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Training Central provides a range of learning and development  training materials (toolkits) for professional coaches and trainers.  All our training materials are designed to accommodate multiple  intelligences, adopting a learner centred approach that  acknowledges that there are multiple dimensions that must be  developed in order to maximise learning opportunities. All our  materials are created and supplied to be delivered straight from  the box, you just need to open the box and deliver. Have a  browse through out training materials shop and thanks  for your interest in Training Central…enjoy the products and  happy learning!

Using tried and tested leadership models, this introduction to  leadership toolkit will equip participants with the appropriate tools  and techniques to draw on in any challenge they are faced with.

Product Description

Aim The introduction   to   leadership   training   toolkit   explores   the differences   between   leadership   and   management   and   supports participants to understand their current approach. Through open discussion   and   practical   activity,   participants   will   identify   when leadership   or management approaches   are   most   appropriate; establishing areas where they excel and also where they need extra support. Our introduction   to   leadership   training is   designed   to   help participants respond to the growing pressure on managers and leaders to lead in fast moving and growing environments, being proactive   to   the   challenges   they   face.   Using   tried   and   tested leadership   models,   this   toolkit   will   equip   participants   with   the appropriate tools and techniques to draw on in any challenge they are faced with.

Training Central   also   offers   an advanced   leadership training toolkit   if   you   believe   the   introduction   to   leadership training materials may not meet your learner’s requirements.

This toolkit is designed to advance leaders in their role and allow  them to meet organisational demands head on. Understanding  some of the key enabling factors of leadership will support them  to lead, challenge and develop in a way that moves teams  forward.

Product Description


The advanced   leadership   training   toolkit   aims   to   enable participants   to   rise   to   the   challenge   of   their   leadership   role   by understanding some of the key enabling factors of leadership that will support them to lead, challenge and develop in a way that moves teams forward.

Participants are   supported   in   exploring   the   crucial   aspects   of leadership that will provide them the opportunity to develop into a highly effective leader. By understanding authenticity, emotional intelligence   and   transformational   leadership   participants   are equipped with best practice leadership ‘know how’ that will give them the confidence to fulfil their true leadership capability. Training   Central   also   offers   an introduction   to   leadership training toolkit   if   you   feel   the   advanced   leadership   training materials are potentially not suitable to your participant’s learning needs.

Workshop Content: 

Understanding tranformational and transactional  behaviours

Analysing current strengths and limitations

Explaining leadership habits and their impact

Identifying areas of change

  

Using the right leadership behaviour to maximise the  outcome Understanding toxic leadership Developing ways of minimising/overcoming toxic  leadership

Identifying opportunities to role model

Applying emotional intelligence to leadership

Defining a leadership action plan

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Leadership training materials training central This introduction to leadership toolkit will equip participants w...

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