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November 2012 Volume 2 • Issue 5



November 10th - 11th

The Journey Continues with Eight Rebuilt Modules By Angela Podewils

“It is about the journey, not the finished layout,” says Fred Holzapfel of the G-Whiz Gang on the model railroading hobby. For the G-Whiz Gang, the journey began around 1989 when a group of friends began a layout from several battery and track powered large scale train sets. The group’s vision was to create a railroad in the same manner as a typical HO-Scale layout using large scale trains. Their primary goal was to create something train fans of every age could enjoy. The G-Whiz railroad is never complete in the eyes of the club members; there are always new ideas for scenes and modules to add to the layout. This year

the G-Whiz Gang has been rebuilding eight modules. Fred tells Trainfest EXPRESS that the modules create a fresh look to their layout – but that we all have to visit the layout to fully experience this new and improved railroad. Updating the railroad makes for a fresh new experience for not only the club but visitors as well. Over time, the Gang has added several scenes for the enjoyment of visitors. When looking closely at the railroad, visitors will observe the subtle animated scenes created by Corky Whitlock, a NMRA Master Model Railroader. THE JOURNEY CONTINUES Continued on page 4

What’s Inside Hornby America Revives Rivarossi PG 3 Trainfest 2012 Floorplan PG 6 Kids Activity Zone PG 10 Clinics And Demos PG 11 Manufacturers New to Trainfest 2012 PG 12 Luxury Travel On The North Shore PG 14 The Choo Choo Bob Show Cast Members PG 18

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WOW!!!! Trainfest 2012 is just about a week away and I am still amazed the Green Bay Packers will not be playing a game on Trainfest Sunday – for the third consecutive Trainfest. I thought the floor plan was complete until last night when we decided to add another kid’s building block area. So the pieces of the floor plan puzzle covering more than four football fields are back up on my computer one more time. We will repost the floor plan on our website – – and if I have anything to say about it, it will be the final version! Use the floor plan with the exhibitor list to pre-plan your time at Trainfest. Booth numbers are included next to the exhibitor name. A schematic of the floor plan and exhibitor list are also included in the program distributed at the show. So what do we have in store for you at Trainfest 2012? Lots!!! In addition to the over 60 train layouts, the hobby dealers and manufacturers, we have expanded our new Kid’s Activity Zone (look for the orange banners hanging above the Zone). Choo Choo Bob and his Holy Smokestacks Revue band (sponsored by Walthers®) will be performing in the Kid’s Activity Zone along with an inflatable Thomas the Tank® jump house, a Basic TRAINing area to help mom and dad assemble the first train set, story time, a coloring, tattoo and kids craft area, and face painting. Radio Disney® returns on Sunday between 12:30 and 2pm for even more fun. When the Trainfest committee decides to do something, we do it up right! Kid’s activity favorites like the train races sponsored by the TCA-Midwest Division, two Lego train layouts and now two Kid’s Build & Play areas sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and the Blau Pewaukee Road are back too.

Did I say “lot’s” … there’s even more … we have several new layouts joining Trainfest. A big welcome to the Standard gauge Modular Association – SGMA hailing from Arkansas, the Ontario and Quebec Railway from Canada, and from closer to home from the Milwaukee metro area -- a new Winter Wonderland LEGO® layout. Plus many of the returning exhibitors have new and improved layouts and modules (several are featured in this EXPRESS issue to help inspire you to build and improve your own model railroad.)

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We have expanded our list of manufacturers participating at the Friday Product Showcase and throughout the weekend. See new products displayed for the first time and let the manufacturers know what new products you want to see in the future. They really do want to hear from you.


The Clinic and Demonstration areas have been expanded (list on page 11) to help you solve challenges, get ideas from fellow model builders, and learn special techniques to create and expand your own railroad empire. Please feel free to ask questions and share your experiences with our clinicians, manufacturers, exhibitors, and hobby dealers. And if you need help in assembling that first train set, stop by our Basic TRAINing area (booth 8248) and talk with the experts.

