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Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Instructor: Richard Hadden

Location: Online

Price : $145.00


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Instructor Profile:

Overview: On the premise that most organizations have at one time or another considered doing an employee opinion survey, and many who have done so have found the process less than fulfilling, this webinar offers some 'do's and don't's about employee surveys, and in particular, for taking the pulse of your workforce. Examining the 'Critical Success Factors' for using such a tool, this course begins by emphasizing the need for a Commitment to the Process, explaining that organizations deploying an employee survey absent the genuine support and commitment of top management are wasting time, money, and valuable management credibility. In discussing the survey itself, we'll provide tips on how many and what kinds of questions will yield the most valuable information, and how to decide among the various response types (Likert scale, yes/no, open-ended, and other response types). We'll discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing the survey to a qualified outside vendor, and of developing and executing the survey internally. Other important items to consider have to do with how the survey is actually administered (i.e., face-to-face, by mail, electronically, etc.), and the instructions people are given about completing the survey.

Richard Hadden CSP

Richard Hadden is a Certified Speaking Professional with a focus on employee engagement, and the correlation between people practices and profit performance. He is coauthor of Contented Cows Give Better Milk: The Plain Truth About Employee Relations and Your Bottom Line; Contented Cows MOOve Faster: How Good Leaders Get People to Put More OOMPH! Into Their Work; Rebooting Leadership: Practical Lessons for Frontline Leaders (and their Bosses) in the New World; and an all new revision of his first work, entitled Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk: The Plain Truth About Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line. He received a Bachelor’s degree in management from Jacksonville University, in Florida, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Florida. ...more

Next, we'll discuss how, when, by whom, and to whom the results of the survey should be presented. We know that the survey effort will Suggest a Topic More Webinars b e successful only to the extent that people below the rank of vice Your Necessity is our Priority president actually take ownership of the data, and also that generally, each workgroup or team should get its own discreet report. Stale information is of little or no value, be it financial data or employee survey results, and so we'll cover the appropriate amount of time between the actual administration of the survey and the return of the results.

Areas Covered in the Session:


Reasons to conduct an employee survey


The frequency of surveys to maximize participation and optimize information Pitfalls to avoid in conducting employee surveys

l l


Practical minimum workforce size for conducting an employee survey How to construct an effective survey (question type, question


wording, and scoring scale) How to introduce and deploy the survey Modalities and methods of survey deployment (electronic,


paper, and hybrid) Organization of results by workgroup and manager


l l

How, and with whom, to share the results What to do with the information

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Who Will Benefit: l l


Human Resources Managers and Executives Vice Presidents and Directors of Operations and other areas within the companies CEO’s of small to medium sized organizations

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Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys  
Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys  

On the premise that most organizations have at one time or another considered doing an employee opinion survey, and many who have done so ha...