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When I joined Trail Blazers’ Board of Trustees in 2010, it was a passionate, albeit small, organization that focused on delivering its unique Overnight Camp experience to approximately 300 campers a summer. I’m proud and excited to share that this year, we engaged over 2700 campers across Overnight Camp, Day Camp, School Break Camp, Under One Sky After School, Under One Sky Internship, and Under One Sky Recess. And we are on track to engage even more children next year! There are many highlights this year that stand out. One that sticks with me is that over 90% of our campers developed critical skills that will help them to thrive. Another is that we were able to provide campers with $1,000,000 in scholarships this year! Looking back on the past decade, I can’t help but be amazed by Trail Blazers’ growth and increased impact. But what amazes me the most is the one thing that has not changed: the dedicated passion for delivering uniquely impactful experiences that

enticed me to join the board so many years ago. I am privileged to serve at Trail Blazers, a feeling I share with my Co-Chair, Marc Hyman, and the rest of the Board of Trustees. We are grateful for Trail Blazers’ team, 11 yearround staff and 100 seasonal staff, who work to ensure that our campers have high-quality and enriching experiences that help them build skills and values for life. We are also grateful for our supporters, including our donors, alumni, and program partners, without whom Trail Blazers’ work would not be possible. Our success is your success. Hugh Babowal Co-Chair

Marc Hyman Co-Chair

Each time I look back at another year gone by at Trail Blazers, I am amazed at what has been accomplished in one year. This year is no different. Fueled by a group of staff and board members who burst at the seams with energy and dedication to our mission, Trail Blazers’ program growth to support more campers each year is impressive, but no surprise.

social awareness, goal-directed behavior, positive community engagement and stewardship, that are known collectively as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and are proven to help young people thrive and succeed. We are reminded that Trail Blazers’ program model has uniquely fostered these skills for over 130 years and continues to do so, guided by continual youth development research.

This year, we recognized it was important to think strategically about the next 100 years and to prepare Trail Blazers for continued excellence in youth service. We have begun to frame the next five years in an ambitious and focused Strategic Plan guided by our mission and our young people’s needs. At the end of January 2020, we will present these plans. The ideas at the heart of Trail Blazers work—going outside, play, diversity, and access— continue to be both timely and timeless.

We look forward to 100 more years of excellence in youth service and this year we are building critical steps for ensuring this success. We look forward to keeping you abreast of updates and to your input and support. There is a bright future ahead for the next generation of Trail Blazers campers and, together, we will ensure they have the skills and values they need to thrive.

We will continue to take pride in how we help young people Build Skills and Values for Life. Skills and values such as self-management, persistence,

Riel Peerbooms, MSW Executive Director

Young people, Grades PreK-12, engaged this year

In scholarships given to Trail Blazers programs

Percentage of young people who demonstrate statistically significant growth in at least one socialemotional skill that will help them to thrive, including: Positive Identity, Contribution, Self Management, Academic Self-Efficacy / Mastery Orientation, Social Skills, and Social Capital

Through our portfolio of summer and year-round programs, Trail Blazers helps young people learn and grow, preparing youth to thrive, succeed, and have a positive impact. 21st Century Skills (self-management, self-advocacy, creativity, initiative, responsibility, follow-through) and academic skills such as information seeking

Social-emotional skills and values such as empathy, compassion, respect, and conflict resolution Skills/values that enable us to care for others on a community scale and leave a positive impact such as collaboration, citizenship, and leadership STEM knowledge, attitudes, and skills and outdoor survival skills such as Leave No Trace principles

The skills developed in our programs, collectively known as Social Emotional Learning Skills (SEL), are demonstrated to have long term impact on youth. When Trail Blazers provides programming that helps a young person develop SEL skills, we are directly and measurably contributing to their long term success in life. “SEL will prepare today’s students for this evolving workplace, with consequent benefits for individuals, businesses, the economy and society.” “The best employee teams show a ‘range of soft skills.’ Among those were equality, generosity, curiosity towards the ideas of your teammates, empathy, and emotional intelligence.”

Fostering a love of nature is essential in today’s world

We value learning spaces inclusive of all socio-economic and demographic backgrounds where youth and families know they belong

We know that free play and exploration offer youth essential opportunities to develop interests and build positive social connections

We believe in the plain joy that comes from discovering something new about the world and from persevering to develop new skills

Now more than ever we value unplugging from our devices and connecting face to face

Staff are central to the Trail Blazers experience; our team of caring adults is what lifts our program and ensures we are living our values every day

