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Employee Online: Social Media at Work

Date & Time: Thursday, February 23, 2012

10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Kathy Coughlin

Location: Online

Price : $125.00

This webinar will discuss in detail how social media has changed the workplace forever. It will be discussed how companies can best leverage this technology to enhance productivity, sales, communication and hiring. Opportunities for businesses and how workers can better connect to each other and the organization's goals, share information, and collaborate projects will be discussed. Using social media to facilitate the hiring process will be discussed. The instructor will review different social media sites that have proven to be effective in accessing qualified candidates. Legal issues will be discussed regarding what information can be obtained and what information is protected and should not be used though social media. How to avoid adverse employment action by using social media information will be discussed. Background checks dos and don’t using social media will be covered.

Why you should attend: Social media use in the workplace has become a fact of life for employers and continues to grow. Companies are looking at social media as another tool to develop business, enhance communication and train employees. This technology is proving to have many benefits to business. As social media technology continues to change and grow in use, companies will need to consider strategies to leverage its use in the workplace.

Areas Covered in the Session:


How social media has changed how companies conduct


business Industries best suited to bring social media into their

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Instructor Profile: Kathy Coughlin C o-Founder and President, Team HR Kathy Coughlin is co-founder and president of Team HR, a consulting firm specializing in providing solutions to organizations’ human resources challenges. Ms. Coughlin has over twenty-five years of human resources management experience and has held positions of VP Human Resources and Director of Human Resources for med size organizations of 400 employees to large organizations of over 3000 employees. After starting her career in human resources as a Recruiter & Trainer, she progressed to Human Resources Manager, Assistant Human Resources Officer, Director of Human Resources and VP of Human Resources. Except for her initial assignment, all of her positions have been responsible for the broad spectrum of human resource generalist. ...more

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Employee Online: Social Media at Work  

This webinar will discuss in detail how social media has changed the workplace forever. It will be discussed how companies can best leverage...