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Best Ways to Handle a Mistake at Work

Instructor: Dr. Genie Z. Laborde

Thursday, June 28, 2012 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes Price : $145.00 (for one participant)


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The same strategies for handling any crisis apply to the discovery that YOU have made a mistake. Obviously, the first step is to correct it, if you can. Then you may not need any well-thought-through behaviors. Here we are offering seven approaches if you cannot easily correct the mistake. If the mistake is illegal, we will not

Instructor Profile: Dr. Genie Z. Laborde Founder, Inernational Dialogue Education Associates, inc.

discuss that either. Here we will address the normal, unavoidable mistakes that occur in the complex world of human beings and tasks and levels of hierarchy and results. Some of these ideas may surprise you. One example is that if you make a small slip of the tongue mistake in a presentation with an audience, the professional advice is to keep

Dr. Genie Z. Laborde, Ph. D., Internationally recognized seminar leader and author with 31 years going. I learned this from a Master Communicator. If you are an experience in her field, is also the expert, do not correct leaving out a verb in a long complex sentence. Founder of International Dialogue Even if you realize you have, at the end of the sentence. The Education Associates, inc. Dr. audience won't notice, and they would much rather be impressed by Laborde designs her programs, your advice than to have you admit a slip-of-the-tongue. Mistakes produces her videos to complement are fascinating for what they tell you about yourself and others. Be the trainings, and certifies her trainers to conduct the programs. prepared. She and her trainers have taught   over 50,000 students in 15 Why you should attend: countries around the world. Her book, "Influencing with Integrity" Forward thinking, creative businesses, such as IDEO, encourage has sold more than 151,000 copies their employees to make mistakes. Most of us do not work for those in 6 languages. The skills in her companies. How can you handle making a mistake with grace?  Dr.  seminars are collected from Gestalt Laborde's years in corporate training rooms has taught her many psychology, Linguistics, behavioral options that are not included in the corporate manual. Cybernetics, and new Right Brain She has selected the seven best which you may apply if the need insights. Her book of research, arises, or you can teach these to friends. You never know when "Toot Your Own Horn", is a collection of 26 studies, indicating these will be the hottest item on the "Must-Have Menu." One the effectiveness of these skills in person's mistake may be viewed by someone else as inspired. This the work-place. I.D.E.A.'s client list may not happen with your mistake, however. These seven includes IBM, Chase Bank, Dow approaches are culled from the principles of Gestalt Psychology, Jones, Sprint, Dell, HP, Intel, the Linguistics, Right Brain insights, and Cybernetics. You may apply United Nations, Stanford University, these to mis-calculations, errors, mis-understandings, and all the and 100 other major corporations other mishaps that occur over time in the business world. You will and institutions. ...more

find some old ideas polished up and combined with new insights about how we homo sapiens respond to pressure, to anxiety, to tension in the business environment. Knowing even one of these

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skills, if you ever need it, will be worth the fee. More Webinars

Areas Covered in the Session: l

7 Behavioral strategies


4 Extra tips Metaphor as A Strategy Move Through Space:Powerful Interrupt

l l

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Seven Best Ways to Handle a Mistake at Work  

The same strategies for handling any crisis apply to the discovery that YOU have made a mistake. Obviously, the first step is to correct it,...

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