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The Virtual Manager - Coaching and Training Managers for Success in the Virtual Workplace

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Duration: 90 Minutes

Location: Online

10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST


Price : $125.00

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Tamara K. Strickland Virtual Workplace Advocate,

In this 90 minute webinar, Tamara shares her experience as a Virtual Manager inside of Fortune 500 organizations. Every organization should be prepared work in a virtual workplace and it is imperative to train the management team to be successful in the Virtual Workplace.

Why you should attend: Managing virtual employees is fast becoming more the rule than the exception in organizations. These employees may be distributed across town, across the globe, the team may travel or they may work in a common office space but communicate via e-mail to their co-workers across the hall. The workplace is changing and as  effective managers, we must also change and recognize that "work is something that we do and not a place that we go."

Areas Covered in the Session:

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Instructor: Tamara K.




Achieving and Managing Results Providing Clear Objectives with Meaningful Due Dates Developing Great People Skills in a Virtual Environment Developing Great Communication Skills and Plan Redesigning work using Business Process and Automation Keeping the Team Connected and Working Effectively Together Building Trust with Consistency and Fair Expectations

Tamara was challenged as a new manager in 1988 as she did not share an office with her new team but, instead, her team members were located across the United States. This became a pattern in Tamara’s management career in that she has never been co-located with her teams. This unique experience of building high-performing virtual teams, long before technology or theories were readily available to support the virtual workplace, allows Tamara to bring Fortune 500 experience to assist organizations in making a successful transition to a virtual workplace. Her expertise is focused on topics to help organizations create a successful virtual workplace: telework, management, performance, communication and team building. ...more

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The Virtual Manager - Coaching and Training Managers for Success inthe Virtual Workplace  

The Virtual Manager - Coaching and Training Managers for Success in the Virtual Workplace