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Google Sketch Up

Google has introduced a new application to draw three-dimensional model of objects. Technical Data used in the field explained in interior designing courses in Rawalpindi. This application has been launched about ten years ago and still now the number of visitors of this site is increasing each day. Statistics has given a result that there are over a million users using Sketch Up each week. This application will help the user to model any thing they wish in threedimensional form. People are using this to model the houses, institutions, vehicles, toys and even cities. Now the latest version of Sketch Up, the Sketch Up 8 was launched by Google. They have added new features like Geo modeling facilities. This new application will make it easier to sketch the model within less time. This software can be used even to create a landscape design. There are also many tools available that will help you to draw models on Sketch Up. Some more details of interior designing courses in Rawalpindi are as under. They will also provide some components that can be easily included in your model. The number of objects you can add to your landscape design is extensive. There are a great variety of objects available free in the software for you to design a plan. There are subcategories for you to choose from like furniture, plants and other accessories. There is also a sub-folder called transportation that provides you with dashing cars and bikes and a sub-folder to add people to your models. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad for Pakistani Students who wants to join interior designing courses in Islamabad.

Google sketch up  
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