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Discipline and Termination: How To Eliminate Poor Performance While Managing Your Legal Risks

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Ben Adkins

Location: Online

Price : $145.00


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Instructor Profile:

Overview: This webinar focuses on the right way to use discipline to minimize conflict and maximize employee performance and how to conduct legally sound and respectful terminations. Participants will explore issues that should be examined before disciplinary and termination decisions are made. They will learn best practices and the important steps to follow before, during and after disciplinary or termination meetings. Effective discipline can protect the organization, the supervisor who enforces the rules, and the subordinates subject to the rules. Everyone suffers when issues concerning misconduct and discipline are not addressed properly. When discipline is properly carried out, challenges are often resolved before they get out of hand. Much of the burden for improvement is placed, as it should be, back on the subordinate. This webinar is full of information that everyone who has responsibility and authority to perform discipline and termination duties.

Why you should attend: If you are stuck with an employee that is not fitting in you may decide to get rid of them. This is sometimes easier said than done because if you do not discipline and terminate employees in the right way it can cost you and your organization. Discipline and termination   may be two of the most important actions taken by a company. If either is administered incorrectly (wrongful accusations) or illegally (discrimination), the company may be facing lawsuits. In addition to possible legal issues, the treatment of an employee leaving the company or whose performance is substandard may affect the

Ben Adkins President, Adkins & Associates Ben Adkins has provided tools for increased effectiveness to organizations, teams and individual employees since 1985. He has presented more than 2,800 seminars, workshops, keynotes and management retreats throughout North America, the UK and Africa receiving rave reviews and outstanding evaluations from diverse groups of large and small audiences. His primary focus is workplace conflict management, leadership development, communication effectiveness and productivity improvement. He is a master trainer with Mediation Training Institute International; a Distinguished Faculty Award recipient from the National College of District Attorneys; Vice President of the Tarrant County Association of Mediators; Fort Worth Business Press columinst; author and consultant. ...more

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attitudes and morale of other employees.

Areas Covered in the Session:


Elements of a Discipline Program


The Four Things Needed in a Disciplinary Episode The Discipline Meeting Three Critical Termination Factors

l l


The Termination Meeting Firing With Dignity Illegal Reasons to Terminate Employment


Common Mistakes that Lead to Lawsuits

l l

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Human Resources Professionals Customer service Management Supervisors Sales and Marketing Everyone with responsibility and authority  for discipline and  termination

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Discipline and Termination: How To Eliminate Poor PerformanceWhile Managing Your Legal Risks  

This webinar focuses on the right way to use discipline to minimize conflict and maximize employee performance and how to conduct legally so...

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