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FROM THE BOARD This past year, as every year, Trail Blazers – all of us – worked exceptionally hard to fulfill our mission of “Building Values for Life” through our unique, decentralized youth development and adventure model that encourages our children to “unplug” from their often hectic lives and “go outdoors to grow within.” Last year in this letter, we highlighted the popularity of our programs, noting that participation increased from 400 children at Overnight Camp in 2011 to 1200 children in 2017 at Overnight Camp in Mashipacong Estate in New Jersey, Day Camp in Brooklyn, Winter and Spring School Break Camps, leadership and internship programs, and Under One Sky (UOS) After School Program in 5 Brooklyn schools, a 200% increase in youth served. In 2018, we focused on making sure our infrastructure supported this growth, ensuring that Trail Blazers’ quality continues to be second to none in all facets. We revised our organizational structure to enhance our operations capacity and strengthened program delivery. We added new Brooklyn Day Camp sites to accommodate campers coming from an expanded number of Brooklyn communities. At the same time, demand for Trail Blazers encouraged us to bring UOS to a new school as well as develop a Recess program so that we can further support our children to learn and grow. The efforts we made to increase operational capability and efficiency allowed us to meet these community needs and serve 1500 children today with confidence. Corey Schor, Eamonn Johnston, Helen Horsham-Bertels, and Ryan Goodman joined the Trail Blazers Board of Directors in 2018. Their talent, experience and dedication will continue to guide us as we promote our goal of controlled growth while delivering an exemplary, nurturing, and exciting experience for the children we serve. The unflagging efforts of our year-round and seasonal staff, friends, supporters, donors and alumni continue to be the bedrock of our success. Our thanks goes out to each of you. Marc Hyman Co-Chair

Hugh Babowal Co-Chair

OUR MISSION Building values for life since 1887 Through our portfolio of summer and year-round programs, Trail Blazers helps young people learn and grow in the following areas, which prepare youth to thrive, succeed, and have a positive impact.

Care for Self: 21st Century Skills (self-management, self-advocacy, creativity, initiative, responsibility, follow-through) and academic skills such as information seeking

Care for Others: Social-emotional skills and values such as empathy, compassion, respect, and conflict resolution

Care for Community Skills/values that enable us to care for others on a community scale and leave a positive impact such as collaboration, citizenship, and leadership

Care for Environment STEM knowledge, attitudes, and skills and outdoor survival skills such as Leave No Trace principles

SUMMER OVERNIGHT CAMP Outdoor adventures where we connect to nature, each other, and our best selves

Mashipacong Estate, NJ 350 campers Grades K – 12 Highlight 97% of parents report feeling connected to our mission

CARE FOR SELF at SUMMER OVERNIGHT CAMP This year we piloted a new adventure, Farmstead Camp, partnering with upstate NY organic farm, Stony Creek Farmstead! Campers connected to the land and learned to take care of themselves by learning ways to eat healthily. Our campers noshed on berries and vegetables they picked themselves, learned to bake bread from scratch, ate freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop, and tended to the pigs and cows. We loved seeing our campers step outside of their comfort zone and learn new skills that they’ll keep for life.

SUMMER DAY CAMP Connecting to nature in our city through daily adventures while making new friends

Brooklyn, NY 575 children Grades PreK – 5 Highlight 92% of parents report their child improved on persevering through challenges

CARE FOR ENVIRONMENT at SUMMER DAY CAMP From our home base in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, campers connected to nature in our city! Each week, they explored a new nature-based theme with their smallcamp. During “Up in the Sky” week, they learned about nature above our heads, including learning about birds, the weather, and the planets. During their “Trash to Treasure” recycling week, campers delighted in transforming the old into something new and ready to wear, then putting on one of the summer’s biggest highlights: the “Trashion Show”!