Outdoor education and SEL development should be available to all

133 summers and counting! At Mashipacong Estate, challenges such as rock climbing, learning to swim in Lake Mashipacong, harvesting vegetables and tending to chickens at Farmstead, taking off the training wheels to bike on the trails for the first time, and successfully building the perfect campfire helped campers build skills, values, and memories for life! “Trail Blazers helped in many aspects that has positively changed the mindset of my child. I’ve attended this camp when I was younger and one thing that I believe hasn’t changed is the love and respect that comes from all staff and campers.” - Parent & Alumna


Campers in Grades 6+ who grew in at least one so cia lemotional skill


Campers in Grades 6+ who grew in three or mo r e socialemotional skills


Campers in Grades 3-5 who grew/maintained baselines in at least one social emotional skill

For our youngest campers, it was a summer filled with orienteering, wi ldli fe identification, gardening, recycling, s’more making, nature crafts, swimming, catching fish and tadpoles, and learning to take care of ourselves and each other. And countless camp songs as we hiked through the trails at Prospect Park and Mashipacong Estate, our mini vagabonds! “My child notices things out in nature in a new way and points them out to me. We also love the Trail Blazers camp songs, and sing them all the time!” - Parent

% At six elementary schools in Brooklyn, our campers (all Trail Blazers participants are campers!) are connecting to and learning about nature in the city. Each semester concludes with a project campers design and implement themselves as a smallcamp. Spring highlights include: Creating a worm farm to compost food items and reduce food waste that would end up in the land fill.

Of parents are satisfied


Collecting donations of old clothing and upcycling them by making dog toys to donate to a local animal shelter. Improving the school community garden, including a trash audit and organizing a yard clean up; placing birdfeeders; testing the acidity of the soil; planting daisies, geraniums, black-eyed susans, marigolds, sunflowers, and tulips; and creating signs to educate visitors about what is growing and why the specific plants are important.

Campers in Grades 3-5 who grew or maintained baselines in at least one social emotional skill

Campers who gained environmental science knowledge and stewardship skills

Co me ou tside and play ! Addressing a need for outdoororiented and play -based programming during the school day, Recess is currently engaging campers at three elementary schools in Brooklyn.

Our Play Coaches use Trail Blazers songs and games to foster a sense of community and connection and help youth to develop essential social-emotional skills. Campers return to the classroom settled and ready to learn, increasing teachers’ instruction time.

This spring, 12 high school juniors and seniors learned how to use play, art, and environmental science to engage and support children.

The interns built skills through workshops covering first job basics, communication with children and work supervisors, child engagement skills (including Trail Blazers camp songs and games), and resumes and interviewing. They gained real-world experience using these skills to support Trail Blazers staff in After School! This program was especially significant because our After School children were able to see teens from our community in positive leadership positions.

When school is out, camp is in! The school breaks are perfect for campers to connect with nature and connect with each other! At Day Camp in Brooklyn, we explored the seasons in Prospect Park. One highlight was our Spring Break Camp and our partnership with Dear Tomorrow. As the break coincided with Earth Day, it was a great opportunity to explore the ways we impact our environment and how we can be better stewards. At Overnight Camp at Mashipacong Estate, we went on nature scavenger hunts, sledded in the snow, and learned to build the perfect fire. Of course, ending the day around a roaring fire in the Great Hall, like generations of Trail Blazer campers before us, is the best part of Winter and Spring Camp.

An alumni tradition of wrapping up the summer with one more campout at Mashipacong Estate with our camp family. This year, 60 campers of all ages enjoyed a weekend of outdoor fun including archery, cookouts, fishing, song, and sleeping under the stars in the canvas tents.

Zipporah Najar was awarded Camp Brooklyn Fund’s “Happy Camper” award and a $1000 college scholarship at their Gala, where she spoke about the TBC experiences that helped her start her mentoring organization, Lipstick: It’s those bonds and relationships that I experienced with people like Dahlia [my Group Leader] at camp that led me to realize the importance of strong role models in young people’s lives and to start my own organization to connect young women of potential with women of prominence in mentorship. Along the way, I have learned how challenging founding an organization could be but the skills and attitudes I developed through being a part of the Trail Blazers Camp culture have encouraged me to be resilient, remembering that just because something is tough doesn’t mean it’s not worth achieving. I understand that not everyone has the privilege to go to camp and meet people who will become their life-long friends and mentors, and I thank everyone who helped make camp possible for young people like me. We can work to ensure that all young people understand that whatever they strive to be, that they hold that potential inside them and they create their own road map for success. Camp is how I learned to read that map and how hundreds of young people just like me will learn to read theirs too. Thank You.

