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NOV 2019


Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all those who have enquired as to my health. For the first time ever, I managed to miss all 13 roadshows and was disappointed not to be able to catch up with you. However, it is great to be back to full strength now. I hope you are having a lot of fun as Christmas sales activities start in earnest. Please do send in pictures of your Christmas stalls and events, it is a huge encouragement to the team back here at the office.

This is our peak season at Traidcraft, so we’d just like to thank you for your continued prompt payments! It would be extra helpful if you could put your Traidcraft Customer Number on the reverse of your cheques and/or quote this number during any communications with us. This will make it much easier for us to maintain accurate records and process your orders quickly.

Star Baker This month, our star baker award goes to Mary from The Bread of Life Centre, who has made these wonderful cakes to celebrate all things Traidcraft and Fairtrade. Mary made the cakes and her mum

If you are still looking for some stock for the

helped her decorate them – well done you two!

season, we have a limited number of counter

We hope they tasted as good as they looked!

stands (68660) left - which will perfectly complement your card selection. We also have some fantastic stock NEW IN for Christmas (p27-29), some great offers on our cookies (p24) and some short shelf life bargains (p25).

Counter Stands 68660 (Limited availability).

Happy fair trading, Matt 2

A Note From Your Sales Support and Finance Teams

Memories from Mary A few bulletins ago, we asked you to share your journey with us about how you first got started in fair trade. Here, one of our longstanding supporters, Mary, has supplied her story about her relationship with fair trade and the Bread of Life Fair Trade Centre. “The Fair Trade Centre had small beginnings as it operated from three boxes of stock which was stored in Margery and Ian Robinson’s house. They were the pioneers of the project. It was open on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings from early 2001.

We have committed volunteers to serve customers and stock shelves. We take part in schools, local churches, fair trade events and operate a sale or return service for customers. We even sell coffee to a poplar Indian restaurant. The volunteers are from various churches including ours and people from the community. We support fair trade by staging events such as a fashion show, fair trade breakfast and coffee mornings.”

During major building works when the church was altered to open to the passers-by from September 2001, the shop operated in a small alcove of the church. Once it was completed there was a grand opening of Christ Church URC Methodist Church, 263 Barry Road, SE22 0JT. There were provisions for a Café and The Bread of Life Fair Trade Centre, complete with a stockroom. Opening in September 2004. The building work was to open out into the community to make the church more visible to passers-by. Previously, we were not visible from the street as the high windows were covered with wire.

After a while we were able to get a grant from the Methodist to help pay the manager over six years. The Fair Trade Centre opens Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturdays 10am to 1pm. A new manager took over the centre from Margery and Ian, as they were moving away. After a while we were able to get a grant from the Methodist to help pay the manager over six years. Although we still have the same manager, Mary Watson Nunziato, she manages the centre for shorter hours, with the help of some of the volunteers covering the rest.

Note to Our Supporters If you’d like to use any of the material that you read on our blog / bulletin within your own promotional work, please feel free! 3

Robert’s Ride

Cycling Around the World the Life Changing Way He’s Done It!

Not even a broken bike-saddle shaft could stop Robert Cleave from Bramcote, crossing five continents and 29 countries, to cycle more than 18,000 miles, using seven sets of tyres, experiencing hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, floods, dessert crossings and diversions, to fulfil his long-time dream of cycling around the world. Robert, who departed from Bramcote in April 2018, said ‘whilst I am presently, unofficially the oldest known person to have cycled around the world, it is all rather surreal, 10 years of planning with a few hiccups along the way have not put me off pursuing my dream’. Robert was welcomed home to Bramcote Hills Park, Nottingham, on Saturday 19th October, as he cycled the final miles with family and supporters joining in and cycling the final mile with him – taking his total distance up to 18,425 miles! Everyone from community groups and churches, to schools and sportsmen, and everything in between have joined in to follow Robert’s Ride. Almost £25,000 has been raised in support of two charities – Cancer Research UK and Traidcraft Exchange. Well done Robert! So what now? Perhaps a cup of tea and a bit of a rest? Somehow, we don’t think that is too likely for Robert! 4






29 18,425






Spotlight on Bio-D 100% Hypoallergenic, Vegan and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The Bio-D Team (L-R): Samantha (Account Manager) , Emily (Sales Manager) and Lloyd (MD)

We pride ourselves in being a sustainable and conscious shopper’s one stop shop – with all of your everyday eco-needs available to be delivered to your doorstep, at the click of a button. However, you will remember that, sadly, we had to recently discontinue our Clean and Fair range of liquid cleaning products, due to a problem with the formula. 6

This is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Bio-D, to offer a full range of their award-winning cleaning products, with customers and the environment at the very heart of all they do!