AFTER SCHOOL UNDER ONE SKY (UOS) Learning to steward our city environments while building essential life skills year-round

6 schools in Brooklyn, NY 450 children Grades PreK – 5 Highlight 92% of parents love interacting with our staff

CARE FOR COMMUNITY at UOS AFTER SCHOOL At the end of each semester, campers in UOS After School work together with their smallcamp group to design and implement a community service project to steward their community. This spring, UOS campers decided to: - Build milk-crate gardens - Organize a food drive to collect nonperishables for a local homeless shelter - Organize a bake sale to raise funds for supplies to donate to the school - Create an anti-littering campaign around the school - Organize a school yard clean up - Petition for a new trash bin at the school Organize up a school beautification day that included painting the garden beds and benches We’re so proud of the ways our campers used the knowledge and skills they developed through the year to better their community!

SCHOOL BREAK CAMPS When school is out, camp is in! Connecting to nature in all seasons.

Brooklyn, NY & Mashipacong Estate, NJ 100 children Grades PreK – 10

CARE FOR OTHERS at SCHOOL BREAK CAMPS The school breaks are a perfect opportunity for campers to connect with nature but also to reconnect with each other! They filled their days with team building challenges like port-hole! At Overnight Break Camp, they made sure to take advantage of the cold weather and build a fire in the Great Hall. Many marshmallows were eaten and several songs sung before bedtime! In Prospect Park they learned about the different seasons and the changes that happen in our local environment. During Winter Camp they discovered how different animals stay warm and used the snow to make art. In the Spring they learned about seeds and made one of their favorite crafts, Sun Catchers!

NEW: RECESS! Supporting socialemotional development through the outdoors and play during the school day

Brooklyn, NY 1000 children Grades PreK – 5

FROM A PARENT “...I sent my 13 year old daughter for the first time to camp this past summer. Prior to attending camp, she was very introverted and I often felt that she had something to say, but she wouldn’t say it. I can tell that she had a lot of frustration in her, and that worried me. She came back a new person, she is now very outgoing and has gained a lot of confidence in herself, which makes me so happy. She came back saying, “Mom, I belong to nature!!” She still wears her friendship bracelets to this day. After the three-day hike, she feels that she can take over the world! I also sent my 7 year old son. Similarly, he was very introverted. He, too, has become very extroverted and has gained tons of confidence in himself. I am so grateful to Trail Blazers Overnight Camp. I feel as my prayers were answered. I no longer worry as much about my children’s influences as much, since I changed their school and they are now able to spend their summers in a safe setting surrounded by nature, and being exposed to people from all over the world. Thank you Trail Blazers from the bottom of my heart.”

OUR IMPACT 80% of our youth across all programs demonstrate growth in key socialemotional skills and traits including: Mastery Orientation, Academic Self Efficacy, Positive Identity, Self Management, and other Social Skills that help youth to thrive and succeed

ACCESSIBLITY FOR ALL Through strict fiscal management, partnerships, and donor support, Trail Blazers programs are accessible to all families, regardless of income, via the Scholarship Fund.

1500 Children Annually

75% Low income families


Fiscal years ended August 30, 2016 and 2017 2017

Receiving scholarship





Fundraising Benefits (less costs) Trust Fund & Investment Income Registration Fees Miscellaneous Income TOTAL REVENUE




45,489 165,039 922,399 22,316 1,778,594

58,244 73,903 491,910 55,927 1,243,021

1,320,066 113,520 70,361 1,503,947

1,109,119 99,295 58,794 1,267,208


Program Services Management & General Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES CHANGE




NET ASSETS – beginning NET ASSETS – ending




1,790,117 2,064,764

1,814,304 1,790,117


OUR SUPPORTERS It is the generosity our supporters that enables us to fulfill our mission. On behalf of the thousands of youth we serve each year, we thank our those who supported us December 1, 2017 through Dec 1, 2018: $250,000+ Anonymous $25,000+

City of Paterson, NJ SCOPE The Pinkerton Foundation $10,000+ Hugh D. Babowal Hyde and Watson Foundation John and Margaret Post