Contributions Fundraising Benefits (less costs) Trust Fund and Investment Registration Fees Miscellaneous Income

$944,341.00 $68,331.00 $62,953.00 $1,248,964.00 $2,823.00

$623,351.00 $45,489.00 $165,039.00 $922,399.00 $22,316.00

Program Services Management & General Fundraising

$1,940,535.00 $221,994.00 $103,342.00

$1,320,066.00 $113,520.00 $70,361.00


$2,064,764.00 $2,126,305.00

$1,790,117.00 $2,064,764.00

** Note: $300K in-kind contribution recorded for the use of Mashipacong Estate not included here.

It is the generosity of our supporters that enables us to fulfill our mission. On behalf of the thousands of youth we serve each year, we thank the following for their support December 1, 2018 through December 1, 2019. Alumni (former campers and staff) and current camper families are noted with an asterisk.


City of Paterson, NJ SCOPE/Camp Brooklyn/ Camp Bronx

Hugh D. Babowal Brick Presbyterian Church The Hyde & Watson Foundation Keating Crawford Foundation Laura J. Niles Foundation NYC Discretionary Funding The John & Margaret Post Foundation Victoria Foundation

Bouw Family* ConEdison FPWA E.J. Grassmann Trust Cate Harding Marc Hyman JP Morgan Chase & Co. Martha Washington Straus/ Harry Straus Foundation Colleen & Mike Sebra Sidley Austin LLP David Tcholakian Jim Torpey & Marsha Carlin Union Foundation

Kevin Alger Laurin Blumenthal Kleiman & Norman Kleiman

Juanita Barrena* & Sylvia Navarri Bloomberg Philanthropies Rebecca Byam Lauren Catapano Nancy Chung Leon W. Clarke Charitable Trust CMS Audit & Recovery Services LLC Nathaniel Drake Louis Esposito Eversheds Sutherland Anton Finelli, in memory of the Finelli Family* Arthur & Linda Fishelman Tiffany Gallo Jane & Howard Goodman Ryan Goodman Google

Lorraine Greene Lee Memorial Foundation Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy, & Bach, LLP Toni Hover *& Stewart Ketcham John & Mikaila Howie Barry Hyman & Jamie Carmell-Hyman Eamonn Johnston & Alyson Barnes* Anne Jones Anna Krassy* George M. Kunath & Kathleen Shannon Grace Kurdian Joyce Kurdian Langworthy Foundation Erez Levin & Arielle Sigmon Lily Palmer Fry Memorial Trust

Macquarie Group Mertz Gilmore Foundation Thomas & Taleen Nakashian The Arthur & Eileen Newman Family Foundation Gerald & Colette Nolan Frank & Liz Nolan Oppenheimer Funds James Pappas, in memory of the Pappas Family* Patagonia Jeffrey & Eleanor Peris Jonathan & Sari Peris Nihad Rahman & Naureen Kabir Tom Riddleberger* Christopher Sheaffer Lee & Nancy Simonson Eric J. Smith & Adrienne Darcy Maureen Sullivan

Apple Jeffrey & Clodina Babson Roy Ben-Dor Margaret L. Broaddus Ike Budd

Cissie & Paul Citardi CJ Audit, LLC Cynthia* & Paul Clauss John D'Orazio Lee & Melissa Davis Debra Dolph & Diane Schaefer* Chris Costello Tiffanie Fisher Angela Fontana Dominique Gallego Jack & Frances Harris Jean* & James Key David Kreisler Mirna Landrau Sam Lessin Michael & Tara Levy Paul Lubertazzi Louis Milea* Jeffrey & Caroline Miller Catherine Nicholl* Heasung Minjung Park* Kimberly Paulhamus Marshal & Anna Peris Ronald Rasdall, Jr.* Caroline Rostant Lynn Rudolf

Michael Schmidtberger & Margaret Sung Zachariah Schreiber & Esther Brunner* Mark Siegeltuch* Kay Smorto* Jennifer Spiegel John Touhey & Patricia Lowry Joseph & Sheila Yurcik

Phil Baird* William Berkis Dileep Bhat Jay & Molly Broaddus, III Nick Brophy & Sarah-Marie Martin Jacquline Brown-Richardson* Mark Christensen Mark & Stephanie Cripps Suzy Davidkhanian Laura DeSanti Trevor Durham Rick Bowe & Karen Nemeth Alexandra Fine David Fisher Blake Foote

Salil Gandhi Suzanne Graver* Pam Gregory* & David Palladino Ann Grumpelt* Dina Guirguis James Hibbert, Jr. Helen Horsham-Bertels James Hall Diron Jebejian Nick Krassy, Jr. Jill Kubit & Matthew Lamb* Greg Lesniakiewicz Esther Levin Christopher Broder & Maria Lopes Brittany Lowe* Michael Madia Shant & Christine Mardirossian Barry A. Mayo Charlita Mays & Mattjis Limberger* Timothy McAuliffe Anne McQuaid Lloyd & Cassandra Metz Lisa Mitchell* Deborah M. Nolan

