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Browse a Huge Range of Drawer Runners and Slides Available Online There is a large selection in industrial hardware with global suppliers whose customers are from the USA, the UK and New Zealand among several others. These suppliers specialize in the supply of fixtures for varied applications like agricultural, industrial, marine, vehicle and many more. The core product line for these premier suppliers includes products such as drawer runners and drawer slides, besides locks & handles, vehicle drawer systems and foam & rubber seals as well as gas struts, rubber and carpet matting and tool boxes. These global companies supply only quality products and this supply is never behind schedule. Because of their vast experience in the industry, one can rest assured of receiving the best advice regarding the selection of the correct product for the task at hand.

Get Exclusive Range in Offered Hardware Products Several options exist when you wish to place an order for a certain product while browsing the website of these global suppliers. From them, you can get fasteners like Anti Luce Fasteners, Door Hold Backs, and Catch Plates, Heavy Duty Over Center fasteners, over center fasteners, rubber bonnet fasteners, spring bolts and tie downs. Similarly, in the case of hinges, one can select from among continuous hinge also known as piano hinge, concealed hinge, Pintle hinge, PVC hinge, Rear fixing hinge, strap hinge, truck door hinge and weld on bullet hinge. Similarly, when you opt for the purchase of drawer slides and drawer runners, there is a huge range available in these products as well. The large range covers both the side mounting telescopic drawer slides and base mounting drawer runners. These global suppliers of repute supply light, medium and heavy duty drawer slides in lengths from 250mm up to 2000mm. Several drawer runners are available in both locking and non-locking styles. You can also purchase drawer slides in both the zinc plated and stainless steel finishes.

Variants in Drawer Slides - Non Locking & Locking The non-locking type of telescopic drawer slides has several applications. These drawer slides are available as three-piece full extension as well as two-piece 80% extension drawer runners. These drawer slides commonly

have a locking handle on the face of the drawer. The locking variant drawer slides on the other hand are used in the caravan industry as well as the camping and 4wd industry. The lockable drawer slides are available in different weight ratings. These include light, medium and heavy duty. The drawer runners lock at 100% and 0% extension. For more information :

Browse a Huge Range of Drawer Runners and Slides Available Online