Angela Podewils Bonnie Moyer Topczewski Jody Delie Julie Larsen

When you’re at TRAINFEST, please look me up and say “Hi”. I do appreciate your ideas on how to make Trainfest even better. In the spirit of Model railroading,

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Introducing at Trainfest 2012 …

The only railway to go to the top of a volcano was built on Mount Vesuvius in Italy, in 1880.

Hornby America Revives an Improved Rivarossi Locomotive Line

This year, Trainfest welcomes a dozen new manufacturers to its line-up of 50+ exhibiting manufacturers. Hornby America, with its highly anticipated Rivarossi product line reintroduction, is one of these manufacturers. Hornby America is the U.S. Division of Hornby, the wellknown United Kingdom hobby manufacturer. Hornby UK began U.S. operations in late 1999 after purchasing Scalextric USA. The company’s initial focus was on slot cars. Within five years, Hornby America was into model railroading and introduced live steam kits and servicing. In late 2004 Hornby purchased the Lima Model Railroading product group, which included the Rivarossi brand of products.

History of Rivarossi Alessandro Rossi founded Rivarossi in 1945. It was a time when there were no other producers of model trains in Italy. Using a small inheritance as seed money, Rossi bought a section of a factory and began manufacturing trains. Initially Rivarossi concentrated on producing the ‘OO’ gauge (three rail trains) for children. Despite being marketed as toys, Rossi’s personal passion for true model trains was evident in the detail of the trains and the ratio to

scale speeds. It wasn’t long before Rivarossi moved to a two rail track system and production of HO gauge trains for American markets began. In the 1950’s, Rossi began to experiment with Bakelite plastic and discovered the product allowed for much more detailing than was possible with metal. He perfected the process and Rivarossi became the first model train manufacturer to use Bakelite. Rivarossi products are also well known to the public as they were imported under the AHM and IHC brand names during the 1960’s and 70’s. Around 1998, model train manufacturers Lima, Jouef and Arnold were in bankruptcy and the tooling was sold to Rivarossi. In the early 2000’s, Rivarossi found itself in financial stress and in late 2004, Hornby purchased the Lima Model Railroading product group, which included Rivarossi, Lima, Jouef, and Arnold assets. Through Hornby and its commitment to the model railroading hobby, Rivarossi, the famous Italian brand synonymous worldwide with offering the finest quality railway modeling products, is back in the forefront of the hobby. HORNBY AMERICA REVIVES Continued on page 21


see THE JOURNEY CONTINUES Continued from cover

One fan favorite is the scene of a fisherman sitting on a bridge and if one watches closely, every once in a while his pole bends as the line is pulled as if he has caught a fish. For others, it’s a cat wagging its tail in anticipation of catching a rat. Still another favorite for many is the scene featuring a logging operation complete with logging cars and a “Wannigan”, paying tribute to the logging history of the St. Croix River. (What is a Wannigan? See note below.) The G-Whiz Gang began bringing their railroad “on the road” to shows in 1991. Since the layout is geared for young visitors, Trainfest was a natural fit. With its wide variety of visitors, club members have come to love this long weekend in Milwaukee to meet new hobbyists and catch up with old friends. Fred especially enjoys how the Trainfest show introduces children to the hobby.


Model railroading has become a lifelong journey for G-Whiz Gang members. Together members have worked to build their layout, while also having some fun. While members Lowell Woods, Jim Perske and Keith Koch have passed away, their memory lives on through the traditions of the Club, and their contributions to the Club and its railroad. As Fred says, “the journey through these years has brought a few bumps and memories they will never forget. Yet the most important part of the journey is the lifelong friendships and shared love of model railroading.” This is not the first time the G-Whiz Gang has been featured in Trainfest EXPRESS. In the Summer 2011 issue we shared one special tradition the club has maintained through the years, their “Junior Engineer” certificate. It bears repeating here.