Who are Bio-D? Bio-D are the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic, vegan cleaning products. Independently owned, they create products that don’t cost the earth, in any sense. Using naturally derived and plant-based ingredients, Bio-D leave out any ingredients that could be harmful

Bio-D are the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic, vegan cleaning products. to both wildlife, humans and the planet. They also have complete traceability on every single ingredient that goes into their huge and diverse product range, meaning that they can guarantee they’re ethically and sustainably sourced. Plus, they make all their own products right here in the UK, in their factory in Hull, East Yorkshire. None of the raw, GM-free materials used by Bio-D have been tested on animals, and have been approved by The Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, BUAV and the World Wildlife Foundation. Likewise, all Bio-D products are free from added colour and are Paraben Free. Bio-D’s uncompromising standards have been recognised with a number of awards over the years, including Best Green Business, Business Masters Small Business of the Year and Green Apple Environment Award, to name but a few. They are also proud to be registered with both Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society. Their fragrance-free laundry range is also endorsed by Allergy UK.

Bio-D – How Did It All Begin? Back in the 1980s, Bio-D founder, Michael Barwell, was working on commercial ships, cleaning and maintaining them. He found that it was tough work using the industrial cleaning products for which heavy-duty safety equipment, including a respirator, had to be worn. Michael looked into the ingredients which went into the heavy-duty cleaning products

SHOP THE BIO-D RANGE > he was using and found that similar components were found in household cleaning products. As well as such ingredients filtering through into our rivers and oceans, affecting all wildlife coming into contact with them, many have also been tested on animals and can also be troublesome for many people with allergies or sensitive skin. All of these negative factors prompted Michael to look for naturally-derived alternatives which would clean just as well, without harming people or the environment… thus, in 1989, Bio-D was born. From 1989 until the present day, Bio-D have been committed to using plant-based, natural ingredients in their cleaning products. They’re also aware that natural ingredients can be much more expensive than their chemical-rich counterparts, but believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the planet and your pocket – which is why they make sure that their range is affordable, too. 7

What Next for Bio-D? As well as ensuring that all bottled packaging is 100% recyclable, Bio-D have introduced bottles made entirely from UK, post-consumer recycled plastics, that may otherwise have ended up in landfill; they aim to have 100% of their bottles made from this material by the end of 2019. Regarding the products which already use this recycled material, you might notice that this means their packaging has a slightly non-uniform shade, that changes depending on the make-up of different plastics that go into the mix – a quirk that we love!

Bio-D Product - FAQ

Lloyd and Samantha

Bio-D are often asked about the difference between two of their most popular cleaning products, the Multi Surface Sanitiser and the All Purpose Sanitiser. Here, they’ve explained all.

Multi Surface Sanitiser (aka. ‘the just add water’)

All Surface Sanitiser (aka. ‘the ready to use rocket’) How to use it: This ready-to-use all-rounder is raring to go – simply spray, leave for 15 seconds and wipe off using a clean, damp cloth. Use it on all hard surfaces that need cleaning and/or an extra sanitising boost. Where to use it: Perfect to use in all areas around the home, particularly in the kitchen.


How to use it: Add 20ml of product to 5L of water and apply to floors and surfaces with a cloth or mop. Where areas require more concentrated sanitising, squirt a small amount of neat product onto a damp cloth or sponge, wipe the entire area and leave for at least 15 seconds. Where to use it: Great on floors and tiles, including vinyl, laminate and ceramics. Used neat, it is a great, heavy-duty degreaser, making light work of cleaning sinks, cookers and work surfaces.

Bio-D’s Lloyd

Shop Bio-D’s environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic, vegan cleaning range here: SHOP BIO-D > *Please note: along with the additional products launched in the Bio-D range we have on offer, we have also added 5L options for current lines, and 15L for bulk purchases.

