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At the Triam School Foundation we have confidence in education; we believe that with this great tool children’s lives can be transformed. We have a vision that is an umbrella for all children, as we want children with special needs to achieve their potential.

Education is a child’s right, not a privilege,

providing the help children need to learn and participate in meaningful ways is what we work towards for all children, sometimes help from friends or teachers works best, and in our school we need to be flexible to help take down barriers that may be linked to ethnicity, gender, social status, poverty or disability. We have success and failure, but the school will hold by the values of inclusive education and continue to drive towards helping those kids that need extra help. We now have around 400 children that need that extra help, some come from disadvantaged backgrounds and some have special learning needs which range in severity. In the last month our school has taken in 120 new kids - they have free education and food and for those that can't afford it - free transport to school too. We do need help!

Location The heart of our foundation is to help children with education; we are working in conjunction with Triam Suksa School Soi Dao in Thailand. The location of this school is very important to us, as it borders with Cambodia and according to the UN's Human Development Index up to one million children on Thailand’s boarders are without education and very limited health care. Successive governments have invested very well in the wellbeing of children in Thailand. However, huge disparities remain and the great benefits of economic progress have not been shared by all. So if you are in a minority group your chances of a happy future here are a little restricted. We are building a safety net for these kids.

A great deal of our children have special needs as our school believes in inclusive education. We also believe that education in Thailand can be enhanced with the help of the private sector providing goods and services, and not just cash donations. Our last project proved this point perfectly, with the help of Movers and Shakers in Bangkok we were able to provide a playground for our younger children at our school which has enhanced many lives and the donation went 100 percent to those it was intended for.

Our next project was conceived after I read these statistics from the Institute of Health Research, at Chulalongkorn University . Drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged one year and over in Thailand, causing nearly 2,650 deaths every year. Drowning caused almost half (46 per cent) of all child deaths in the 1-4 age group. On top of these figures, some 3,000 children nearly drown every year. Most drowning occurs in rural areas, during the day, when mothers are busy with housework or other chores and the unsupervised child unexpectedly wanders away. More than half (56 per cent) of all drowning deaths occur within 100 meters of the child’s home. Reducing child drowning requires developing ways to increase close adult supervision as well as reducing access to drowning hazards close to home. This could be by using play pens or door barriers for very young children, and fences or other barriers around water bodies for older, more adventurous children. These measures need to be in conjunction with close supervision and swimming lessons.

The swimming pool project at Triam Suksa School is only possible through help from the private sector – It is a chance that our school here in Soi Dao has been very luckily given, Thanks to the enormous help of the Bangkok Charity Orchestra here in Thailand and we will be eternally grateful to them and all those that support us on the 9th of August 2013 for the charity concert at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok. This is our opportunity to grow and share, as we as a school have been given this opening we want to give back and share are experience with other schools and education bodies in Thailand to shed some light on this huge – but not new (just unrecognized) problem of child fatalities through drowning.


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