One Trainfest day, Fred was manning the railroad when a young father walked up with his 3-year-old son. He simply said to Fred, “I’d like to teach my son how to run the trains,” and in the very next breath the young father pulls from his pocket his own Junior Engineer certificate and hands it to Fred. The young father had obtained his certificate nearly ten years earlier, and was now returning, as a certified “engineer” to teach his son how to operate the train. Fred recalls their faces just beamed. This was truly a special experience for all and not one Fred will soon forget. Seeing one generation so excited about passing down the hobby to the next is really heartwarming. The G-Whiz Gang has been giving out Junior Engineer Certificates since 1991. Fred estimates that the G-Whiz Gang gives out anywhere from 200-500 certificates at a show. “It was the idea of one of our founders, Jim Perske. I’m sure he smiles down on us with every certificate we fill out,” says Fred. This Club tradition has traveled across the country from Denver to Sioux St. Marie, from Winnipeg, Rochester, Minneapolis and St. Paul to La Crosse. And of course, Milwaukee, the home of Trainfest.

What is a Wannigan? A Wannigan could be described as a house boat, but they were really more like floating shacks. They were built 25 to 30 ft. in length and designed low to the water for stability on quick running rivers. In the days when the St. Croix was a logging route, Wannigans were used by lumbermen. The "shanty-boat" had sleeping accommodations for the loggers during those long logging drives.

The Gang has no intentions of stopping any time soon and will have Junior Engineer Certificates at Trainfest 2012. Editor’s Note: Check out page 19 for other great railroad layouts which are “fan favorites” for kids.


Your Guide to Trainfest 2012


Trainfest 2012 Floorplan


Trainfest 2012 Exhibitors Manufacturers 8307 8124 8119 8301 8301 8212 8219 5230 8116 8127 8008 8227 8304 8228 8205 8208 8313 8321 8001 8202 8311 8002 8210 8137 8330 8100 8129 8132 8302 8121 8325 8101 8030 8033 8025 8138 8201 8314 8005 8314 8335 8034 8112 8113 8110

Accu-Lites, Inc Accurail Athearn Atlas Model Railroad Co. Atlas O w/ Atlas AYA Enterprises Bachmann Trains Badger Air Brush w/ Tool Man Big City Hobbies Bluford Shops LLC Bowser Manufacturing Broadway Limited Imports Caboose Industries Carstens Publication Daylight Sales Digitrax, Inc ESU LLC ETS - Electric Trains Systems Evan Designs ExactRail, LLC Fox Valley Models G C Laser Innovations Golden Spike Artisans Group Heritage Art Editions, Inc. Hobby Manufacturers Association Hornby America - ( Rivarossi USA ) Hunterline InterMountain Railway Co. Iwata-Medea, Inc. Kadee Quality Products Co. Kalmbach - HMA Kato USA, Inc. Lionel Collectors Club of America Lionel Operating Train Society LIONEL, L.L.C. Marklin, Inc. Micro-Trains Line Co. Model Railroad Benchwork Model Rectifier Corporation Model Train Travel MTH Electric Trains, Inc. Neff Video Productions NJ International Phoenix Unlimited Ltd. Piko-America, LLC

8115 8115 8128 8232 8238 8235 8324 8109 8327 8312 8306 8102 8105 8328 8126 8126 8104 8006 8130 8041 8319 8332 8106

Renewal by Anderson Richmond Controls Ring Engineering, Inc. Ross Custom Switches RR in a Box Scenic Express Sinbad Glue Soundtraxx / Blackstone Models Sparkling Star Models Spring Mills Depot Stoddart's LTD Company Stout Auctions Sundance Marketing Testors Corp Trains Hoover Traintek, LLC True Line Trains True Scene Modeling Wheels of Time Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. Woodland Scenics World of Model Trains & Industry Yard Goat Images

Display in the Manufacturers Area 8342 HMA Display 8501 Milwaukee Light Engineering Society 8325 World's Greatest Hobby

Displays in General Exhibit Area 1120 2316 6301 6222 6121 1308 4307 1224 4214 1230 6102 1308 2101 2106 1218 6102

Trainfest Show Office Bunce Historic Displays Carlson Layout and Timesaver Great Circus Trains Green Bay and Western Historical Society Kiekhofer Display Lionel Railroad Club - Milwaukee Mid Continent Railway Museum Midwest Division TCA - Train Races Milwaukee Road Archives NMRA Booth w/ WI Southeastern Division North American Prototype Modelers SS Badger Display SS Edmund Fitzgerald Steiner Layout & Demonstrations WI Southeastern Division - NMRA Booth