Bio-D Sales Manager, Emily, with the popular Bio-D Lime & Aloe Vera Sanitising Hand Wash 9

Organic Farming If you have been following my recent articles on how climate change is challenging us in ways we can’t even begin to think about, you will probably be tired of all the terms being bandied about: organic, soil health, NPK farming, bio-diversity, multicropping. Easy to say but fiendishly difficult to comprehend sometimes. This month, I am going to dig a little deeper (if you will forgive the pun) into healthy soil. I recently told the story of how Vandana Shiva, my fair trade heroine, explained to me that the single most important thing for a farmer’s well-being was healthy soil. I also explained that at the time I simply didn’t understand what she was talking about – and that I am only just beginning to get it. We all take soil for granted and we assume it will be there forever. In fact, some scientists are warning us that soil is being eroded so fast that we may only have between 60 and 100 harvests left before it’s gone completely. Soil begins life as rock. Slowly crushed and ground by tectonic movements over millions

Some scientists are warning us that soil is being eroded so fast that we may only have between 60 and 100 harvests left before it’s gone completely. 10

Robin Roth Digs a Little Deeper...

of years, this grit has been further “rinsed” by glacial movements until it resembles nothing so much as a fine mineral-rich dust. These minerals incidentally include those chemicals which are absolutely critical for growing food, including potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. The transformation into soil, however, required a further development: organic material to bind it together. Millenia of decaying organisms; algae, plants, insects, animals and trees, have been broken down by the innumerable bacteria that feed on and transform carbon-rich plant life into humus. The result is extremely rich, nutrientdense soil that can support agriculture, but it is also forms a surprisingly fragile and thin layer on the earth’s surface. Without it we starve. That we were able to develop an agrarian economy at all is thanks to these natural organic processes that go back many millions of years. And we have managed to deplete this extraordinary, slowly accumulated inheritance in a matter of decades. Our problem now is that we cannot “grow” soil quickly. There are no factories that produce soil and once it is gone, it is gone. And soil does, literally, disappear. Heavy rainfall that cannot be absorbed by the earth, wind erosion and land slips can all cause soil to be washed, blown or carried away, ultimately to the sea. After years of poor management, de-forestation and over exploitation, many farmers are now farming on dead or depleted soil. The only way to grow anything in this kind of soil is to spray it with the necessary nutrients; especially Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous (hence the name

“NPK farming” after the elementary symbols used to represent them.) Each harvest requires a little bit more fertiliser to achieve the same results and, of course, the sale of fertiliser is big business. Agrochemical companies make a lot of money from soil degradation. The further application of pesticides, (chemical compounds designed to exterminate organic lifeforms,) naturally affects the bacteria in the soil. It kills it. I often find that to explain what fair trade really achieves, you first have to understand what damage unfair trade – otherwise known as “free” trade – can cause. It is the same with organic farming. It is impossible to understand how absolutely critical natural farming is, until you appreciate the wanton carnage set loose by conventional – or as some people prefer to call it – “poison” farming.

So how does organic farming improve soil health? Firstly, organic farming requires significant and abundant composting. Composting feeds the soil by adding back nutrients that have been lost in plant growth. An essential element in composting is animal waste, particularly cows, so small scale animal husbandry absolutely fits with the sustainable model. Composting at home may be just a small statement of intent, but your garden will love you.

An unprotected, treeless environment can lose up to 10,000 tonnes of soil per square kilometre, each year. By comparison, a forest will absorb excessive rainfall and the loss of soil can be reduced to nothing more than half a tonne for the same area. Add to this the fact that forests actually create soil (yes, all those leaves turn into soil) at the rate of about 100 tonnes per year, and you begin to see that trees are not just carbon collectors, but also soil growers. Tress remain the great providers and the unsung heroes of and for our eco-systems. If ever you see pictures of stripped fields and mighty combine harvesters ploughing up, spraying over and cutting down some genetically modified crop, you should almost be able to see the skull and crossbones flashing in your mind’s eye. This is not sustainable farming – this is extractive destruction. Compare that with a small holding working according to organic principles, nurturing its soil and providing natural, sustainable produce as a consequence. At Traidcraft, we have been supporting small farmer co-operatives for over 40 years. We invest in the people who invest in the land that feeds us. Of course, it’s more expensive, but we see it as being part of the solution to our climate crisis. You can do your bit by buying local organic food wherever possible, or fair trade organic food from abroad. And you can go out and buy a composting bin today…

