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Why Every Home Should Have A Sump Pump

ď śI wish I would have inquired about what a sump pump is before my basement got flooded. My basement stores quite a few of my y belongings, g g , and part p of it serves as my work area. ď śOnce the flooding took place, not only were quite a few of my things destroyed, but it also took weeks to get rid of the dampness.

ď śTherefore, if your area is prone to excess rainfall or if the foundation of your home rainfall, is lower than the water table, you definitely y need to install a sump p pump p p in your basement.

ď śwhat is a sump pump you ask? Well, it is a small device standing about two to three feet tall. It is ideally installed in the crawlspace, p , or the lowest point p of the basement. ď śA sump pit having a depth and width of 2 feet is constructed at this lowest point, so that water can flow into it, through the soil, or from the drains.

ď śThe sump pump is used to pump the accumulated water away from the house structure, so that the basement remains dry. y I was quite q shocked to learn that about 60% of US homes have wetness below the ground, and are most likely to have their basement flooded. f

ď ś Apart from the flooding, even a little water can cause very costly damage, damage as the resultant dampness provides the ideal conditions for fungus g and mildew to flourish. ď śIf fungus growth is ignored, it creates an extremely unhealthy living environment, and will eventually cause structural damage as well.

ď śThere are two types of sump pumps, pedestal and submersible. pedestal, submersible As the name suggests, a submersible sump pump fully rests submerged g in water,, and has a waterproof encasing. pump p will lie at the bottom of the ď śThis p soak pit, and its outlet pipe will be on top. The pump's base, through which the water t iis sucked k d iin, is i protected t t d by b a grate or netting, which prevents debris from entering the pump. pump

ď śThe water is pumped out through the outlet pipe pipe, and the connecting pipe will drain the water away from your house. ď śA pedestal sump pump on the other hand rests on a pedestal that keeps it out of the pit. The inlet pipe goes right to the bottom of the pit, for drawing out the water.

ď śBoth types of sump pumps usually have a pressure sensor or float activator, activator which makes them turn on automatically, when the sump pp pit starts to fill with water. ď śYou should make sure your pump has this automatic activation, because you never know if you're going to be around to switch on the pump when flooding starts to occur. occur

ď śNow that you know what a sump pump is the next obvious question you might is, be asking is what type of sump pump would be the best choice. ď śWell, both types have their advantages and disadvantages. g The submersible sump pump is costlier than the pedestal type.

ď śHowever, it is much less noisy, as it is submerged in water water. If you are on a budget and do not mind the noise than a pedestal sump p pp pump p should suffice. Whatever your choice, make sure you install a sump pump in your basement, and prevent costly damages. ď ś

Why Every Home Should Have A Sump Pump  

I wish I would have inquired about what a sump pump is before my basement got flooded. My basement stores quite a few of my belongings, and...