Trainfest 2012 Exhibitors Historical Groups 6101 6120 6201 2307 2117 1224 2312 5312

Chicago & North Western Historical Society East Troy Railroad Museum, Inc Great Northern Railway Historical Society Milwaukee Road Historical Association Motorcycle & Model Railroad Museum Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society Soo Line Historical Society TMER&L Historical

Layouts in the Manufacturers Area 8413 8348 8400 8013 8447 8437 8038 8427 8141 8407 8241

Badgerland S Gaugers Badgerland S Gaugers American Flyer Blank’s Ahnapee & Western RR G Whiz Gang Independent Hi-Railers - Midwest Division Kettle Moraine Ballast Scorchers RR Club Lionel Modular Layout Milwaukee Operators Organization WI Southeastern Divison Youth Layout Wisconsin & Michigan Model Railroad Club Wisconsin Bits & Pieces Railroad

Layouts in General Exhibit Area 6216 1101 1224 1310 2204 4313 6301 6227 6208 2212 7228 7120 1312 7125 6201 7102 6204 6315 4308 1322 1101 7328 7320 7322 7316 7314 7326 7317 7312 7327 7315 1117 7223 4203 7202 1215 3128 2214 7128 7216 3212 7112 3116 4102 2210 5323 5216 3325 1109 4114

Acela Express NE Corridor Arlington Heights Society of Model Engineers Bedell Layout Blau Pewaukee Road (Lego) Bluff City Modular Engineers Capitol City N’gineers Carlson Layout and Timesaver Cedar Creek Central Railroad Club Ciofani Winter LEGO Colorado Narrow Gauge - Zeren Cream City Traction Group ETE - Milwaukee Chapter Fond du Lac Society of Model Railroad Hobbyists Glacial Garden Railway Great Northern Railway Historical Society Kenosha Garden Railway Society Kosma Gypsy Trolley Line Lake County Society of Modular Engineers Lionel Railroad Club - Milwaukee Madison HO Track Madison ‘O’ Scale MANTRAK _Bloomington Normal MANTRAK_Chippewa Valley MANTRAK_Dayton MANTRAK_Far North Rail MANTRAK_Great River Valley MANTRAK_Hertitage - IL MANTRAK_M & M MANTRAK_Milwaukee MANTRAK_Northwest Illinois MANTRAK_Thunder Bay Metro Milwaukee Z Scale Metro Model Railroad Club Ltd. Midwest Division - TCA Midwest Rails Milw Electric Ry & Transit Historical Society Milwaukee Electric Traction Club Milwaukee 'N' SouthEastern Model Railroad Club of Milwaukee ModUTrak North Shore and Western Modular Club NorthEastern Wisconsin Exhibition Railroading Northwest Traction Group Northwest Trainmasters Ontario and Quebec Railway Rapant's Rusty Rails Railroad Rusty Rails Layout S. E. Wisconsin - Lionel Railroad Club SDRT Railroad Sheboygan Society of Model RR Engineers

2321 4124 7310 1121 7302 2120 4321 7117

Southeastern WI HiRailers Standard Gauge Module Assn SGMA T-Trak - Bloomington-Normal Waukegan Modular Model Railroad Club Waukesha County Gandy Dancers Whiz Kidz Wisconsin Garden Railroad Society Wisconsin Standard Gauge Operators

Hobby Dealers & Vendors 5110 5315 5110 2230 5117 6111 5112 3308 5120 5226 6308 3204 5101 3314 6127 5318 3101 6113 4309 6126 5126 2310 5308 6212 3222 5320 2315 2121