Secondly, organic farming promotes multicropping. This means that more than one crop is grown on any patch of land since different plants provide different nutrients when they are composted back down. Thirdly, organic farming requires tree cover, ideally up to a third of the total land being farmed. Trees are the best guarantor that soil is not washed away by rain, and that water is retained in the soil for growing plants. 11

Eco-Friendly Catalogue Printing

As part of our commitment to the environment and our journey to becoming a 1.5°C company, we have taken extra care to ensure that the production of our Christmas Gift Guide has the smallest possible impact on our carbon footprint. Along with using a local photographer for all of our new AW19 imagery, who regularly runs off-grid with 10 kilowatt solar panels on the roof of his studio, we’ve worked with local printing company, WDM, to produce our Christmas catalogue.

Your Traidcraft Christmas Gift Guide:


What do WDM Printers do to reduce their environmental impact? Modern, Efficient Printing Site •

Powered by electricity derived from our own solar panels

Is plastic free

Intelligent heating and lighting*

Can be recycled

Almost nil to landfill – 0.01% to landfill annually

Is made from paper from FSC certified, woodfree silk paper

Industry-leading, modern and efficient equipment

Uses vegetable and water-based inks, with no solvents used throughout printing process

One stop shop – almost all processes are on site to minimise transport carbon footprint

Has been printed in a factory which is powered by solar panels and uses intelligent heating/ lighting to minimise carbon footprint

Best – Not Cheapest •

Quality, recyclable and sustainable stocks

Chemical-free inks

Chemical-free print process

Pay to responsibly recycle used cartridges, even when manufacturers approve them going to landfill

Certifications - ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification •

Records WDM’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact

Promotes a culture of continuous improvement

Has processes in place to monitor and reduce spoils, wastage and over-production

* WDM’s heating and lighting system operates using an ‘intelligent’ programming system, designed so that minimal gas and electricity is used to heat and light the building. - Gas supplied to the burners is turned off one minute in every four, giving a 25% saving on gas usage. - Residual heat in the gas radiant tubes (these are located throughout the warehouse) is used to maintain operating temperatures. - The heating system has an external and internal thermometer, so it is able to calculate the temperature differential between inside and outside the factory and then automatically switches the heating on to heat the building to the correct temperature at the beginning of the work shift. - The building is divided into multiple zones, so the system is able to heat individual zones where the temperature has dropped e.g. warehouse doors. - The whole warehouse and office areas utilise low energy LED bulbs, and those located in low access areas are motion-sensor controlled, ensuring that the minimal amount of energy is used to light the premises.



CHRISTMAS APPEAL 2019 What would you do if your young family depended on the success of your harvest – and you couldn’t see?

Credit: Traidcraft Exchange/Michael Goima

For Mathew, who lives with his young family in a rural village in Tanzania, this is the daily reality he faces. Mathew is a banana and livestock farmer. When he started to lose his sight at the age of eleven, his family could not afford the operation he needed to remove his cataracts. By sixteen, he was completely blind. But Mathew refuses to let his disability get in his way. Every day, from morning till sundown, he works hard on his land – weeding his plot, tending to his trees and feeding his livestock – with no walking aid or guide dog to assist him. As the family breadwinner, he supports his wife Debura and two young sons, four-year-old Gehazi and 11-month-old baby Gracious, who has albinism*. 14

Credit: Traidcraft Exchange/Michael Goima

His hard work, however, is not reaping the rewards his family deserves. “Sometimes the children say they’re not full, but there is no more food in the house,” he says. “I feel so bad, like I wasn’t able to provide, to fulfil the basic needs for my child.” Mathew is a remarkable man who already has all the drive and determination he needs to make a success of his farm. But all too often, people like him are excluded from opportunities due to stigma, prejudice, and misinformation surrounding disability. But there is reason to be hopeful, thanks to the generous support of people like you. Mathew has recently joined a Traidcraft Exchange group alongside other disabled farmers in the area. By working together as a group, learning farming

