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April 2010

TTT kicks off with pre-festival

Mattie Mitchell Walk/Run, May 2 See page 3 for details

May 14 to 23, 2010

Welcome to Our New E-newsletter Design Lynn Samms

I can’t believe that I have lived in Newfoundland for over twenty-five years and I have never heard the stories about Mattie Mitchell or the tales that he told. It took joining the Trails, Tales & Tunes family to whet my interest in the festival and what it really stands for. As I set out on the task of trying to create a new look for our e-newsletter, I stumbled across some very interesting reading. I am sure there are many like myself who are not in the know because our jobs and lifestyles don’t require us to have knowledge about the history in our area. However, I’m embarrassed to say

Some of the Performers... Our exciting Festival Line-up includes the following artists:



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New Look For Our Newsletter  2010 Performer Photos


Featured Profile: The Once  2010 Performer Photos


Calendar of Events





continued from page 1 that I didn’t even know that Mattie Mitchell was a man, (all these years I thought Mattie was short for Mathilda), even after completing a tourism course in 1989 with the Corona Institute that specifically taught the participants details about Gros Morne National Park. It is my hope that I can enlighten others with some of the information I’ve discovered, making them curious enough to want to learn about the events of our local past and partake of the festivities of Trails, Tales & Tunes. I for one will be doing my part to ensure that my children and the next generation won’t be quite as ignorant as I have been.


Profile of The Once The Once is made up of three accomplished performers who came together in 2008 to produce beautiful harmonies. Phil Churchill, Andrew Dale, and Geraldine Hollett are all experienced actors and musicians. Their talents shine on their debut CD, The Once, which won them four awards at the Music NL awards in 2009, including Group of the Year and Album of the Year. We can't seem to get enough of them around here: they played in Norris Point last year as part of Gros Morne Summer Music, and they will appear later this summer at Writers at Woody Point. And we are delighted to have them included in our line-up of performers at this Year's Trails Tales & Tunes. 



CALENDAR OF EVENTS SPECIAL EVENT MATTIE MITCHELL WALK PLACE: START AT THE JENNIEX HOUSE AND FINISH AT THE MATTIE MITCHELL SITE. ND TIME: SUNDAY, MAY 2 AT 11:00 AM. This 10 km walk is an annual, pre-festival event which celebrates spring and commemorates one of our early pioneers, Mattie Mitchell. th

Come and join us for our 4 annual Mattie Mitchell walk. Be sure to dress for the weather and wear proper footwear.

Matthew “Mattie” Mitchell lived his life on the west coast of Newfoundland between the mid-1800s and 1921. A Mi’kmaw-Montagnais prospector and guide, Mattie lived an interesting life. Some of the stories about his life can be found here:

In the Footsteps of Mattie Mitchell poster shown above and photo shown below have been used with the permission of the artist. © Charlotte L. Richardson All Rights Reserved. M a t t h e

For those who require assisted seating at festival events, please contact the Trails, Tales & Tunes Office at 458-3399. Remember, we will require advance notice in order to facilitate your needs.

“ M a t t i e ” M i t

Testimonials Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to visit your community and experience the first two nights of Trails Tales & Tunes. What a great group of residents and talent and what a great job administrating the program. I trust that the remainder of the event was as outstanding. Hopefully we can make it there again. David and Tracy Bowers, Tourists, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The amazing Tales Trails & Tunes Festival in Norris Point/Gros Morne is 10 days of magic. Sherry Ryan, Musician, St. John’s, NL

TTT was a wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing weekend. You should be very proud of your creation and your superb organisation. Others will try to copy what you have started but it will be challenging to meet the quality of the TTT experience. I hope you and your Committee have had some time to relax and recover from your hard work. I hope you find some satisfaction in knowing that we all enjoyed it so much and are saying good things about TTT to everyone we know. Paul Dean, NSG, St. John’s NL

This event is exactly what the traveller is looking for. It is authentic exposure to culture and heritage and a perfect opportunity to mingle with the local people. The range of activities offers something for everyone. Rogier Gruys Product Specialist Canadian Tourism Commission.

What a wonderful time at Trails, Tales and Tunes. Our thanks to all of you for taking care of us and helping us in so many ways. Congratulations to all on another fantastic festival! I have so many wonderful extraordinary memories of the event. Francesca Swann Producer, CBC Musicraft

Trails Tales & Tunes is a wonderful festival of sights and sounds, and warm people. Randall Arsenault(Dr. Zoo) Musician St. John’s, NL

I'm very happy to have discovered Trails, Tales & Tunes first-hand. Out-of-province visitors I spoke with, told me they plan their vacation around the Trails, Tales & Tunes event, and they love the scenery of Norris Point. Nellie Strowbridge, Writer, Pasadena, NL

Volume 7  

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