3000 toys - also b2b Replicas 3D Picture Store b2b Replicas - see 3000 Toys Choo Choo Bob's Trains Classic Trains & Ferraris Clear View Trains Daleiden's - Art of Motion Dickinson Kansas Depot Don’s Cars and Trains Enginehouse Services, LLC Friesch, Railroad and Marine Artist Greenfield News & Hobby Center Inc. Greenway Products Heimburger House Publishing Co. Jelsma Graphics John's Trains Kalmbach Publishing Ladysmith Rail Display Lionel Railroad Club - Milwaukee Lochmann’s Train Group Lombard Hobbies Luecke Books - Como Shops Madison Hobby Stop Miniature World N Less Trains Norm’s Train World Railroad Relics Railwear by Rebel Rails

2118 2308 5210 3318 5202 5307 2219 5102 2105 5230 4230 5115 6105

Rattin Railroad Antiques Richard Smyth - Advanced Illustrations & Design Sommerfeld’s Trains South Side Trains Spring Creek Model Trains Star Hobby - D Veiga Steves Hobbies Tag Trains Teskeys Trains The Tool Man TJ Howell Circus Train TM Books and Video Wisconsin - Illinois Trains

Kids Activity Zone

Basic TRAINing Choo Choo Bob Band Choo Choo Bob Train Play tables Coloring Kid's Crafts Story Time Thomas the Tank Jump House Trainfest Tatoos Wisconsin Southeastern Youth Layout (WISE Guys and Gals) 8247 World's Greatest Hobby Layout 8248 8051 8256 8249 8249 8051 8154 8249 8141

Other Kids Activities at Trainfest

1310 Blau Pewaukee Road (Lego) 6208 Ciofani Winter LEGO layout 4220 AIA Kidz Build and Play Area - Lego's 5323 Rapant's Rusty Rails Railroad 1308 Pewaukee Road (Lego) Play Area 8238 RR in a Box - building a layout at the show 3325 S. E. Wisconsin - Lionel Railroad Club 4230 TJ Howell Circus Train (extra fare) 8141 Wisconsin Southeastern Youth Layout 4214 Midwest Division TCA - Train Races


Trainfest 2012 Clinics and Demos Niagara Frontier Region’s Craftsman Corner Clinics & Demos Booth 1203 Presents: Kitbashing piggy back cars from the 1950's - Al Crisp, MMR Scratchbuilding a backwoods water tower - Rick Hatton  Sratchbuilding a large coaling tower from St Thomas ON - Eric Roth  Kitbashing an N scale depressed center flat car - Ron Colpitts  Working on a Labelle O scale passenger car - Brian Earl  Simple trees - Peter Hocking Working on various rolling stock in HO - Andy Orr  Constructing simple trees - David R Smith Creating your own rock molds - Clark Kooning, MMR  DCC locomotive speed matching - Martin Aldborough  Working on a large South River model works Kit -  Neville Meades Scratchbuilt HO cattle pens - Roger Davidson  Stone water mill in OO gauge - John Robertson  Constructing resin Automobile kits -  John Spring  Detail work on interiors and painting small animals -  Laura Spring  Working on a large bridge - Dylan Harris  Better Than Scratch lumber mill kits - Bob Douglas  Upgrading ready to run freight cars - Bill Dewar  

Mirror table Demonstrations by Niagara Frontier Region (also at Booth 1203) Mounting Tortoise switch machines in odd spots using model aircraft hardware - Al Crisp, MMR  The process of constructing his backwoods water tower Rick Hatton Making simple trees - Peter Hocking and David Smith Creating your own rock molds - Clark Kooning, MMR Building resin automobile kits - John Spring Upgrading ready to run rolling stock - Bill Dewar DCC locomotive speed matching - Martin Aldborough

Clinic Area 2 Booth 1224

Bedell Display & Demo Jansen Clinic & Demo John Dornfeld Demo Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society Mike Carlson Demonstration

Clinic Area 3 Booth 1230 John Drechsler Demo Karkoski Craftsman Kit Building Kiekhofer Display Milwaukee Road Archives Nefstead Demo

Manufacturer Area Demonstrations Airbrushing Iwata-Medea, Inc,. Booth 8302

Structural bridge kits, weathering technique Hunterline, Booth 8129 Scenery techniques & detailing for Styrofoam structures Woodland Scenics, Booth 8319 Constructing a complete layout in a box over the weekend for giveaway on Sunday RR in a Box, Booth 8238 Scenery Techniques True Scene Modeling, Booth 8006

Clinic Area 1 Booth 1218

Gutzmer & Timm Demos Mid Continent Railway Museum NAPM North America Prototype Modelers Steiner Layout & Demonstrations


Manufacturers New to Trainfest 2012 A several new manufacturers will join over 50 returning industry leading manufacturers at Trainfest 2012. The Manufacturer Area at Trainfest promises to be “the best of both worlds” – returning favorites along with a dash of new friends.