Credit: Traidcraft Exchange/Michael Goima

techniques tailored to their disabilities and growing new crops, disabled farmers can finally start to improve their incomes – and build a better future for their families. In just a short time, hardworking Mathew has made significant progress. “Being part of the group can help me in my life 100% by improving my farming and business skills,” he says. “For instance, I’ve already learned to grow coffee, which for me is a new crop.” Mathew now has support locally within the group. But there’s also a global community of people who are helping – people like you. You can help Mathew and others like him by giving a gift today. You can change their life. Mathew is talented, resourceful, and ambitious – and he is capable of far more than his present situation allows. All he needs is the chance to keep learning – and this Christmas, you can give him and others like him that chance. What a wonderful Christmas present that will be. Thank you for your kindness.

*Albinism is a genetic condition that limits the amount of melanin pigment produced in the skin, hair and eyes. For centuries, some groups of people in Tanzania and other East African countries have held superstitious beliefs about people with albinism, leading many people with albinism to be ostracised and face persecution and violence.

Donate today at Christmas and give Mathew and others the chance of a brighter future.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing more stories about Mathew’s family, as well as the stories of many other hardworking disabled people in Tanzania. To keep up with our latest updates, make sure you’re subscribed to our emails at: 15

meet the people tours

Costa Rica – Nearly Guaranteed! 25th Jan to 6th Feb 2020

How do you take your coffee? With volcanoes or hot springs, in the rain forest or cloud forest, on the beach or by the lake? Well, on this trip you get to enjoy them all! Here are three reasons to join us in Costa Rica: 1. In January the coffee harvest is in full swing, join farmers in the field as they pick the ripest of cherries for the most delicious quality fair trade coffee. During our journey across the country we’ll also visit farmers growing pineapples, sugar, cocoa and a variety of other fruits and crops.  

2. Costa Rica is a small country accounting for 0.03% of the earth’s surface, yet it’s home to 6% of the world’s biodiversity! We make memorable stops at some of the incredible National Parks and Reserves teaming with birds, butterflies, plants and animals where we’ll appreciate just a fraction of the natural beauty on offer and learn why the farmers we meet take their role as custodians of the environment so seriously.

3. As our winter is in full force, it’s the perfect time of year to escape the freezing temperatures and enjoy Costa Rica’s year round warmth. If average temperatures in the 20s aren’t enough to encourage you, then a relaxing dip in the geothermal waters of the hot springs is sure to tempt! 16

To check the most up to date availability and to chat about any of our tours call Hannah or Lizzie on

0191 2651110 or email us at


Black Friday We are slowly waking up to the fact that our lifestyles are having a profound effect on the planet that sustains us. The average annual carbon output of a person living in the UK today is around 6.5 tonnes. As carbon is intangible, it is difficult for us to envisage what this really means… so let us try to explain. Put simply, every single person in the UK would have to plant 1,000 trees each, to counteract their annual carbon output. This would stretch three acres - that’s one and a half football pitches! This statistic doesn’t just scare us, but panics us, which is why we may be the only business who are actively encouraging our customers to consume less.


We believe that the key to buying less, is buying right… investing in what is good, rather than chasing what is cheap. We actively reject and object to the mindless feeding frenzy that is Black Friday. The average carbon output of a person living in the UK today is around 6.5 tonnes, per year.

This Black Friday, you won’t see any flash sales or discounts across our website, encouraging you to buy more ‘stuff’ than you really need. Instead, from 11am-3pm on Black Friday, the Traidcraft team are going to break the rules – downing tools and splitting into teams to address the injustices we see in society. Team 1: Will be addressing social injustice by running a refreshment station open to all, at Newcastle Cathedral, as well as offering jute bags filled with toiletries for the homeless in our local area. Team 2: Will be addressing environmental injustice by heading outside to tend to our office gardens and grounds, addressing our own carbon footprint. Team 3: Will be addressing the maintenance of our own environment at our Gateshead HQ, restructuring our offices to create a positive working environment which reflects our culture. If you want to take a break from the Black Friday madness, and focus on what’s important, why not tune in to our live cam and watch our progress?

