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1-day In-person Seminar on

Manager's Six Pack: 6-Skills for Managerial Excellence

Date & Time: August 24th 2012

8 AM to 5 PM EDT

Duration: 1 Day

Instructor: Judi Clements

Location: New York

Price : $395.00


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Course Outline:

Judi Clements President, Judi Clements Training & Development

Often what a manager says to an employee one-on-one can make or break that employee’s performance. Good managers don’t wait for mistakes; they have regular dialogue with employees guiding them to superior performance. In this interactive program, Judi Clements shows managers how to master the core skills of managerial excellence: delegation, motivation, coaching & correcting. You will learn how to develop all the communication skills you need to relate to your employees in a way that will encourage each of them to work better, smarter, & harder. You will have the opportunity to practice your technique in class and hone, not only what you say, but how you say it. You will engage in a variety of social learning activities to help you practice delegating a work assignment, altering your communication for different generations, & giving correcting feedback. Why should you attend: To help managers develop the skills to delegate, motivate, coach and discipline theirstaff in a productive way that develops self-empowered and more productive 21stcentury employees. Areas Covered in the Session: l



How to Utilize 4-Levels of Delegation: learn how to assess what level of delegation each of your employees requires. How to Improve Your Delegation Communication: learn how to communicate job assignments in a clear, concise manner, factoring in different employee needs. How to Set a Motivating Workplace Climate: learn how to make the work worth doing and doable.


How Different Generations Require Difference Motivators: learn how to adjust your approach for each generation's appeal.


How to Give Effective Feedback &Coaching: learn when and how to give feedback and coaching that provides re-charging and inspiration.


How to Give Clear Disciplinary Feedback: learn how to avoid unclear language, utilize clear behavioral terminology, and provide legal documentation.

Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, wellness, and customer service. Judi is a frequently sought after conference speaker and performer who offers inspirational & humorous programs, with a "laugh-while-you-learn” approach. Judi’s original “Team Interaction Method" puts teams together to participate in interactive training activities that give hands-on practice and combine learning with job relevancy & fun. She is a NYS certified teacher, trained mediator, and qualified Myers Briggs ® Personality Type facilitator. She is a past recipient of the Hudson-Mohawk American Society of Training & Development's "Corporate Trainer of the Year" award and the NENY Girl Scouts' "Outstanding Community Leader" award. ...more

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Manager's Six Pack: 6-Skills for Managerial Excellence  

Often what a manager says to an employee one-on-one can make or break that employee’s performance. Good managers don’t wait for mistakes; th...

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