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Eight Essential Factors that Successful Virtual Managers need from their Human Resource Partners Instructor: Tamara K. Strickland

Thursday, July 5, 2012 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes Price : $145.00 (for one participant)

Overview: Tamara has very successfully managed virtual teams in Fortune 500 organizations for the last 20+ years, she has a record of more successes than failures but moving teams from a traditional office work teams to a 100% virtual workforce has certainly been a tremendous learning opportunity.

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Instructor Profile: Tamara K. Strickland Virtual Workplace Advocate

Over the last years, Tamara has had the opportunity of "assembling a virtual workforce without directions" with great strategic partners in HR that understood the key activities that support and facilitate a successful transition to the Virtual Workplace.

Tamara was challenged as a new manager in 1988 as she did not Recently, Tamara was asked what level of HR support is common for share an office with her new team managers and their teams when transitioning and working in a but, instead, her team members virtual workplace. The reality is that there is a great spectrum from were located across the United States. This became a pattern in strategically and tactically involved with all aspects of preparation Tamara’s management career in and execution to preparing a few policies to protect the organization when a manager moves their team to a virtual environment. From a that she has never been co-located   with her teams. This unique Virtual Manager's perspective, the more that HR is strategically and experience of building hightactically involved the better the expected outcome. performing virtual teams, long before technology or theories were readily available to support the Why you should attend: virtual workplace, allows Tamara to The Virtual Workplace is fast becoming more the rule than the bring Fortune 500 experience to exception in organizations. Our employees may be distributed  assist organizations in making a across town or across the globe. As the workplace changes rapidly, successful transition to a virtual workplace. Her expertise is focused there must be an effective partnership with Human Resources and on topics to help organizations Management to have the most successful Virtual Workplace. create a successful virtual workplace: Virtual Management Areas Covered in the Session: Skills and High Performing Virtual Teams. ...more

Understand the Virtual Workplace: Know the benefits to the employer, employee and society and the importance to the

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strategic position of the organization Prepare the managers and employees for the transition Provide regular feedback and insights to the various teams –


share successes and challenges across the organization; help develop best practices We need the right rewards! Salary and benefits are obvious



Your Necessity is our Priority

but what about portable parties and other Virtual Team rewards? l l

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Recruit without regard to geographic location Provide the best tool for Performance Improvement not just Performance Management Provide Market Intelligence on the Virtual Workplace Build a strong relationship with operations….be a part of our team rather than just an advisor!

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Eight Essential Factors that Successful Virtual Managers  
Eight Essential Factors that Successful Virtual Managers  

Tamara has very successfully managed virtual teams in Fortune 500 organizations for the last 20+ years,