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The Gold Rush

By Natasha

This here be the map of Blood Beard

I brought up from Black Beard’s Locker

We set sail from Grays Beach to the Carribean

This here be the galleon of the Rusty Anchor.

It was once say that the heart of the sea lies hidden inside the ship.

No soul ever discovered any treasure inside the ship to this day.

Years ago on a windy day, Blood Beard sailed out to battle on the Rusty Anchor.

Some say that day the most bloody battle broke out that they ever did see.

It’s an old pirates tale that Blood Beard was the only Pirate who could ever steer the ship.

Blood Beard and his crew tore through the waves and destroyed the enemy.

Pirates from the other boat were dragged out of the water and tied up with ropes.

Blood Beard used the pirates for slaves and made them search for days to find the heart of the sea that lay hidden on the ship.

To Blood Beard’s disappointme nt the treasure was never found why he still rode the wavy shores.

But a year after the treasure was FINALLY DISCOVERED! The Pearle of the Ocean. Some souls say you can see the

whole of the ocean when you hold the pearl.

The crew celebrated with grand feasts and wine! It was told that at the end of the night the

Pearl was dropped into the ocean to protect the treasure from all the pirates of the sea.

The pearl is now said to lie buried in the sand of the Deep Red Sea.

The Gold Rush  
The Gold Rush  

The Adventures of Blood Beard