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Package of 10 one-hour interactive sessions led by global evaluation leaders

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Foundation principles of the four levels

Prof. Dr. Don Kirkpatrick, Chairman Emeritus, SMR 12 September, 2007

Four level guidelines and tools

Prof. Dr. Don Kirkpatrick, Chairman Emeritus, SMR 3 October, 2007

Key four level principles for the future

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Global Training & Consulting, SMR USA 31 October, 2007

Transfer ring lear ning to behavior

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Global Training & Consulting, SMR USA 21 November, 2007

Action Learning: The most powerful Level 3

Michael Woodard, PepsiCo, Atlanta, GA. 12 December, 2007

The role of the manager in transferring lear ning to behavior

German Paris, PYB, Colombia, South America 16 January, 2008

The truth about ROI

Diederick Stoel, Profitwise, Netherlands 6 February, 2008

Delivering true value to business stakeholders

Corinne Miler, Motorola University 27 February, 2008

Leveraging success at level 1 & 2 through Creativity & Inovation

Dr. R. Palan, CEO, SMR Group 19 March, 2008

Leveraging success at level 3 & 4 through Competency & Performance Management

Dr. R. Palan, CEO, SMR Group 9 April, 2008

Format: • 15 minute participant debrief of action steps from previous topic • 30 minute speaker presentation • 15 minute participant Q&A and action steps Time: Fee:

2.00pm Eastern time US $250.00/- for all 10 teleseminars

Organisations that identify competencies critical to their business and skill their people accordingly, gain a competitive advantage which others would find difficult to duplicate. For high returns on investment, the use of competency management for acquisition, deployment, and development of talent has to be enterprise-driven and supported by management. Only a few organisations have successfully leveraged the business impact of competencies. The ACP programme is a comprehensive six-day training to enable you to implement the competency framework in organisations. You will gain skills in using competency management frame work and SMR's proprietary tools for smooth management of competencies as well as learn from organisational best practices.

Objectives On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

1. Determine competency frameworks

2. Describe methods of competency profiling

3. Develop competency profiles

4. Identify competency assessment methods

5. Manage competency data

6. Identify practical implementation methods

7. Describe ways to institutionalise competencies

8. Report to Management on the benefit of Competency Management

Who Should Attend

This accreditation programme is designed for those whose roles require them to implement competency initiatives.

Certification Requirements

1. Complete the pre-course work. 2. Complete the required on-site training programme. 3. Complete a one hour written test during the programme. 4. Complete one written assignment.

Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) STEP 1

Learn Eight Strategies

Identifying a Competency Strategy for your organisation • Understanding Competency Management - Historical perspectives • Value of competencies to the organisation • Charting the future of competency management in your organisation


Profiling Competencies • Identifying competency types • SMR PAGE Framework • Profiling methods • Mapping competencies • Understanding Jobs: Positions • Writing and validating competencies - Core - Functional - Behavioural


Mapping Competencies • Position Competency • Required competency level • Mapping Competency


Creating Competency Models • Creating • Testing • Using

Duration: 3 days Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Date: September 24 - 26, 2007

Fees: $1500


Conducting Competency Assessments • Assessment Methods - Reviews - Interviews - Observation - Tests


Applying Competencies • Training & Development • Acquisition / Selection • Succession planning • Talent management • Performance management • Compensation


Implementing competencies in your organisation • Getting buy-in • Project plans • Templates • Project management structure • Use of Technology • Data management • Reporting


Using technology to accelerate competency implementation • Competency based software HRDPowerTM hands on exercise


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The MAGIC of Making Training FUN! INTRODUCTION Time is a premium in today’s competitive environment. The emphasis on value creation, productivity and superior results increases the pressure on people who enable others to learn to be effective in the shortest possible time.

Every strategy, technique and tool we use in learning situations has to be learnerfriendly and result-oriented. They make the difference between breakthrough results and breakdown.

Renowned professional trainer, speaker and author, Palan presents his field tested programme “The Magic of Making Training FUN!!” with FUN. The programme enables participants to use FUN as a vehicle to deliver content. It provides them with strategies, techniques, and tools to unleash powerful delivery options, which have been designed to guarantee superior results, productivity, and value creation, in the training room.

The use of FUN training tools based on Palan's 5 I’s - Introduce, Involve, Interact, Instruct and Intensify Retention - ensure professional success. Delivering content in a FUN way accelerates learning and gains learner buy-in. WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to use FUN tools to: • Introduce content • Involve participants • Interact with learners • Instruct actively • Intensify learner retention COMPETENCIES ADDRESSED Ability to deliver content with FUN towards better learning


Learn three strategies for effective introduction of the programme, content, and workshop leader. Effective introductions are essential for learner buy-in, which in turn, ensure learner commitment.


Learn nine strategies to get your learners warmed up and READY to receive the content. Involvement guarantees learner attention - an essential prerequisite for learning. Participants will learn how to use the ‘FUN x Content = Results’ model for superior learning results.


Learn three strategies to make your training session interactive. Learner attention as adult learning is all about mining learners' experiences.


LEARNING APPROACH We follow the ‘Demonstrate-Review-Do-Log Learning’ approach in sessions made interactive with games and small group activities.

Instruction is the purpose of any training activity. When the content is delivered in the right way using the right methods and tools, training has high impact. Participants will learn three powerful strategies that will improve training results multifold.



WHO SHOULD AT TEND The programme is designed for all those who deliver training in various roles,such as: • HR professionals • Line managers • Supervisors • New and experienced trainers (technical and soft skills) LOCATION Chicago, Illinois, USA DATE

September 20, 2007


$ 250 - per person

When learners retain what they learn and the learning is anchored to longterm memory, the transfer of learning to the workplace becomes seamless. Participants will learn three creative wrap up techniques to intensify retention and accelerate transfer of learning to the workplace

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TeleSeminar Series


The Magic of Making Training FUN!

Accredited Competency Professional (ACP)



June - November, 2007

September 24 - 26, 2007 September 20, 2007


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$ 250

$ 1500 $ 250

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T Ti im me e: : 2 2. .0 00 0p pm m Eastern time US Package of 10 one-hour interactive sessions led by global evaluation leaders Dr. Jim Kirk...


T Ti im me e: : 2 2. .0 00 0p pm m Eastern time US Package of 10 one-hour interactive sessions led by global evaluation leaders Dr. Jim Kirk...