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Nashville, TN August 11-14, 2016 Find out more and register now!

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One of our 15 Core Values is “Volunteer-Driven�. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Trail Life USA. Our support system, therefore, is delivered by trained, knowledgeable, qualified volunteers. Here are the levels of Troop Leader Support for Trail Life USA. Challenge yourself to find the resource you need before moving on to the next level!

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Trail Life USA Troop Charter Organizations that also charter an American Heritage Girl Troop are eligible for $100 in total rebates--$50 back from each organization once both Troops are chartered. Once chartered, email your AHG Charter Certificate to to request your TLUSA rebate. Please note that member registrations are separate and individuals volunteering for both Troops will need to register for membership with both TLUSA and AHG.

Upcoming Calendar Dates 2017

2016 Jul 10-16 Aug 11-14 Sep 1-14 Sep 28 Oct 14-16 Nov Dec

Summer Adventure, Glorieta, NM Parent and Leader Convention, Nashville, TN Join the Trail Recruitment Drive See You at the Pole Prayer Event* EQUIP First Generation, Camp Aiken, SC Operation Christmas Child ALL IN Member Inventory*

Jan 1 Jan Jan 27 Apr-Jun May 4 Jun Jun 25 Jun/Jul Sep 27 Oct Nov Dec

Trail Life USA Anniversary Sunday Service to Charter Organization* Celebrate Life/March for Life* Area Team Training Events National Day of Prayer* Service to the Community* Trail Life USA Founding Sunday Summer Adventures See You at the Pole Prayer Event* EQUIP First Generation Operation Christmas Child ALL IN Member Inventory*

*Ribbon award opportunity

Is your Troop receiving leads from interested families, but they live too far away to plug in to your Troop? Please contact your Point Man to share the interested family’s information. Your Point Man will follow up and perhaps connect them with others in the area who are interested in starting a Troop.

RESENDING REGISTRATION LINKS Troop level registration links: the person(s) with the member privilege in the Troop have two resend options that are accessed from the Manage>Members>User Accounts screen. There is a reset password link on the right that will do the trick, or in the second column from the left, there is a user account name. They can give the applicant that and send them to to login with the “I forgot my password� option.

Area Team registration link: located in the Point Man Pages>Documents>How to Invite your Area Team members.

TRAIL TRACKS Is your Troop Thrivin’ Strivin’ Or Survivin’?


CORs, the COR Initiative resources are located in the TroopTrack Leader Pages under Troop Committee.

How a Troop is




is a new diagram that clearly explains our Core Value of Church Owned and Operated.


exist because of the Charter Organization’s commitment to their Troop ministry. The Charter




churches) in the TLUSA program do not merely allow the organization to use space to meet in their building. The Charter Organization is expected to own and operate the Troop through selecting its adult leaders, integrating the Troop into the life of the church, and by involving the boys in mission trips, service projects and/or other ministry or ceremonial purposes. Each Charter Organization influences its Troop differently, but is encouraged to take ownership of the Troop as an active part of its ministry offerings to the members of the church and/or the community at large.

The Intercessory Prayer Volunteer Committee is committed to praying and lifting up needs and praises. To submit prayer requests, please complete the form at this link. This information will be considered confidential and only shared with the Intercessory Prayer Volunteer Committee and Home Office staff of Trail Life USA.

Nearby Attractions: Climb Blue Ridge 1 hour Green River Cove Tubing 1.5 hours Linville Caverns 2.5 hours Sliding Rock 2 hours The Gorge Zipline 1.25 hours Swamp Rabbit Trail less than 1 hour Greenville County Rec less than 1 hour (Swimming, Waterparks)

EQUIP Training events are THE way to train Trail Life USA Troop leadership. EQUIP Events are comprehensive hands-on training for Trail Life USA adult leaders. Training is focused on the specifics of Troop operations, providing valuable and practical information that leaders can use in the day-to-day execution of their local program. Attendees learn together in a patrol setting, camping and eating together during the course of a structured weekend that incorporates classes on Outdoor Skills, Youth Mentorship, Troop Resources, Troop Weekly Meetings, and Troop Volunteer Service. “Next generation” EQUIP Events take place all around the country and are hosted by Point Men and Leaders who have been trained and equipped at EQUIP events at Camp Aiken. Leaders who attend “first generation” events at Camp Aiken commit to hosting and leading a local “next generation” event to train leaders in their local Area. Please plan to plug in and encourage local Troop leaders to do the same. Contact your Point Man for more information about EQUIP. You can find your Point Man contact information in TroopTrack on the dropdown list under the Communicate button.

