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Prospectus 2013-2014

Cutting Edge Technical Education for 14-19 year olds Opening August 2013

Welcome to a New Way of Learning I am delighted you are considering joining Visions Learning Trust, a University Technical College (UTC), which will provide high quality technical education for 14-19 year olds specialising in Construction and Engineering. Britain has a great need for technicians and highly skilled, technically qualified people to work both locally and in global markets. UTCs are supported by the government and many more are opening over the next few years. We will be opening in August 2013 at Victoria Mill in Burnley and will be the first UTC in East Lancashire. Our UTC will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people in Pennine Lancashire to access an outstanding education that is linked directly to developing the skills and knowledge that local employers want and need. We are working with our employer partners to ensure that the skills they require are taught in our UTC, so that young people have a head start when they are seeking employment. We are also working with Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU) and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to enable learners to access clear progression routes into Higher Education. You can start at either 14 or 16+ years of age and will combine academic work with technical projects and challenges. There is also the opportunity to experience a wide range of enrichment activities which will ensure that you develop a good all-round education. The curriculum is innovative and will provide an exciting education for learners of all abilities who are interested in pursuing a career in Construction or Engineering. Our aim is to provide a key piece of the educational jigsaw for the area and I am very confident that learners who come to us will flourish through the unique way our curriculum is delivered. Please take a close look at this prospectus and if you would like to know more please contact us at the address on the back.

Opening August 2013

Martin Callagher Managing Director Visions Learning Trust, a University Technical College

Our Vision: To create a

‘workplace for learning’ that is uniquely

different, bridging the gap between education and employers

Our Mission: We will engage with people to realise their potential through the innovative development of skills and learning which inspires sustainable futures for both learners and employers 2

Front cover background image courtesy of Liverpool John Moore’s University

Working in Partnership Visions Learning Trust is working in partnership with Burnley Borough Council and a number of sponsoring employers, universities and other organisations. These partners play a major part in forming the curriculum so that you will achieve the qualifications that employers are asking for. They create live projects that you will be able to work on.

University Sponsors:

Strategic Sponsors:

Employer Sponsors:

More sponsors support Visions Learning Trust all the time, please visit for the latest list.


UTCs -The Best of Both Worlds! A University Technical College (UTC) gives you the opportunity to achieve high-level, nationally recognised qualifications whilst gaining valuable work-related learning. A UTC is for 14 - 19 year olds. It specialises in technical studies and is sponsored by employers and universities. Employers are involved from the start in shaping the curriculum to meet their future employment needs. You will be given fresh opportunities and new ways of learning which allow you to achieve to a higher level than you may have done before.

What are the advantages of going to a UTC instead of staying on at your current school? It allows you to study subjects for which you have a real passion. These are taught by learning coaches with real life practical experience in state-of-the-art facilities. By the age of 16, your technical skills will be far in advance of students in a traditional school. You are likely to achieve more if you are excited by the way you study.

Why specialise at 14-19? You will study English, Mathematics and Sciences and achieve technical qualifications recognised by employers and universities. You will also learn about business and develop the financial skills associated with this. The skills you learn and the qualifications you achieve are transferable to other post-16 provision and are recognised by employers and universities. Don’t worry if you change your mind - other options will still be open to you.

Will going to a UTC improve your job prospects? Yes. Employers and universities play a major part in your learning. They have helped to design the curriculum to ensure the qualifications you gain are those that employers require. You will also get to know a range of employers on your work placements.

What are the options for continuing after the UTC? You can either go onto a higher level Apprenticeship, into employment or onto study at a university. Information, advice and guidance will be given to all learners at Visions Learning Trust to help you make informed decisions about your future.