Foundation Laura J. Niles Foundation Victoria Foundation $5,000+ Brick Presbysterian Church City of New York Discretionary Funding E. J. Grassmann Trust FPWA Nihad Rahman & Naureen Kabir Patagonia Proskauer Rose LLP Union Foundation $1,000+ Anna Krassy Anne Jones Anton Finelli Arthur & Linda Fishelman Austin Park Bank of America

Barry & Jamie Hyman, Blackrock Caroline Rostant Chantal & Bill Bouw Charles Hyman Charles Moyer Chris Shaeffer Colleen Sebra Corey Schor David Newman & Stepanie Lazar David Tcholakian Erez Levin Eric J. Smith Eversheds Sutherland Frank & Liz Nolan Grace Kurdian Gretchen Shugart Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy, & Bach, LLP James Miller James Pappas, in memory of the Pappas Family

Jay & Molly Broaddus III Jeffrey & Caroline Miller Jeffrey & Mrs. Eleanor Peris John & Mikaila Howie Jonathan & Sari Peris Joyce Kurdian JP Morgan Chase Katherine & Joseph Mele Keating Crawford Foundation Langworthy Foundation Laura Markham & Anthony Murrello Lauren Catapano Lee & Nancy Simonson Leon W. Clarke Charitable Trust Louis Esposito Macquarie Group Marc Hyman Margaret & Al Broaddus Martha Washington Straus/ Harry Straus Foundation

Maureen Sullivan Molly McCue & Thomas Ellison Nathaniel Drake Rebecca Byam Ronald Rasdall Jr. Thomas Nakashian Tom Riddleberger UBS Vincent Capasso $500+ Arthur & Linda Fishelman Bederson LLP Dorothy & Brendan Sullivan Esther Levin Francis Nolan, Sr. Heasung Minjung Park Helen Horsham-Bertels Jack & Frances Harris Jeff Wedge John Hackney Josh & Robin Sadler Jospeh & Sheila Yurcik

Juanita Barrena Kay & Charles Smorto Kerone & Serge Vatel Lee & Melissa Davis Louis Milea Lynn Rudolf Mark Siegeltuch Marshal & Anna Peris Raymond & Carole Weisner Stuart Builder, PhD Suzanne Scanlon Rabinowitz Thomas Nakashian Virginia Treherne-Thomas $100+ Adam Daniels Adele Ervin Adrienne Darcey Agnes McQuade Alexander Dodge Alice & J. Charles Riecks Alpesh Patel Amanda Becker Amy Thut

Andrew Silverman Andrew Wang Ann Grumpelt Anne Cohen Anne McQuaid Anurag Bhargava Barbara Sheehan Barry A. Mayo Benjamin Golden Benjamin Stewart Beverly Marram Bhaveeta Mody Bonnie Granatir Brian Huber Brikena Sadiku Brittney Le Roy Carolyn Weddell Celeste Frank & Rick Pangborn Charles Granatir Charles Wang Christine Howell Christine Lai Christopher Broder & Maria

Lopes Christopher Strigle Courtney Posner Crystal Chukalas Cynthia Drake Cyril Burke Dana Fields Muldrow Daniel Chung Daniel May Daniel Ratner Danny Mui Darlene Lapola David Fisher Debra Carberry Debra Dolph & Diane Schaeffer Dian Liu Dileep Bhat Donald Gottheimer Dong Yang Donna Kurz Dorothy Spencer Eamonn Johnston Elena Hollands

Elena Vail & Etan Fraiman Elizabeth Cornacchio & Anthony Heller Elizabeth Quirk-Hendry Eric Gingold Erica Klein Erik Goetze Erin Duffy Estee Kurtzman Evelyn & Ralph Christensen Frank & Francine Candela Freida Oliver Galia Sandres George & Bonita Buddensick George & Prilla Brackett Gerald Papa Gerard & Grace Collins Gloria Greenbaum Gloria Horsham Ilana Semel Isabelle Wedemeyer J. Waltman Jacquline Brown-Richardson James Baker