>>>>>>> WE NEED YOUR HELP <<<<<<< According to Shelter, it is estimated that over 320,000 people are homeless in the UK alone. Along with tea, coffee and biscuits, we have many small jute bags to fill with essential toiletries and hand out to these vulnerable people on Black Friday, addressing social injustice in our own local area. This small gesture will make the world of difference to a homeless person’s

life, offering them much needed hygiene items which we may take for granted. If you’d like to get involved and donate some toiletries, you can do so by dropping them off at our HQ, or sending them to the following address: Traidcraft - Black Friday Donations Kingsway Gateshead NE11 0NE To give us time to sort through any donations and separate them evenly into jute bags, we need all donations to us by Monday 25th November. Even the smallest of donations makes a huge difference - thank you! Suggested items (unused and unopened) include:  Toothbrushes  Toothpaste  Deodorant  Sanitary items  Bars of soap  Anti-bacterial gel  Face flannels  Hair brush / comb  Hair bobbles / hair clips  Dry shampoo  Shampoo / conditioner bars  Face / body cream  Lip balm / Vaseline  Bubble bath / shower gel  Face wipes  Razors or sharp objects


Product Update

New Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Gift Set Traidcraft Rich Roast Coffee & Organic Dark Chocolate with Marzipan & Orange Liqueur Gift Box Set 48820 £7.99 We pride ourselves in continually supplying you with new and exciting fair trade products to not just taste, but to experience. This is why we asked our very own Q Arabica Graded coffee consultant to pair our coffees with our chocolate, to help us deliver the ultimate taste experience to our customers. The existing three pairings have proven so popular, that we’ve just launched a new one! What do you think?

Granola The same, great-tasting Fruity Golden Granola that you know and love is back in stock! Now in brand new Traidcraft-branded packaging. Traidcraft Fruit Golden Granola 27578 (350g) £3.90 69620 (6 x 350g) £21 20

Bio-D Launch of New Products Our full range of Bio-D cleaning products are now available on our website. With everything from washing up liquid and fabric conditioner, to hand wash and toilet cleaner, we’ve got all of your eco-cleaning needs covered. SHOP THE BIO-D RANGE HERE >

Packaging Delays The team here at Traidcraft HQ are working hard to get all of the sweets, chocolate raisins and chocolate ginger into compostable packaging instead of single use plastic. We realise it would be easier and quicker to opt for single use plastic, but it goes against all that we stand for regarding environmental justice. Thanks for your patience – we assure you that it is worth the wait.

Product Update New packaging

Traidcraft Chocolate Chip Biscuits 31834 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £14

New packaging

Traidcraft Ginger Snap Biscuits 51108 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £14

New GEOBAKE packaging being printed! We have transformed our beloved GEOBAKE biscuits into the Traidcraft brand.

New packaging

Traidcraft Fruit & Lemon Biscuits 59828 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £14

New packaging

Traidcraft Shortbread Biscuits 43068 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £14 21

Product Update A Spoon Full of Sugar… ‘Helps the medicine go down…’ or so the song goes. Well, this year our sales of the sweet stuff have certainly helped us in our recovery from the dark days we faced last November. However, we currently find ourselves in the situation where we may be without the majority of our sugar range for the next couple of months. As you know by now transparency is one of the cornerstones of the new Traidcraft strategy, so we wanted to let you know about the situation up-front and tell you what we are doing about it. We have to agree through a formal contract, how many tonnes of Fairtrade sugar we want to buy over a year in advance, this includes our 500g bag range and also the sugar that goes into our sweets and biscuits. The reason for ordering a year in advance is that there are restrictions on the amount of Fairtrade sugar available, so forward planning for the supply chain is vital. A year ago, when the order was due, we had just announced we may have to close. Then, during the next two months we came up with a plan 22

to resurrect Traidcraft and had to place a late order. Although across the board we predicted a downturn in sales at that time of around 40%, we placed an order of around 80% of the previous sugar needs. As it turns out, sugar sales have maintained nearly 100% of last year and while this is fantastic news for sales, it has meant that supply has been a balancing act. Mauritian Sugar Syndicate and Sukpak who pack the sugar into the 500g bags in Mauritius, have been magnificent in keeping us going, but the end of the Fairtrade supply for this year is near. We have managed to secure a final shipment for the year that will arrive with us around December and we are working on securing more sugar for 2020 and beyond. Thank you for continuing to buy our sugar and for your patience. I mentioned on the Spring Roadshows turning the taps back on in terms of supply chains is more complicated than turning them off, but your commitment to our products it is making a powerful difference in the lives of our producers and to our continued success. Matt Oliver

Product Update

We have limited stock remaining of all of our 40th anniversary merchandise.