What Makes


We offer an exciting, innovative and stimulating learning approach for young people who prefer a more technical route and who are looking for an alternative to the traditional education system

Sponsor universities will provide opportunities for you to develop high level skills and further progression through an academic route

Unique themed learning each term designed by employers You study a technical education in Construction and Engineering as well as GCSEs and A-Levels Learning coaches instead of traditional teachers will increase your learning experience You will stand out in a crowded employment market – high skills and experience are more important than ever before in ensuring you reach your true potential You will be given information, advice and guidance that is current and up-to-date and enables you to access an Apprenticeship, further education or employment

Visions Learning Trust will: Offer you flexibility depending on your abilities Give you the opportunity to work with employers to develop innovative solutions to real life problems

You will:  ollow a personalised learning programme with the F flexibility to move between the different pathways at your own pace  ave specialist learning coaches in academic and H technical studies, as well as a personal mentor

Provide an enhanced curriculum which will enable you to discover new areas of interest that you may choose to follow in the future

 evelop your expertise in the Construction and D Engineering sectors

Promote standards of behaviour that are expected in the world of work

 earn and demonstrate standards of professional L behaviour that are expected in the world of work

Enable you to access routes to employment

 eave with highly valuable qualifications, skills and L workplace experiences demanded by employers

 nderstand how to be responsible and accountable U for actions at an early age 5

Your New Learning Environment Visions Learning Trust is in Victoria Mill, in the heart of Burnley. This is a learning environment like no other! Development and conversion of the historic Victoria Mill is being undertaken by Nelson-based Barnfield Construction in a joint venture with Burnley Borough Council. The state-of-the art facilities will be equipped to the highest standards with access to world leading technologies and techniques within the specialisms of Construction and Engineering. The design will utilise cutting edge technology to transform the building from a Grade II listed Victorian mill to a 21st century innovative learning environment for 14-19 year olds. A lot of thought has been given to this environment to create space and flexible learning clusters alongside traditional settings within different parts of the building. The heart of the building will provide a fantastic social area for everyone to meet, learn and relax together. Learning about the transformation of the building, and the technology utilised in it, is just one of the ways in which the Construction and Engineering specialisms will be integrated into the curriculum. 6

The UK is about to embark on the building of new power stations, waste disposal plants, wind farms and more carbon-efficient houses, as well as developing a fast rail link. It is vital that there is the right degree of skills at all levels, from the mechanic and the plumber to the graduate engineer and the postgraduate nuclear researcher, to master all of these opportunities


case study Theo Coleman, 21, from Fence, is studying part-time for his degree in Construction Project Management. He works for Barnfield Construction in Nelson and his job is Trainee Site Manager at Victoria Mill in Burnley. ‘Learning on the job means that I am developing an abundance of skills such as: • the ability to be organized, which helps me to prioritise which jobs need to be done on site • communication, which is vital for me to interact with the people I meet and work with • and technical skills that allow me to get a better understanding of my role.’

Make Learning Construction and BuildingTechnologies What will your CV say about YOU? A career in the construction sector will allow you to work on projects as diverse as bridges, solar energy, green technologies, office buildings, highways and much more. Great opportunities exist for anyone interested in design and management of construction projects, supporting technical roles and practical craft skills.

The construction industry employs 2.35 million workers and professionals in the UK. Latest forecasts show that the sector needs 43,000 recruits per year over the next five years. * (Source: July 2012) The construction industry is fast developing and there are plenty of opportunities for an interesting and varied career locally, nationally and even internationally!

Are you interested in Construction? If you enjoy: Working with your hands Being part of a team Meeting people Using your initiative

Theo at Victoria Mill at the early stages of the development

Solving problems Working with numbers Lateral thinking Working in a variety of situations Using ICT e.g. Computer Aided Design (CAD) We Jenny McAndrew and Matthew Guirdham from Barnfield Construction with Russell Currie from RPL Containers Ltd 8

can construct your future!


case study

Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Possibly the best career move YOU will ever make! A career in the engineering sector will allow you to work in a variety of key areas including aerospace, renewable energy, robotics, transportation and logistics, electronics, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering projects and much more. Engineers earn high salaries and have exciting career prospects. Great opportunities exist for males and, in particular, females who are interested in developing new materials, technologies and processes and solving problems using practical and technical skills, research, prototypes and design. Engineers

work in workshops, offices, laboratories, on oil rigs or even in outer space! Engineering, manufacturing and science are vital to the UK economy so there will continue to be great career opportunities. Over the next five years, engineering and manufacturing companies  will need to take on an extra 170,000 people. ( July 2012). The engineering industry is ever-changing, and with new technologies being developed all the time, there has never been a more exciting time to embark on a career in this sector.