Sept. 8-11, 2016 Princeton, TX Oct. 7-9, 2016 Voorheesville, NY Oct. 14-16, 2016* Belton, SC

Next Ron Orr Next Jim Evans First Buddy Hosier

Click these links for registration information of EQUIP events at Camp Aiken in October: 

First Generation EQUIP 4 More


*Please note date change

Are Trailmen allowed to participate in setting up signs or passing out flyers for presidential candidates? No, That would be endorsing a candidate which our policy does not allow. (See emboldened and underlined language below.) Trail Life USA encourages its members to be good citizens and to engage and participate in the political process. However, all Trail Life USA employees and members must ensure that their political activities and contributions are conducted as private individuals and do not appear to represent the opinion of Trail Life USA, being mindful that Trail Life USA does not, through its governing body or through any of its officers, its charter organizations, or members, endorse any particular political party or any specific political candidate. Under the policies of Trail Life USA, with the permission of their charter organization Trail Life Troops, youth and adult members may appear in uniform at a nonpartisan and nonpolitical gathering in a way that gives them the opportunity to render service in harmony with the values and beliefs of Trail Life USA, including flag ceremonies at civic events and political gatherings provided that those events are consistent with TLUSA’s Statement of Faith and Values. However, because Trail Life USA and virtually all of its charter organizations are 501(c)(3) organizations, members are required to avoid involving Trail Life USA or

their charter organizations in any activity that has the appearance of endorsing any political candidate or advocating on behalf of a candidate. (This specifically includes not campaigning or passing out campaign literature for any candidate or party while wearing any apparel referencing Trail Life USA.) Trailmen and their leaders may participate in single-

issue or social advocacy events or activities in uniform that promote Biblical values, such as the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. Outside of Trail Life USA, each member is free as an individual to express his or her thoughts or take action on political matters or on behalf of specific political candidates, but must not use Trail Life USA’s official uniforms, logos, brand or materials when doing so. The health and safety of all Trail Life USA members should always be considered in discerning involvement in any such activities or events.

  

Getting the Word Out This quarterly newsletter is just one way the Home Office seeks to share knowledge and to empower volunteers. Communication also occurs via broadcast email, webinars, videos, phone, blog posts, forum posts, Twitter, Facebook (main page, Join the Trail page, forum group, Point Man group, Regional Team Leader group), websites (TLUSA main site, TLUSA store, Join the Trail), the TroopTrack Leader Pages, and in person at events like the Parent and Leader Convention this August.

Trail Life USA offers two official MEMBER FORUMS. One is accessed via the TroopTrack Leader Pages. This forum has been designed by, and is moderated by, experienced and knowledgeable TLUSA member volunteers. It was created as a resource to help all adult TLUSA members and parents to interact and support one another as described in the TLUSA Levels of Support. Troop and Area members can benefit from sharing knowledge and ideas. All users are Trail Life USA adult members and/or parents who are verified upon sign in. The other is a Facebook private group entitled Trail Life USA Official Forum. It is also for members and requires an invitation. Please email with your Facebook name to request an invitation.


As a part of TroopTrack

Troop access, only the COR, or whoever he has given the Manage Members privilege to, can deactivate members who are no longer involved with TLUSA. He/they can deactivate members who are no longer participating by clicking on their name on the User Account screen (under Manage/ Members), and then clicking Deactivate on the gray name bar. To check the list of deactivated members, or to reactivate a current member, go to the Deactivated list (also under Manage/Members).

2016 National Collection Week November 14-21 Find out more HERE

TroopTrack Calendar Notifications: The TroopTrack default calendar view for each Troop is "Events a family member has been invited to." If someone was not invited to an event, the event will not appear on their calendar, unless they change the view to ALL events. Each user can change their view to "All Events" by clicking the little ball icon on the calendar screen. Each Troop can change for all Troop users by the Troop leader with the "Manage troop settings" privilege. Go to Manage/Settings/Edit Troop Settings, clicking on the "TroopTrack Settings" tab, and then selecting "All Events" from the drop down menu under the "Default calendar view for all users" field.

2016 07 01 Trailman Post  
2016 07 01 Trailman Post