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Bob Kinford The Gourmet Cowboy

Dutch Oven Omelet Make a level place for the Dutch oven

Light a fire using wood or charcoal

Mix ingredients— eggs, cream, ham, green chile Bob Kinford, a resident of Van Horn volunteered his time to be a part of our Texas Mountain Trail foodways project with the statewide non-profit organization, Texas Folklife. Their “A Place at the Table” documents heritage foodways in the state of Texas!

Put custard mixture into pan

Place pan in hot Dutch oven, let it bake and‌..

Come and get it!

Bob is a prize winner in Van Horn’s Annual Pecan Dessert Contest, which is held in the historic Hotel El Capitan

His winning entry —Orange Pecan Pie—is in his cookbook, The Gourmet Cowboy.

Bob is teaches low stress stockmanship and holistic grazing without extra fencing. He is also a cowboy humorist and advocate for agriculture.

The Texas Mountain Trail is a regionally-based 501 c 3 non-profit organization serving travelers and communities in the six westernmost counties of Far West Texas. Visit us at

Bob Kinford Gourmet Cowboy