Andrew Hudson, 22, from Burnley, has just completed a 4 year Advanced Apprenticeship with his current employer, Graham Engineering Ltd., based in Nelson. Andrew has also achieved an NVQ Level 3 in Sheet Metal and Welding, an ONC in Fabrication, and completed a BTEC HNC in Manufacturing whilst carrying on work-based learning. ‘The opportunities provided through the Visions Learning Trust will prepare young people for the workplace and make them more attractive to employers.  Their CV will stand out from those who follow a more traditional route.’ Andrew is now studying on a part-time basis for a Mechanical Engineering degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, sponsored by Graham Engineering Ltd.

What makes a good engineer? Technical and scientific ability Understanding maths and sciences Being creative Technical drawing skills Solving problems Attention to detail Communication Working in a team Hands on approach ICT skills High quality, high standards We

Andrew Hudson, Graham Engineering Ltd

can engineer your career © Rolls-Royce PLC


YOur Curriculum and Our curriculum is unique and has flexibility and progression at its core. It has been designed with universities and employers in the Construction and Engineering sectors. This will support learners to achieve nationally recognised academic qualifications and technical studies. The UTC will provide an innovative and inspirational educational pathway into further study and employment.


Join us at AGE

the Inspire pathway  unctional Skills in English and Mathematics F progressing to GCSEs  CSEs, BTECs and NVQs where appropriate* G in Sciences, ICT, a Language, Humanities, PE/ Fitness and Personal & Social Development


 CSEs in English, Mathematics, Physics, G Chemistry, Business Studies and Design & Technology  CSEs, BTECs and NVQs where appropriate* in G ICT, a Language, Humanities and PE/Fitness

 echnical Studies in Construction and Engineering T at Level 1 progressing to Level 2* accredited by GCSEs, BTECs, City & Guilds and NVQs

 echnical Studies in Construction and Engineering T at Level 2 accredited by GCSEs, BTECs, City & Guilds and NVQs

 ork-related learning through visits, work W placements and projects set by our employer and university sponsors

 ork-related learning through visits, work W placements and projects set by our employer and university sponsors

Enrichment programme (see page 15)

Enrichment programme (see page 15)

*depending on individual’s abilities, aptitudes and interests.

the Innovate pathway For our highest achievers the UTC will provide accelerated study of some aspects of our curriculum allowing early entry to examinations and assessments. Learners will then be able to start some advanced level studies in the second year of their programme.

the Invent pathway

*depending on individual’s abilities, aptitudes and interests.



Join us OR Continue at AGE


the Invent pathway the Inspire pathway Securing GCSE at A*-C in English and Mathematics  echnical Studies in Construction and Engineering T at Level 2 accredited by GCSEs, BTECs, City & Guilds and NVQs  usiness Studies at Level 2 accredited by GCSE B or BTEC  ersonal & Social Development and Employability P Skills  ork-related learning through visits, work W placements and projects set by our employer and university sponsors Enrichment programme (see page 15)

Learners in Years 12 and 13 (and possibly into Year 14) will be able to build a personalised programme.  hoice of up to four courses from the following C options: - AS/A2 Mathematics (Pure and Mechanics) - AS Use of Mathematics or Mathematics for Engineers - GCSE Mathematics Refresh/Re-sit (for grade D only) - AS/A2 Physics - AS/A2 Chemistry - BTEC Level 3 Applied Science - AS/A2 Business Studies - BTEC Level 3 Business - NVQ Level 3 German / French / Mandarin - GCSE English Refresh/Re-sit (for grade D only) - AS/A2 Design Technology

the Innovate pathway For our highest achievers, the role of the UTC is to broker advanced learning opportunities at Level 4 and above, through its employer and university sponsors. This learning may take place off-site and will comprise lectures, seminars, live practical projects in industry and extended work placements.