James McAvity James W. /Cynthia Miller/ Nascimento Jan Sigmon Janet Doane Jean Kumagai Jeff & Julie Rogoff Rogoff Jenn Choi Jennifer Bombardier Jennifer Wittmer Jimmy Placa Joan Dickie Joanne Saintil Chris Diori Jocelyn Page John Batt John Colletti John Delano John Oliva John Touhey & Patricia Lowry Jose R. Gonzalez Julie Friedberg Karolyn Irvin Keita Young Kenneth Chen

Kevin Charlton Kirsten Light Lana Volftsun Latasha Scott Laura Sonsthagen Leslie Ballantyne Lisa Mitchell Loren Blackford & Michael Blackford Louis Klein Luke Pittoni Margaret Baechler Margaret L. Broaddus Maria Celina Trzepacz Maria Paola Sutto Mark Christensen Matthew DeNichilo Matthew Lamb & Jill Kubit Maxwell Grinacoff Mayra Moore Mercedes Everett & Richard Harper Merrily S. Haas Michael & Eliza Popper

Michael & Kerri Winderman Michael Barham Michael D'Ingillo Michael Liburd Michael Simonson Michele Santamaria Mikhail Gurevich Molly Tsang Monica & Jerry Strigle Monica Cortes Monica Panzani Muriel Watkins Nathan & Jane Pearson Nick Krassy Jr. Pamela Booth Parag Patel Patricia Boisvert Paul Freilich Peter Cohen Philip & Cori Thune Philip Baird PJ Patel Raymond Catapano

Rebecca Montville & Krzysztof Kozlowski Riel Peerbooms & Donielle Lee Robert Birch Robert Holtcamp Rochelle Denipoti Rochelle Faucette Roger Woolcott Sabrina Crow Salil Gandhi Sandi & Mike Friedman Sarah Fitts Shayla Cook Sheila Scafine Sookie Bae-Park Stanford Kutler Stephanie & David Fisher Stephanie Briggs Stephen Durkee Stephen Gruber Steven Sorensen Suzanne Graver Suzanne Lyons

Suzanne Schaefer & H. Paul Dennison Suzy Davidkhanian Tammy A. Nelson Taunglea Ambroise Ted Calaman Terry St. John Thomas Buddensick Tia Breakley-China Tiffany Caserta Tiffany Caton Tiyana Works Tom & Mary Morris Travis Mock Velma Rosario Vincent Milea William & Marilyn Hartman William Koch William Monteith Yonatan Gorelev Zachariah Schreiber Zor Gorelov

Partners 1199 SEIU Algorhythm Graham Windham P.S. 139 Alexine A. Fenty P.S. 241 Emma L. Johnston P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud P.S. 375 Jackie Robinson P.S. 705 Brooklyn Arts and Science P.S. 770 The New American Academy The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey Youth INC

BOARD Co-Chairs: Hugh Babowal Marc Hyman

Back Cover with Staff/board list STAFF Executive Director: Riel Peerbooms

Secretary: Grace Kurdian Treasurer: Louis Milea (alumnus) Trustees: Jay Broaddus Lauren Catapano Nathaniel Drake Helen Horsham-Bertels Ryan Goodman John Howie Eamonn Johnston Anna Krassy (alumna) Erez Levin Laura Markham Jeff Miller Thomas Nakashian Emeritus Trustees: William D. Bouw Arthur Fishelman George M. Kunath

Frank Nolan Austin Park Jonathan Peris Nihad Rahman Ronald Rasdall, Jr. (alumnus) Corey Schor Chris Sheaffer Colleen Sebra Lee Simonson Eric Smith Maureen Sullivan David Tcholakian Jim Torpey

Honorary Trustee: Catherine Smorto (alumna)

Leadership Team: Steve Bates, Director of Property and Maintenance Jennifer Bombardier, Director of Programs Tiffany Caton, Director of Development & Communications Stephan Lendor, Director of Registration and Outreach Molly McCue, Director of Operations Chris Thomasson, Overnight Camp Director Soda Thompson, Recess Director Jay Wilks, Day Camp Director

CONTACT US 394 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn NY 11225 P: 212-529-5113 E:

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Trail Blazers Annual Report 2018  

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2018