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Wonderful New 3D Printing Technologies

ď ś3D printing refers to the process used to manufacture solid three dimensional objects from a computer file containing a digital g design g model. ď śPrinted objects can be practically any shape, and various sizes depending on the printer.

ď śAdditive processes are used to build up the object layer by layer layer. This technology is used in numerous industries, including medical,, jjewellery y making, g, education,, fashion, construction and much more. ď śAnimation modelling or computer aided design software is used to create a digital blueprint for the object that is to be created by the printer.

ď śThe blueprint is sliced into thin layers so the printer can create the object from the bottom up. The file format used in this technology gy is the STL file. ď śThe technology has been used for industrial purposes since the early 1980s, but initially printers were huge and limited in what they could print. 3D printing has since come on in leaps and bounds thanks to computer and material technology.

ď śNike have recently unveiled a new football trainer that has a sole that has been printed using this technology. ď śThere are certain companies and organizations that are at the cutting edge of this technology, gy and are developing p g 3D printers for domestic use. They have only been of interest to enthusiasts and have nott quite it ttaken k off ff for f average consumers.

ď śThese enthusiasts have managed to produce a working clock with the use of 3D printing. ď śIndustrial 3D printers are now fairly common and being utilized more and more as the technology is developed, which is happening quite rapidly.

ď śMany companies exist that can produce an object from a customers STL file, file which is ideal for small business or consumers. ď śSome companies exists purely online and a STL file can be uploaded to them and the object posted out.

ď śThe future of this technology is very exiting Technology is being developed to exiting. print houses and other buildings using a giant p g printer. This will lower housing g costs and speed up construction. ď śThe medical industry is looking seriously at this technology too, and development has begun into the printing of replacement body tissues and bones.

ď śThis new technology is developing fast and is likely to become commonplace in industry. They may also become more commonplace p in the home for p producing g many different types of consumer goods, such as mobile phones and appliances. ď śIf you are running a business you may find many benefits from this technology, and d it may well ll save you money.

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Wonderful New 3D Printing Technologies  

3D printing refers to the process used to manufacture solid three dimensional objects from a computer file containing a digital design model...

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