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CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING WORKSHOP Develop smart solutions that are derived from disciplined analysis… Workshop Title: Creative Problem Solving Workshop Module: Manegerial Training and Development Module Learning Type: Instructor-led Workshop Format: Paper-based Workshop; each workshop package includes a content rich, graphically appealing, animated PowerPoint presentation with interactive exercises and detailed worksheets. The PowerPoint is supplemented with a Learner's Workbook, Training Games, and a Learner's Recommended Reading List. Duration: Half day or Full day [The time allotment for this learning experience may vary from group to group.] Brief Workshop Description: Creative Problem Solving Workshop is an instructor-led, interactive, multi-media Workshop. Creative Problem Solving Workshop defines the process for effectively solving problems with greater confidence. Creative Problem-Solving Workshop will help you learn techniques for analyzing situations more accurately and drawing conclusions with greater clarity… Workshop Outline (Unit Topic): Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4: Unit 5: Unit 6: Unit 7:

Introduction Requirements Problem Solving Techniques Solution Bench Marking & PDCA Why Problem Solving Fails Summary

Self-Assessment: In order to measure learner progress on a continual basis, knowledge checks and hands-on exercises can be incorporated throughout this Workshop. Workshop Take-Aways: With the Creative Problem Solving Workshop you will:  

Identify the main obstacles that prevent problems from being solved in the organization. Understand the components required for successful problem solving.

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Understand the importance of proper problem solving activity. Learn the techniques to improve productivity and profitability. Benefit an effective and proactive approach to solving problems. Receive a personalized Certificate of Training upon completion of the Creative Problem Solving Workshop that is suitable for mounting or framing.

Who Should Enroll in this Workshop? This Workshop is recommended for business owners, executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, customer service personnel, sales and technical support personnel who want to enhance their problem solving skills and reduce conflict scenarios within their organization. Workshop Certification: The TFE Certification Program recognizes individuals who have fulfilled their commitment to completing a TFE training Workshop. Once you have completed a TFE Workshop, you can request formal verification from TFE. This written verification comes to you in the form of a personalized, downloadable Certificate of Training which confirms that you have successfully completed a particular Workshop on a specific date. The TFE Certificate of Training is suitable for mounting or framing.

Mounting plaque is not included.

Total Workforce Training Solutions 8374 Market Street #167, Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202 USA | Telephone: 941-556-1299 | Fax: 941-866-1953 | Website: | E-mail

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