Janet Paskin & Jennifer Friedman* Patrick Patterson* Riel Peerbooms & Donielle Lee* Luke Pittoni Patricia Rivera Thomas (TJ) Rumberger Scale Microgrid Solutions David Sherry Doris & Neil Snyder Monica & Jerry Strigle Kate Sullivan* Ted Ufferfilge Dawn Ulley Joshua Walker Nicki Wallhofer* Katherine Wauck Isabelle Wedemeyer

Alan Abizeid Hilary Ackermann Armando Acosta Chris Alter MaryLou Alter Philip Ardell Anne Arenstein & Richard

Sarason Ethan & Rachel Ash Charles & Robin Bach Margaret Baechler Sabrina Bams-Simmond* Michael Barham Lori & Chris Barnes Virgie (VP) Barreras Ivet Bell Warren Berke Virginia Blair George & Prilla Brackett Rick S. Brooke James Buckley George* & Bonita Buddensick Thomas Buddensick* Francine* & Frank Candela Robert China & Tia BreakleyChina* James Cole John P. Colletti* Elizabeth Cornacchio & Anthony Heller Peter Crews Kayma Croker Liburd Michael D'Ingillo Sergio Della Zassa

Rochelle Denipoti Joan Dickie* Arden Dingle Ethan Drake Cynthia Drake Deborah du Boulay Stephen Durkee* EarthShare Rose Emanuele Stephen & Linda Emanuele Yesenia Espinal* Michael Farah Flocabulary Lizanne Fontaine Helena Francus Celeste Frank* & Rick Pangborn Julie Friedberg Sandi & Mike Friedman Samuel & Patty Gilmore* Gloria Greenbaum* Stephen Gruber* Merrily S. Haas* William & Marilyn Hartman Elizabeth Quirk-Hendry Christine Howell Charles Hunt

Jonathan Jefferies Ken Johnson Joan Jones* Jayan Joseph Len Kamdang Erin Kelley Jane F. Kortz* Joy Kubit Jean Kumagai & Robert Mandelbaum* Donna Kurz Alan Lamb Martha Grace (Price) Lawrence* Peter Layton* Samantha Lee & Hugo van Hueven Thomas Leyden Michael Liburd Albion Liburd Kate Liebhold Michael Maggi Marc Howard Paul & Annette Marcus Steven Mark & Lindsey Housman Chelsea Marmor

Kim & Joseph Martens Daniel May Molly McCue Pauline Mcnulty Vincent* & Marie Milea Travis Mock Denny Mui Elizabeth Muscarella Tammy A. Nelson Rea Nolan Martin Katie Olsen Monica Panzani Lauren Parlette Lissa Phillips Michael & Eliza Popper Daniel Ratner David Robertson Maria (Grace) Ruben* Patrick S. Finn Brikena Sadiku Abby Safirstein Suzanne Schaefer* & H. Paul Dennison James P. Simon Colin Sinatro James Soriero Scott Spencer

Victoria Stein Appolonia Thomas* Amy Thut* & Gregory Imbur Geraldine Tricarico* Maria Celina Trzepacz* Anahid Ugurlayan Nidhi Varma Hovig R. Vartan Noam Waltuch James Ward* Gabrielle Werfelli Victoria Westhead Anthony Williams & Chrystal Stokes-Williams Jennifer Wittmer Roger Woolcott* Tiyana Works Els Thijs

1199 SEIU Algorhythm Brighter Choice Community School Graham Windham P.S. 139 Alexine A. Fenty P.S. 241 Emma L. Johnston

P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud P.S. 375 Jackie Robinson P.S. 705 Brooklyn Arts and Science P.S. 770 The New American Academy The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey Youth INC

Riel Peerbooms Steve Bates, Director of Property & Maintenance Jennifer Bombardier, Director of Programs Tiffany Caton, Director of Development & Communications Molly McCue, Director of Operations Callie Radday, Day Camp Director Philip Robinson, School Programs Director Christopher Thomasson, Overnight Camp Director

394 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn NY 11225 P: 212-529-5113 E: info@trailblazers.org www.trailblazers.org Trail Blazers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Hugh Babowal Marc Hyman

Chris Sheaffer Colleen Sebra Eric Smith David Tcholakian Jim Torpey

Grace Kurdian

Louis Milea (alumnus)

Nathaniel Drake Helen Horsham-Bertels Ryan Goodman John Howie Eamonn Johnston Anna Krassy (alumna) Erez Levin Chris Macios Thomas Nakashian Frank Nolan Ronald Rasdall, Jr. (alumnus)

Jonathan Peris Nihad Rahman Lee Simonson William D. Bouw Arthur Fishelman George M. Kunath

Catherine Smorto (alumna)

Profile for Riel Peerbooms

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2019  

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2019

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2019  

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2019