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Interactive Classroom Project - a first for Thailand. by Andrew Richard Stenning

At the Triam School Foundation we have confidence in education; we believe that with this great tool children’s lives can be transformed. We have a vision that is an umbrella for all children, as we want children with special needs to achieve their potential and live the lives they want to live. The heart of our foundation is to help children with education; we are working in conjunction with Triam Suksa School Soi Dao in Thailand. The location of this school is very important to us, as it boarders with Cambodia and according to the UN's Human Development Index up to one million children on Thailand’s boarders are without education and very limited health care. Successive governments have invested very well in the wellbeing of children in Thailand. However, huge disparities remain and the great benefits of economic progress have not been shared by all. So if you are in a minority group your chances of a

happy future here are a little restricted. We are building a safety net for these kids. We are a mainstream Thai school that educates children from 3 - 18 years old. The school now takes in children with special needs, as we understand the value of education and the benefits that it brings. The School is privileged to help children towards a purposeful young adulthood - It has a values - centered curriculum for all students of which we have 1300. Triam Suksa School is a happy and vibrant community where children and young people flourish as we try and teach in creative ways so the children enjoy learning. Also we are very proud of our English Programme and understand the importance of the English language in contemporary Thai society and culture as Thailand joins the Asean community in 2015,


An earth ship is a type of passive solar house made of natural and recycled materials. Designed and marketed by Earth ship Biotecture of Taos, New Mexico Page 1



About our classroom Earth ship

Earthships are radically sustainable buildings made with recycled materials. Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide solar power, catchwater, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production.

An earth ship is a type of passive solar house made of natural and recycled materials. Designed and marketed by Earth ship Biotecture of Taos, New Mexico, the homes are primarily constructed to work as autonomous buildings and are generally made of earth-filled tires, using thermal mass construction to naturally regulate indoor temperature. They also usually have their own special natural ventilation system. Earth ships are generally Off-the-grid homes, minimizing their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. Earth ships are built to utilize the available local resources, especially energy from the sun. For example, windows on sunfacing walls admit lighting and heating, and the buildings are often horseshoe-shaped to maximize natural light and solargain during winter months. The thick, dense inner walls provide thermal mass that naturally regulates the interior temperature

during both cold and hot outside temperatures. Internal, non-load-bearing walls are often made of a honeycomb of recycled cans joined by concrete and are referred to as tin can walls. These walls are usually thickly plastered with stucco. We would be able to use this as a classroom for our student’s; Thai schools have to do more to teach children about global warming their environment and recycling. The location of our school is in Soi Dao national park , We believe that this building would not only change our student’s thinking, It will also attract a lot of attention and maybe help change Thailand’s thinking. WATCH HOW ITS BUILT Please click on the interactive icon on this page to go to and watch the earthship documentary. Please note this feature only works in ISSUU.COM and will not in PDF format. For PDF viewers please click on the link below. h?v=wTqSpx0Vgv4&feature=re lmfu



VISION A vision of the competed earthship building at our school Triamsuksa Soi Dao

Our plot We have an area of waste land that is just right for our new project.

30x25meters The area of this land measures 30 x 25 meters. The whole area could be developed with beautiful landscaping.

The Vision



Design for the environment Earthship Design Principles


1) Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate. The planet Earth is a thermally stabilizing mass that delivers temperature without wires or pipes. The sun is a nuclear power plant that also delivers without the need for wires and pipes. 2) Solar & Wind Electricity Earthships produce their own electricity with a prepackaged photovoltaic/wind power system. This energy is stored in batteries and supplied to your electrical outlets. Earthships can have multiple sources of power, all automated, including grid-intertie

Thailand is large producer of natural rubber; the earthship building uses old lorry and car tyres in its construction.

3) Contained Sewage Treatment Earthships contain, use and reuse all household sewage in indoor and outdoor treatment cells resulting in food production and landscaping with no pollution of aquifers. Toilets flush with greywater that does not smell. 4) Building with Natural & Recycled Materials House as assemblage of by-products: A sustainable home must make use of indigenous materials, those occurring naturally in the local area. 5) Water Harvesting Earthships catch water from the sky and use it four times. Water is heated from the sun. 6) Food Production Earthship wetlands, the planters that hold hundreds of gallons of water are a great place for raising some of the fresh produce you’d like to eat.

To look at Earthship Brighton click on the black icon or this link

Crop production inside the building. tch?v=9WvOYa9hs8k


Mission statement The Classroom in context to our school and education Triam School Foundation wants to reach out to students who have been traditionally overlooked and underencouraged in all aspects of education. We want to open new doors of opportunity by engaging and mentoring students through (in this case) engaging science education and leadership development programmes that provide a real life context for learning. The students experience Thailand’s natural world, increase their academic science skills, become involved in their neighborhoods and get exposure to careers in the field of natural resources. We also want to involve our community and encourage workshops and fieldtrips to our environmental classroom.

Mission Environmental learning for kids cultivates passion in science, leadership, and service in a community of learners.

Vision Our vision is a world in which people are caretakers of themselves, each other and the natural world around them.

Values Life-long learning, diversity and inclusion, direct experience in the outdoors and the development of human potential.

Focus Areas 1). The interactive classroom introduces underserved children to Thailand’s natural resources. 2). It immerses children in science education, career development, and mentoring. 3). It invests in developing children and engaged citizens, while cultivating a strong educational value to ensure high school and college graduation.



We need your help! Vision without action is a daydream Action without vision is a nightmare. To achieve our classroom plan we are seeking financial contributions from those who would like to see our students have a higher level of education and make a greater contribution to Thailand’s development. We are seeking donations from individuals and companies. As part of this, all contributors will be recognized in our role of honour and your company will be prominently displayed outside our school which is a public area in Soi Dao, We can also offer free of charge, 5 advertising slots a day of 3 minutes on Soi Dao’s local radio station 91.25fm for 6 months. The total cost of our interactive classroom is (for the basic build) – 450.000 Thai Baht, with add on's the final figure we are looking for help with is 650.000 Thai Baht. I myself was involved in such a building project while I was studying at Brighton University in England and the media response was enormous. Please also remember that this building project is a first for Thailand. Any interested parties can contact us via our Emails – You can contact me directly (Andrew Stenning) at or you can contact our foundation at or go to our Facebook page or website. Thank you.

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We are in Soi Dao which is 66km north of Chanthaburi.Soi Dao is easy accessible by car or bus from Bangkok. The distance from Bangkok to Soi Dao is 280 km. Our address is 399M.1 Saiklao, Soi Dao, Chanthaburi, Thailand, 22/80 Contact emails


Interactive science classroom  

Our presentation for funding of our new interactive classroom