1. Electric Train Systems (ETS)

6. True Scene Modeling

2. Hornby America

7. Model Train Travel

3. Model Railroad Benchwork

8. Yard Goat Images

4. RR in a Box

9. Stout Auctions

5. Clearview Trains

1. Electric Train Systems (ETS) Czech Republic:

Model railroading is truly a global hobby. This year Electric Train Systems (ETS) from the Czech Republic will be at Trainfest. Established in 1991, ETS prides itself in manufacturing all-metal tin plate trains in O – Scale. Founder, Gustav Taus started ETS to combine the classic feel of all-metal toy trains with the functions and features of modern technology. ETS Trains are created to reflect a faithful reproduction of their prototypical counterparts. Through the use of lithography and metal castings, they are able to create fine details, many of which are fully operational!

2. Hornby America – Fife, WA:

Hornby America is the North American distributor of Hornby slot cars, model railroads, plastic model kits, die-cast collectibles, paints and accessories. Established in 1999, Hornby America continues the tradition begun by Hornby in the United Kingdom as a premier manufacturer and household name in the hobby. In 2004, Hornby acquired the Rivarossi line of HO scale model trains. Hornby America is the exclusive distributor of Rivarossi in the U.S.

3. Model Railroad Benchwork – Elgin, Il:

Model Railroad Benchwork offers quality customizable benchwork for model railroads. Constructed with quality, stability and flexibility in mind, the benchwork is built with “cabinet grade” plywood. We believe that benchwork should be affordable, easy to use, and adaptable to any modeler's needs.

4. RR in a Box – Philadelphia, PA:

The RR in a Box system aims to eliminate the apprehension of first time modelers in building a layout. Plans are offered in several scales (O to Z) with many variations to grow and create your own layout.


5. ClearView Trains – Lake Geneva, WI: ClearView Trains offers crystal clear suspended railroad bed systems. With an unobstructed view, the trains will appear to be floating on air while running around the room. The systems are built with ½ inch crystal clear poly carbon acrylic with all front edges cut at a 45 degree angle, and installation instructions and customizable options.

6. True Scene Modeling:

True Scene is bringing their innovative scenery modeling product to Trainfest. Unlike any other plaster product, using Fusion Fiber is like adding a layer of top soil to your layout, and a great foundation in creating realistic scenery.

7. Model Train Travel:

Explore the model railroads of Europe through the Model Train Travel 13 day tour through Germany. Visit the “Miniature Wonder Land" in Hamburg, the Nuremberg Toy Museum layout and much more.

8. Yard Goat Images:

Yard Goat Images produces quality railroad DVDs. Their videos feature restored historical steam locomotives and rolling stock. Beyond the typical trains featured in railroad videos, Yard Goat images searches out rare or long forgotten trains, preserving them for years to come. Much like the hard working “yard goat” of a rail yard, Yard Goat Images films and produces these DVDs as their contribution to documenting the history of the rail industry.


Stout Auctions: Premier U.S. auction house specializing in scale and toy trains, Stout Auctions is the destination for Lionel toy trains, American Flyer, Marx, Ives, and more. Most sales are held in Williamsport, Indiana or West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. 13

LUXURY TRAVEL ON THE NORTH SHORE Southbound North Shore train number 802 accelerates out of the sheds of Milwaukee’s Downtown Terminal to begin her 88-mile run down to the Chicago metro area during a pleasant early spring day in 1957. The Electroliner will make twelve quick stops before entering North Chicago, then another 11 stops through the Loop district before terminating at Roosevelt Road Station, approximately two hours following her departure.


