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The Trained Canine

The Trained Canine  The Trained Canine provides the finest in-home dog training in northern New Jersey. Our goal is to help

every dog we work with become your best friend for life. Sharing your home with a dog should be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have, but it's not always easy - we can help!  No More Frustration  If you ask yourself these kinds of questions...  Why does he continue to soil my home?  When will she stop jumping up on everyone she meets?  How do I get her to stop pulling when we go for a walk?  Just what will it take before he pays attention to me and reliably does what I ask?  ...We know the answers!  No More Worries  If you have a dog that displays aggression or anxiety your concerns are different.You worry if Buddy might bite

or injure somebody. Or you've noticed that Bella is frequently on edge and can't seem to relax in some situations, whether it's around new people or in new places. Either way, you can tell your dog is not happy and you're not either.

Obedience Training  The Basic Training program consists of four weekly

lessons. We will cover these subjects:   Establishing the proper rapport and relationship with you

as the benevolent leader  Walking in a well behaved manner on leash  Standard Commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Come & Drop It)  How to address common behavior problems  Teaching your dog to be able to resist distraction and stay

focused on you.

Problem Behaviors &  Aggression  Dogs can present us with all types of unwanted behaviors:

        Eliminating inside  Ceaseless barking  Jumping  Destructive chewing  Nipping & Biting  More challenging are dogs that have what could be

referred to as personality disorders or emotional disturbances. These are dogs that display aggression, nervousness & anxiety, or a mixture of both. Such dogs are potentially dangerous to you, your family and your friends.  Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or phobias are included in this category.

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Obedience training