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Get Quality Cargo Drawers and 4wd Drawers from Top Supplier Today it is possible for any industry to procure top quality industrial hardware quickly, at reasonable rates and in large volumes. Offered parts include not only drawer runners and drawer systems, cargo drawers and 4wd drawers but also fasteners, foam and rubber seals besides gas struts, hinges, locks and handles as well as matting, adhesives, aluminium toolboxes, LED lighting and doors and windows for caravans. One can also place an order for automotive water tanks and products for ventilation. Vehicle Drawer Systems in Different Categories There are global suppliers that offer best quality 4x4 cargo drawers and modular drawer systems. These are very convenient products since the units are available in the pre-built condition and are ready to go. All you need to do is to drive up, have them bolted down onto your 4wd, canopy or caravan and just drive away with the 4wd drawers fitted. The premier global suppliers introduce a new line in vehicle drawer systems only after analysing the systems available both within the country and in countries outside. These top suppliers meet the requirements of industrial hardware in countries that include the United States, the UK and New Zealand among several others. Excellent 4wd Cargo Drawer Systems Available From the global suppliers one can procure excellent quality 4wd cargo drawer systems that are great for vehicle drawer fit-outs on 4x4s and vans or canopies among others. These modular drawer systems are the perfect solution to all of your vehicle storage problems. Their excellent features include robust construction from light weight 2.5mm thick aluminium. There is the provision of carpeted timber front. The drawer system is fitted with key lockable paddle handle that allows the drawer to be slammed shut. One can mount the units side by side or stack them one on top of the other as per requirement. The units are supplied without tops. However, there is enough carpet in case one wishes to put on a lid and wings. Each of these drawers can quite easily support 100kg of weight provided this weight is spread evenly. Modular Drawer Systems There are different types of modular drawer systems available such as Trade (325mm H) and Standard (225mm). Both these 4wd drawers are ideal for vehicle fit-outs and other applications besides being the perfect solution to your specific requirements concerning vehicle storage. These are made from laser cut galvanised sheeting. In both the cases, the features include the provision of carpeted timber front and key lockable paddle handle that allows the drawer to be slammed shut.

Get Quality Cargo Drawers and 4wd Drawers from Top Supplier