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Training and Educating your Hospital Personnel Regarding Disasters

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: David Milen, Ph.D.

Location: Online

Price : $195.00


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David Milen, Ph.D. Consultant, Franciscan Alliance-St. Margaret Health

This webinar will assist safety officers, risk and emergency managers, and bioterrorism coordinators gain an understanding regarding the education, facilitation, and development of disaster preparedness for their respective organizations. A comprehensive look at developing a disaster preparedness committee, collaboration with community resources, forming outside coalitions to assist in disaster exercises, using outside community stakeholders to assist in the educational process, and fully executing a disaster program and exercise will be discussed. The purpose of the disaster webinar is to prepare hospital personnel to respond and recover from a natural or man-made disaster, educate them in an effort to continue to provide treatment and patient care in extenuating circumstances, and work alongside community resources in developing a comprehensive plan. Natural disasters include hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. Examples of man-made disasters are explosions, chemical release, and a rare infectious disease outbreak. It is important for all of us to examine our area for potential hazards, in order for us to be prepared for them.

Areas Covered in the Session:

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Education goals Preparation for disasters HICS Disasters in the hospital setting Education for staffing, administration, personnel Coalition formation and collaboration Developing your disaster committee Practice with live and tabletop exercises

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EMTs Allied Health Workers and Technicians Law Enforcement Entry-Level Medical Reserve Corps Some Office-Based Health Care Professionals Police

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Disaster Relief Workers


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David Milen, Ph.D., is currently the Bioterrorism/Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for the Sisters of Saint Francis Health Services, Saint Margaret Mercy Hospitals. David is a former 10-year veteran firefighter, training officer, and emergency preparedness coordinator for the Hammond, IN Fire Department. He has established training protocols and participated in two disaster management planning and developments for the local communities. He assisted in the evacuation of St. Margaret Mercy Hospital (Dyer, IN) in August 2007. Approximately 67 patients were evacuated and a response of 66 units came from both Indiana and Illinois during the evacuation. Since 2007, Hospital Incident Command System training (HICS), evacuation teams, formation of coalitions, disaster preparedness committees, and community preparedness have been the foci at both hospitals under his direction. David is also Interim Program Director for the School of Public Policy and Administration at Walden University, where he instructs Doctoral and Master’s level students in public safety, antiterrorism, and leadership. Upon receiving his BA from Northern Illinois University, he pursued his Master’s degree in occupational safety management (MS, 2002). ...more

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Training and Educating your Hospital Personnel Regarding Disasters  

This webinar will assist safety officers, risk and emergency managers, and bioterrorism coordinators gain an understanding regarding the edu...