- BTEC Level 3 Engineering - City & Guilds Level 3 Construction and Built Environment Work-related learning through visits, placements and thematic projects/challenges set by our employer and university sponsors Enrichment Programme (see page 15)


Entry Requirements You will start on one of three learning pathways – Inspire, Invent and Innovate - which are designed to match you to the most appropriate programme and therefore maximise your chances of success. Interested in Construction and/or Engineering?

Year 12 Entry Advice


This is designed to match you to the most appropriate programme and maximise your chances of success.

Are you 14 or 16+?



Did you achieve Level 5 at Key Stage 2 and/or are you working towards English and Mathematics Level 5 at Key Stage 3?

Do you have 5 or more GCSEs at grades A*- C (including English & Mathematics)?1





Year 10 Inspire Pathway

Year 10 Invent Pathway

Year 12 Inspire Pathway

Year 12 Invent Pathway

Innovate Pathway2

Innovate Pathway2

Year 12 Entry - If a learner has not achieved a grade C in either GCSE English or Mathematics, then as a condition of entry to their Year 12 Invent Pathway programme, they must attend a refresh/re-sit course until it is achieved 2 Depending on learners’ ability 1 


It is strongly recommended that learners starting a Year 12 programme including AS and A-level courses achieve at least three GCSEs at grade B in addition to the requirements provided on the left. These courses are predominantly theoretical and based largely on success in examinations. A significant amount of research has been carried out over recent years to look at at learners’ GCSE results and the AS and A-level grades they go on to achieve. This has clearly shown that the crucial factor in determining success at AS and A-level is the number of GCSE grade Bs secured. Learners with less than three GCSE grade Bs are unlikely to pass AS and A-level examinations. BTEC courses are mostly concerned with the application of theory to real life situations. They are assessed by the production of portfolios, and do not currently involve examinations. Learners who have found the examination aspects of AS and A-levels difficult have succeeded on BTEC courses.

Admissions for August 2013 Visions Learning Trust will adopt Learner Recruitment (Admissions) practices and publish arrangements that are fully compliant with the Schools Admissions Code, the Schools Admission Appeals Code and admissions law as it applies to maintained schools. The catchment area is a 15 mile circular radius from the UTC site at Victoria Mill, Trafalgar Street, Burnley, BB11 1RA.

How to apply: The closing date for applications for entry into Year 10 in August 2013 is 30th April 2013.

We will consider all applications for places

Applications for entry into Year 12 in August 2013 are welcome at any time and learners’ programme choices will be confirmed once their GCSE and other examination/assessment results are known.

 ll learners with Statements of Special Educational Needs, where Visions Learning Trust is A named on the Statement, will be admitted

Go to for details of how to apply.

 here fewer than the Published Admission Number for the relevant age group are received, W an offer will be made to all applicants residing within or outside the catchment area (although exceptions will be made where an applicant has previously been permanently excluded twice from any schools or learning organisations)

Equality and Diversity

The admission number for entry into Year 10 in August 2013 is 100 and for Year 12 it is 50. The principles of our Learner Recruitment (Admissions) arrangements can be summarised as

 here the UTC is oversubscribed, a fair and transparent process will be used to determine W how places are allocated. This process prioritises learners who are, or who have previously been, in the care of a Local Authority and includes criteria based on both proximity; i.e. ‘nearest first’, and random allocation; i.e. ‘out of a hat’, to ensure that the UTC can be accessed by learners within the 15 mile radius.  waiting list will allow those not offered a place at the UTC an opportunity to have one should A places become available.  here will be a right of appeal to an independent appeals panel for those unsuccessful in T securing a place at the UTC.

Visions Learning Trust UTC is fully committed to the principles of equality and diversity in employment and learning. We encourage an environment in which all members of the UTC community embrace the benefits of working in a diverse workforce. We promote fair and equal treatment for all those associated with the UTC, irrespective of their individual differences or any personal characteristics.

