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MAY 2014

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Trainfest – America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show is coming down the tracks. Mark your calendar today for the weekend of November 8th and 9th. This year promises more hands on train fun than ever before. Continue reading for exciting show updates!

RUNNING THE RAILS 2014 is the year to step into the engineers seat and run trains at Trainfest. 70% of our layout exhibitors are allowing adults and kids (5 and up) to run the trains. This is going to be fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of what makes Trainfest great. At the show, look for signs pointing to participating layouts and even more hands on opportunities.

Here are just a few of the railroads letting kids run the rails! • Badgerland S Gaugers • G-Whiz Gang • Gypsy Trolley Line • Lionel RR Club Milwaukee • Milwaukee Electric Traction • Northwest Trainmasters • Standard Gauge Module Association The hands on train fun doesn’t stop there. Look for a brand new Kids’ Activity Zone at this year’s show. The new area will offer activities suited for any age, from 2 to 17. Be sure to stop by! Build a Memory – Visit for up-to-the minute show updates.

SAVE THE DATE November 8 and 9, 2014: Trainfest 2014 will take place at the WI State Fair Park Expo Center June 2014: Advanced Tickets will be available for purchase on the Trainfest website ( Advanced tickets will also be available at participating hobby shops. More Trainfest news on the next page

s Sc Exclusive Insider

t 2014 oop on Trainfes

A NOTE FROM THE NEW TRAINFEST CHAIR, KEN JAGLINSKI… Trainfest 2014 planning is well underway, and as the new Trainfest Chair I am excited to share a few of the new items in store for this year’s show. After John Tews announced his retirement as Executive Director of Trainfest in January, I was honored to receive the nomination from the WISE Division to be the next Trainfest Committee Chair. On behalf of all involved with the WISE Division of the NMRA and Trainfest, I would like to thank John for all his years devoted to Trainfest and the model railroading hobby.

“New in 2014, train fans of all ages will be able to run trains.” As a Trainfest exhibitor in the demonstration area, I have enjoyed being a part of this show which showcases the best of the model railroading hobby. It has become a great ambassador of the hobby not only for model railroad enthusiasts, but also for inspiring the next generation of model railroaders. For myself model railroading has been a very rewarding lifetime hobby. What sold me on trains all those years ago was the first time I operated an electric train. This year I want to share that experience. New in 2014, train fans of all ages will be able to run trains. I have invited the railroad exhibitors to allow adults and kids (five and up) to operate their trains and the response has been phenomenal.

Trainfest has always provided the unique opportunity for the present and the future of model railroading to come together. I am looking forward to working on the show and continuing the tradition of growth for Trainfest and the hobby–bringing both to an even higher level.

MEET THE NEW TRAINFEST CHAIR Ken is a lifetime model railroader and NMRA member for over 20 years; his HO scale railroad the Ashland, Superior and Pacific (AS&P) has been featured in the NMRA publication, Scale Rails. In his time with the WISE Division, Ken has served as assistant paymaster and assistant superintendent. As the co-chair for the 2010 National Convention, Ken handled all articles for publication, the opening picnic, and catering for the bus trips. Interested in getting involved with Trainfest or have a question about the show? Contact Ken at

TRAINFEST EXPRESS HOPPER Big things are happening for Trainfest 2014, and quickly too! This year we are introducing the Trainfest EXPRESS Hopper—a quick at-a-glance update on all things Trainfest. As With EXPRESS, it is sent free via email as a PDF or can be viewed on the Trainfest website in an interactive, online paging-style format. You can also print out the pages or articles you desire. Stay tuned for more show updates!

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Ken Jaglinski – Trainfest Committee Chair Harry Grieshaber – Floor Director Bob Henderson – Show Office Director Mike Carlson – Onsite Promotions Cedor Aronow – Security Bob Sherman – Trainfest Treasurer Joe Russ – WISE Division Supt. Terry Thompson – HMA-MRD Advisor Mercury Communications – Advertising Agency John Tews, MMR – Advisor

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