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Making it Easier to connect with Customers and Colleagues - and Bring Home the CASH  

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Terry Nicholetti

Location: Online

Price : $125.00



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Terry Nicholetti Founder and Chief Encourager, Empowering Works

If you Google Networking for Business, you will get one billion nine hundred million results! Many of them are tips and techniques on "how to do it." But what about how to "get yourself to do it?" What "Making it Easier" offers is based on Terry's special and deep understanding of how to recognize "networking reluctance, and then take you through her unique process for overcoming that reluctance, free up your "networking energy" and use that same energy to empower your conversations, and wow your new connections. In other words, Making it Easier™! Through this interactive webinar, attendees will develop more confidence, and the skills to create effective, enjoyable connections that begin profitable business relationships.

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See procrastination as a source of information about themselves and their goals. Set realistic networking goals, based on building solid business relationships. Learn and remember names at networking events. Use the "four w's and an H" to become a "comfortable conversationalist." Answer "what do you do?" in a way that encourages conversation and helps to evaluate the potential of the connection. Use business news to warm up their cold calls, and establish

An award-winning sales trainer (American City Business Journals Eagle Award) and former teaching nun, Terry Nicholetti is a Communication/Creativity expert who works with individuals and teams that want to get unstuck and get going on the important goals in their lives. She has facilitated trainings for over 200 companies, including Cardinal Bank, Xerox, DC Chamber of Commerce, and American Association of Medical Colleges. An award-winning playwright/performer (DC Madcap Carnival, 2006 and 2011), author of two books, and member of National Speakers Association (NSA), Terry's passion is to encourage moments of joy in everyday life experiences. ...more

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their value as credible sources of business information. Begin the process of staying connected and building relationships.

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Making it Easier to connect with Customers and Colleagues - andBring Home the CASH