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Will alternative lt ti methods th d off treatment work at substance addiction treatment centers?

ď śThe historic resistance from some hardcore addicts over the years has led to medical community to develop some alternative substance addiction treatment centers, in hopes that these new practices can turn even the toughest addict around. ď śThey have been enjoying some success, and d may enjoy j more once word d gets t around about these new alternative methods of treatment. treatment

Reasons behind the development  It has long been believed that the reason that addicts do not always respond well to rehab is that perhaps the fault lies in the formation of traditional treatments, and not in the fallen addicts themselves. Every individual is different, after all, so it should not have been assumed that everyone would respond to traditional methods in the same way. way

ď śAt least, that is the theory put forth by those behind the new alternative treatment methods currently being employed p y in both Florida substance abuse treatments centers, and Georgia substance abuse treatment centers, and others across the country.

ď śTherapy ď śWhile traditional methods of therapy for the recovering addict will focus primarily on the emotional, psychological or mental motivations behind their addiction, proponents of alternative therapy contend that it should also focus on other subjects that will continue to support the addict during their recovery.

ď śHolistic therapy methods also include individual sessions that focus on altering an addict’s self-esteem, their world view, and how to alter their current situation through positive thinking meditation. p group g p sessions like ď śIt also incorporates the traditional method, but with a larger goal of improving the social skills and h how to t properly l deal d l with ith events t before b f turning to addictive substances.

Skill building  When you are an addict, the necessary day to day skills of life take a back seat day-to-day to other issues, like finding ways to get the next fix. So many recovering addicts re-enter the world outside without much beyond the basic skills we all learn as we grow up, like cooking and cleaning.

ď śAlternative counseling focuses on getting the former addict the skills necessary to gain employment, goal setting and managing g g money. y ď śThis also allows the recovering addict to have a safe environment in which they y can express any concerns or conflicts they are experiencing, in much the same way as a supportt group could, ld but b t att a more personable level.

ď śPhysical health ď śThe ravages of addiction can be healed, healed in part, during treatment, but not every addict that enters recovery is at their best. Holistic programs that allow recovering g addicts the opportunity pp y to rebuild their bodies, as well as their life outside. Lessons in nutrition and diet can give i th them healthy h lth alternatives lt ti that th t they th can adapt into their life that will help curb the physical cravings for alcohol that they might experience.

ď śPromoting physical activities to strengthen their bodies and improve their health can also keep them from giving into depression, p , a common ailment among recovering addicts. Encouraging them to participate in personal training sessions, as well as the occasional group activity like biking and hiking, can also do wonders for their social skills and selfself esteem. ď ś p //

Will alternative methods of treatment work at substance addiction treatment centers  

The historic resistance from some hardcore addicts over the years has led to medical community to develop some alternative substance addicti...

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