The Electroliner, although promoted as “a fast way to travel” between Milwaukee and Chicago, could not readily use her 80-plus mph speed with so many stops on her schedule. However once in the outlying, sparsely populated tangent rails, she reached speeds of up to 90 mph. With 24 scheduled stops within an 88-mile route, her average speed computed to forty four miles per hour, still a very good time as each stop averaged only about 2 minutes.

The Electroliner was delivered to the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co. in January 1941. It was hailed as ‘luxury travel at its finest’, the train of tomorrow. Built by the St. Louis Car Company, the design was patterned after Burlington’s famous Zephyr. The 144m-seat, air conditioned, four unit consists became a serious contender in the busy Milwaukee-Chicago passenger market. The first unit to arrive on the property was Train 801-802. It was delivered to Racine, Wisconsin bypassing the shorter route through Chicago. Wisconsin had no sales tax so the savings were quite huge. The second unit was delivered via the same route, 9 days later. Although the four-car articulated train operated as a single unit, it carried two

numbers. The cars were designated as A, B, C & A1 sections. The power sections, A & A1 were numbered 801 & 802, B was a tavern-lounge and C section was a coach. A1 and A cars, besides being the power on both ends of the train, were divided into smoking and non-smoking compartments by a vestibule. The units in the second delivery were identical to the first shipment only they were numbered 803 & 804. The two Electroliners made five trips a day between Milwaukee and Chicago, or about 450 miles of revenue service. During the heavy passenger World War II years, each Liner would make a sixth trip, a Sunday night run, departing the Chicago and Milwaukee Terminals at 10:30pm. Following WWII, thanks to the increasing popularity of the automobile, the nation’s railroad passenger traffic went into steady decline. The busy Milwaukee-Chicago corridor also felt the squeeze. It would be a decline in which there would be no easy fix or any solution. The North Shore was losing up to 46,000 riders a month. In 1958, the Susquehanna, now the corporate name of the North Shore, petitioned the ICC to discontinue all services. The end came on January 21, 1963, almost 22 years to the day that the first Electroliner was delivered to the company. A sneak peek at Larry Fisher's original painting.

DID YOU KNOW? The longest straight stretch of railway is in Australia. The part without any curves is 478km (301 miles) long and would take more than five hours to drive.


ZOO Spooktacular 2012

Trainfest was a treat stop sponsor at the 2012 Milwaukee County Zoo Spooktacular Family Event, October 26th & 27th. We had a great spot in the Big Cat Building next to a very active Cheetah. It was a great time connecting local families with Trainfest!

The Choo Choo Bob Show Cast Members:

A follow up from the Ocober 2012 introduction of the Choo Choo Bob Show.

Choo Choo Bob

Richard W. Kornbelt

Engineer Emily

Conductor Dave

Choo Choo Bob loves to spend time with his friends, hang out at the clubhouse, sing songs and play with his trains. In fact, Choo Choo Bob loves trains more than anyone else in the whole, wide world!

Engineer Emily is a great friend to the whole gang in Bobville. She's super knowledgeable about trains, and likes to spend her time volunteering at the Bobville Train Museum.


Rich is Bob's best friend, and the hardest working man in Bobville. Rich is a tireless worker, moving from career to career, always putting his best foot forward and giving it his best shot.

Conductor Dave's job is to make sure that the trains always run on time. He loves playing checkers and keeping an eye on his best friend, Charlie Rat.

Hands-on Train Fun for Kids With more than 60 operating model railroads, cool trains will be everywhere! However, as much as kids like to look at trains, they like playing with trains even more. So, for some hands-on train experience, check out these railroads with your kids at the show.

Charlie Rat

Checker player extraordinaire, Charlie Rat is Conductor Dave's best friend and co-worker. But sometimes it seems like Charlie Rat's most important job is to drive Conductor Davie-poo crazy!