The full Learner Recruitment (Admissions) Policy is available at: 13

What Else Makes Us Different? The UTC year will be five 8-week terms, each comprising approximately seven study weeks plus one week of enhancement activities. Employer placements and university visits led by UTC sponsors will be directly linked to the study theme of the term. There will be fixed breaks at Christmas, Easter and Summer with one or two week breaks between terms. Summer break will be typically four weeks, helping you to become accustomed to the world of work. Term dates for 2013-2014: Term 1 – 27 August – 11 October Term 2 – 28 October – 20 December Term 3 – 6 January – 28 February Term 4 – 17 March – 16 May (Easter break 17-22 April) Term 5 – 19 May – 18 July (Holiday 26 – 30 May)

The UTC day will be 8.30am – 4.45pm from Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am – 3.45pm on Friday eliminating the need for traditional homework which will be undertaken during the learning day.

Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Our vision is to create a ‘workplace for learning’, so all members of the UTC community will be expected to dress appropriately. This is particularly important given the high level of technical learning in a variety of settings that you will undertake. All learning coaches and learners will wear the correct personal protective clothing/equipment (PPE) for workshop and onsite learning. All learners will wear quality and affordable UTC branded shirts, trousers and outdoor clothing as appropriate for learning and visits off site. For more information and to find out how to order the workwear and PPE, visit 14

Images show impression of proposed workwear

Enrichment Activities and Progression Opportunities Enrichment activities The last session of the day is dedicated to personal study and enrichment activities. The range of activities available will be influenced by the whole UTC community eg. staff, parents, employers and partnerships with other organisations. On offer will be sports, fitness, music, drama, dance, creative arts, games design, journalism, pre-driving and lots more! The UTC’s facility will provide a new community dimension where people will be able to study, work and relax as part of the wider development.

Progression opportunities from Visions Learning Trust The potential earnings and career prospects for qualified young people in Construction and Engineering are excellent. We will offer you a world class education and increase your employment opportunities as you progress through the UTC. Our aim is that 100% of our learners will progress onto either further study, an Apprenticeship or full-time employment. Having experience of the workplace as early as you can helps you to develop your employability skills. This not only gives you an insight into writing a good CV and covering letter, but also helps you with interviews and understanding pensions etc. In addition you gain a valuable insight into a career you are interested in and make excellent contacts with a range of companies. As a bonus, you will have some ready-made answers for those all-important questions that come up on application forms and at interviews!


How to find us M65 Junction 10 from the east

From Padium, Whalley & Clitheroe

82 A6 Ro ad lne Co




We are here

Victoria Mill, Trafalgar Street, Burnley, BB11 1RA Tel: 0800 001 4995 or 01254 54659 Email:

Burnley Town Centre Qu


n’ sL an cs



Manchester Road Road

Man che ste r


Town Hall

ay W



From Rawtenshall & M66

ay W ar y Centen Fi ns le y G at e



rS Burnh am t Ga te ree

a n Ro




79 d A6

Tr a


ay tW

s We


e Wa

Barracks Station

St urch Ch



 t the end of the slip road go around the roundabout, A and take the fifth exit. Go across the motorway bridge in the left lane, then turn left at the roundabout down West Way. Move over into the right hand lane and then turn right at the traffic lights onto Trafalgar Street. Visions Learning Trust is the first building on the left.

 ith Burnley Bus station on your right, continue through W the traffic lights up Centenary Way. Tesco should be on your left. At the roundabout take the second exit onto Trafalgar Street. Continue on Trafalgar Street, straight through the traffic lights at McDonalds. Visions Learning Trust is the last building on the right.

Central Station


M65 Junction 10 from the west

From Burnley Bus Station

y Wa

Junction 11

s es inc Pr

 t the end of the slip road turn left, and then left again A at the roundabout. Continue down West Way in the right hand lane. At the traffic lights turn right onto Trafalgar Street. Visions Learning Trust is the first building on the left.

From Nelson, Colne & Yorkshire

Visions Learning Trust is registered in England: 07653051 Š Visions Learning Trust Sept 2012. Ref_VLT003

Visions Learning Trust Prospectus 2013-14  

Visions Learning Trust, University Technical College Prospectus 2013-14.

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