are very low. Air-balance units also are compact and light in weight compared with other types of pumping units of the same structural and gear box rating. The beam balanced pumping unit is manufactured only in the smaller sizes and economics is the prime factor for selecting this unit type. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join oil field after petroleum courses in Islamabad.

Pumping unit geometry  
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