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Catalog Design Services at Affordable Price

Designing promotional material for your company in India is always an important exercise in driving the balance between science and art. Not only has the design have to be creative and inspiring, but it also has to follow the basic principles of design, help people know about your product or service and also fit your budgetary allocations.

Concept of Catalog Design ď‚ž

Make sure that the Catalog Design India, Company that you have selected has a concept and a basic theme in mind before they even start on the promotional material. This is highly critical as the theme is the overall controlling factor that would guide the design of the material.


If the theme is not decided upon beforehand, then the total design process will be like a walk in the dark.

Format for Catalog Design This would be the next thing that you and your Catalog Design India Company decide on. This would determine the size and appearance of the final form of the material. You would be discussed on the number of folds as well as the type of food that is to be followed for the particular campaign material.

Catalog Designing Resolution These days in all advertising and promotional material pictures and graphic representations are more important when compared to plain text. This is because the information that people gain from pictures are more and faster compared to those derived from reading of the test.

Action Required for Effectiness ď‚ž

Though various forms of information may be displayed on the brochure of campaign material, it would be all incomplete without a clear and concise call to action. This means that after reading the material the people know what to do next to get in contact with your product or service.


This could be in various forms like calling to a number, visiting a website or mailing to an address. It could also be a visit to a nearby office of your firm. Whatever it is, it should be easy to do and convenient for the people.

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