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Why Is It Important To Save The Amazon R i f Rainforest

ď śThe number of ecologists that are out there trying to prevent the destruction of the rainforest grows every year. It is a fact that some of the p plants and animals that take refuge in the tropical forest are getting near the point of extinction. ď śThe question is: why is it important to save the Amazon rainforest ?

ď śThe rainforest is home to almost sixty percent of the total planets foliage. foliage The plants that grow there are large and beautiful and some of them are even dangerous. ď śThey need a climate that is warm and wet with just enough light. These plants are very good resources for medicine, food, and burning fuel.

ď śThere is also the main fact that the tree and other shrubberies turn the CO2 into good, clean oxygen for us to breathe. ď śSome people forget how important these natural resources are, but clearly it is vital that we try to protect what little bit of rainforest we have left.

ď śSo, why is it that we are slowly clearing out the rainforests for? What is so important that we should cut back our oxygen yg supply pp y and cause countless animals and plants to go extinct? ď śThe trees are being cut down to clear the land for buildings and other industrial needs. The wood is often used to produce firewood, wood pulp, of paper.

ď śThe medicinal uses for some plants are causing them to disappear at an alarming rate as well, and the methods that individuals g go through g to locate a specific p plant may also take out the surrounding plants in the area as well.

ď śThe ever-growing human population is also a major cause of cutting down the rainforest. There is a need to build new neighborhoods g and crops p to p produce food for people. ď śIn order to do this the farmers and builders must burn and cut down all the trees and vegetation.

ď śThis causes lots of animals to lose their homes and also diminishes the rainforest quite a bit. ď śAt first the land is very fertile, but once the crops stop producing quality food, they move further into the rainforest and restart the process.

ď śIt is up to us to stop this destruction from happening happening. Laws should be put into place to prevent companies from coming and g going g as they y please. p ď śAlso, schools should spend more time teaching children the importance of the rainforest and the consequences if we do not take care of the land.

With education and understanding we can protect the rainforest and the living creatures inside it. Learn Amazon rainforest facts here: 

Why Is It Important To Save The Amazon Rainforest