Limited Edition Limited Edition Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Apron Fair trade. 56158 £17.95

Limited Edition

Traidcraft 40th Anniversary T-Shirt Unisex, black with our 40th anniversary logo on the front and back in white. 100% Organic Fairtrade Indian Cotton. 56400 Small 56404 Medium 56444 Large 56502 XL £17.95

Limited Edition Limited Edition

Traidcraft 40th Anniversary E Coffee Cup Eco-friendly, navy, 12oz / 350ml. BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. Re-sealable ‘no-drip’ lid. Fully dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwaves. 56626 £12

Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Tote - Natural Ecofriendly and fair trade. 56242 £9.95

Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Tea Towel - Natural Eco-friendly and fair trade. 56522 £6.95 23

Product Update 20%




Traidcraft Cookies We know how much you love our cookies and how disappointed you were to find some of them were out of stock for long periods earlier this year. So, by way of an apology, we’ve managed to negotiate a deal with our supplier to bring you 20% off in conjunction with our Christmas catalogue drop. While stocks last! 20% OFF 6th Nov - 3rd Dec inclusive

20% OFF

Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies 56762 (180g) £2 OFFER £1.60 54156 (8 x 180g) £14.40 OFFER £11.52 48692 Display box (16 x 45g) 2 biscuits per individual pack £14.40 OFFER £11.52 Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 66828 (180g) £2 OFFER £1.60 67952 (8 x 180g) £14.40 OFFER £11.52 62494 Display box (16 x 45g) 2 biscuits per individual pack £14.40 OFFER £11.52 Traidcraft Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies 47238 (180g) £2 OFFER £1.60 43016 (8 x 180g) £14.40 OFFER £11.52 67988 Display box (16 x 45g) 2 biscuits per individual pack £14.40 OFFER £11.52

Our Stem Ginger, Double Chocolate and Chewy Fruit and Oat Cookies contain a splash of the world’s only, sustainable, organic, fair trade palm oil, FairPalm, that protects the environment while supporting smallholder growers.



Meaningful Christmas Meaningful Chocolate Company Host of Angels 6 solid chocolate angel decorations for your tree, a poster and Christmas story stickers. 43698 (102g) £3.99 50008 (18 x 102g) £64.80

Meaningful Chocolate Company Christmas Cracker Box Each cracker contains a question, a joke, a crown and bag of milk chocolate buttons. 67088 (6 x 25g) £9.99 54170 (6 x 6 x 25g) £53.94

The Real Advent Calendar Includes a 24 page booklet. 33048 (85g) £3.99 69266 (18 x 85g) £64.80

November Offers 30% OFF

Divine Flight of Flavours Milk & White Selection 39458 WAS £8 NOW £5.60


30% OFF

Divine Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Foiled Mini Eggs 49188 WAS £4.75 NOW £3.33 25

The Global Coffee & Chocolate Gift Sets Expertly Paired

These new gift sets are expertly paired by our very own, Q Arabica Graded coffee consultant, Alex Urban, to deliver the ultimate taste experience. There are three different sets and each one arrives in a beautiful gift box. Why not introduce a friend to the wondrous world of fair trade by gifting them one of these tasty sets.




Traidcraft Malawi Coffee and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Gift Box Set 58598 (1 x 100g 1 x 227g) £7.99

Traidcraft Rich Roast Coffee and Organic Dark Chocolate with Marzipan & Orange Liqueur Gift Box Set 58684 (1 x 100g 1 x 227g) £7.99


New Organic

Traidcraft Rich Roast Coffee and Mint Dark Chocolate Gift Box Set 58684 (1 x 100g 1 x 227g) £7.99

Traidcraft Peru Coffee and Muscovado White Chocolate Gift Box Set 59872 (1 x 100g 1 x 227g) £7.99

New in for Christmas 2019! Floral Trellis Duvet 100% cotton bedding. Block printed in India by hand.