• The Lionel Operating Train Society will be bringing a 6’x8’ Thomas the Train® railroad kids can operate. • At the G Whiz Gang railroad, kids can become train engineers in the making. They can take a turn running a train to earn a Junior Engineer Certificate! • Young engineers can also operate the trains at the Southeastern Wisconsin Lionel Group’s classic Lionel Railroad. • And, courtesy of Choo Choo Bob, there will be fun wooden train tables in the Kids Activity Zone for play. • Keep your eye on for what’s in store for the 2012 show… and to learn even more about Trainfest and the hobby of Model Railroading!

Ticket Agent Cee Cee

Cee Cee works with Dave and Charlie, and that's a pretty hard job working with those two wacky guys! Cee Cee is always happy to share her knowledge of trains, especially with Choo Choo Bob.

Military & Scouts Free Admission for Military and Scouts

Engineer Paul

Nobody knows more about trains than Engineer Paul. He loves going on adventures with Choo Choo Bob, visiting fun and exciting train locations all over the world!

All military that present military ID, uniformed scout masters/troops, or uniformed boy/girl scouts*, receive free admission at the door. *Boy and girls scouts need to be accompanied by an adult with paid admission


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Sponsors & Friends

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The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) was established in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to bring model railroaders together to foster fellowship and provide resources to hobbyists. The NMRA is a worldwide QRQSUR¿WHGXFDWLRQDODVVRFLDWLRQKHDGTXDUWHUHGLQ Chattanooga, Tennessee. The organization is divided into geographic regions to best provide local support and camaraderie to model railroaders. Visit

What is Wisconsin Southeastern Division, Inc.?

The Wisconsin Southeastern Division (WI-SE Division) is made up of NMRA members living in the seven Southeastern Wisconsin counties of: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha. With an educational mission to promote the model railroading hobby, the Wisconsin Southeastern Division creates opportunities for modelers who are “new and notso-new” to the hobby to share new ideas and information. The Division sponsors free model railroading meets. The Division also sponsors a group for young modelers and train enthusiasts to get started in the hobby. Visit

What is Trainfest®?

One way the Division pursues its mission is through its annual event, Trainfest. Hobbyists, hobby dealers, manufacturers and rail fans of all ages come together at Trainfest for two days to celebrate everything trains. Trainfest is the hub for bringing together new and experienced modelers to share ideas and pass on the passion for modeling to the next generation. What could be more fun?

Become a Member. It’s Easy!

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Hornby America and Rivarossi While the European outline has many possibilities and variety, Hornby America has chosen to have the Rivarossi line follow the American product outline. The reason was simple … the American outline provides the best possible quality — and that value is in keeping with the reputation of the Rivarossi line. Trainfest visitors will be among the first to see the fruits of this decision. Hornby America will be introducing several new locomotives at Trainfest! Final production samples of the following locomotives will be at the Hornby America booth #8100 at Trainfest 2012. • Virginian Railway "Blue Ridge" Class Steam Locomotive • Virginian Railway • Big Boy Steam Locomotive (previous production run) • Allegheny Steam Locomotive (previous production run) • Heisler Steam Locomotive Hornby/ Rivarossi has updated the technology used to power them. Many of the locomotives will be DCC ready or with DCC Sound. The small 3 pole motors of previous Rivarossi trains have been replaced with larger modern

5 pole can motors w/flywheels allowing for realistic and dependable operation. Hornby America is driven to bring the Rivarossi brand back to its glory, but with operational improvements to make it even better. Model Railroad Brand Manager Arvids Breikss is especially enjoying the excitement around the reintroduction of the Heisler logging locomotives. The locomotives will be available as 2- or 3-truck with several roads and numbers. At Hornby America, they look to create niche products that no one else is fulfilling. According to Arvids, “By taking the time to produce quality products, US hobbyists will appreciate and support the effort.”

Hornby America at Trainfest With tangible excitement, Arvids is anxious to share the excitement about Rivarossi at Hornby America’s first Trainfest. On display will be Hornby America’s currently available products as well as the touted production samples of new releases. (Rivarossi history source: TCA Western


Saturday & Sunday Nov. 10 - 11, 2012 9:00am to 5:30pm WI Expo Center at State Fair Park 8200 W Greenfield Ave. Milwaukee (West Allis), WI




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