Block printed

Single Duvet Set + 1 Pillow Case 55336 £79.99 Double Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 55820 £109.99 Kingsize Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 55826 £129.95

Charcoal Duvet 100% cotton bedding. This duvet cover and pillowcase set has been hand block printed by talented artisans in India.

Block printed

Single Duvet Set + 1 Pillow Case 54914 £79.99 Double Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 54976 £109.99 Kingsize Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 55164 £129.95 Elephant Duvet This 100% cotton bedding has been hand block printed in India, by artisans whose skills have been passed down throughout the generations.

Block printed

Single Duvet Set + 1 Pillow Case 55854 £79.99 Double Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 55964 £109.99 Kingsize Duvet Set + 2 Pillow Cases 55978 £129.95 Available from mid Nov. Until then, why not enter your email on the product page for an alert as soon as they’re in stock. 27

New in for Christmas 2019! New

Meru Tomato & Chilli Sauce 32020 (330g) £3 32096 (6 x 330g) £16.20

New Organic


Meru Tomato & Basil Sauce 31942 (330g) £3 31668 (6 x 330g) £16.20

Tree Planting Olive Oil Tube Gift Coming in a fantastic presentation cylinder, this thoughtful gift will not only delight the receiver, but will benefit the planet, too! 69558 (500ml) £25 The average person in the UK uses six tonnes of carbon each year! A great way to offset our carbon footprint is to plant more trees.

Zaytoun Roasted Chilli Almonds Roasted slowly in Palestine and tumbled in a chilli seasoning. 60368 (140g) £5.50 59158 (6 x 140g) £29.70 28

This wonderfully symbolic gift from Zaytoun will not only pay for an olive tree sapling to be planted in Palestine, but will also give the receiver a Zaytounstamped certificate of proof, as well as a 500ml bottle of Fairtrade and organic extra virgin olive oil as a thank you. This best-selling olive oil has been made from hand-picked and rain-fed olives, and boasts a warm, peppery taste, perfect for drizzling over salads.

New in for Christmas 2019! New


Limited Stock

Limited Edition

Gourmet Dates in Gift Box 25 mouth-watering Medjoul dates in presentation box. Limited edition. Hand-picked from the palms of Jericho, these chunky dates are popular due to their impressive size and rich, melt in the mouth, caramel flavour. 69572 25 pieces £17.50 69574 (6 x 25 pieces) £94.50


Eswatini Spicy Trio Gift Set Gift set contains hot mango chutney, medium curry sauce and the triple award-winning Swazi Fire. (1 x 300g & 2 x 275g) 31758 £11.99

Ukuva iAfrica Duo Gift Set Gift Set contains Zulu Fire Sauce and Swahili Lemon Pepper grinder. (1 x 60g & 1 x 125ml) 32062 £8.99


Eswatini Christmas Trio Gift Set Gift set contains peach and ginger jam, mixed fruit chutney and orange and cinnamon marmalade. (1 x 300g & 2 x 340g) 31860 £11.99 29


If you’re after a fair trade treat to accompany your cuppa and lift your mood, why not give these Fair Trade Ginger, Chocolate and Mango Muffins a try? This recipe was supplied by Traidcraft’s fabulous baker, Jude!


1. Line the muffin tin with 12 paper cases.


(makes 12 muffins)

150g light brown sugar

81g bar Eat Your Hat 95% Dark Chocolate, roughly chopped into small pieces/chunks

225g self raising flour

50g porridge oats

2 tsp mixed spice powder

1 tsp baking powder

100g Tropical Wholefoods dried mango, finely chopped

2 balls of stem ginger, rinsed and finely chopped (or 2 tsp stem ginger)

1 egg (locally sourced if possible)

100ml vegetable oil

175ml milk (locally sourced if possible)

Get to know us better... 30

2. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees fan. 3. Place sugar, flour, oats, spice and baking powder in a bowl and mix together. 4. Add the finely chopped mango, chocolate and stem ginger to the dry ingredients and combine. 5. Break the egg in a separate bowl and beat. 6. Add the oil and milk to the egg and mix. 7. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients and mix. Don’t beat too much or the mixture will go tough. 8. Divide evenly into the paper cases. 9. Bake for 25 minutes. If you have a fair trade recipe that you’d like to be featured, please send us your recipe and an accompanying image – and watch this space!


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Traidcraft Bulletin - November