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Why Computer Recycling ecyc g Ca Can Help Save The Environment

™As the dangers of dumping or incinerating unwanted computers becomes better known, more and more people p p are starting g to champion p computer recycling in Houston. y year, y for the past p few years, y 60 + ™Every million computers were either traded-in or dumped. Those that were traded-in b t nott be but b resold ld were eventually t ll discarded as well.

™If the number of computers that are thrown out remains steady and if steps are not taken to intercept these disposed of computers p the accumulation of them will lead to very serious problems.

™Recycling computers in Houston and either extracting their raw materials for other uses or refurbishing them so that they y can be re-used,, has proven p to be the best way to deal with what has become a tremendous number of unwanted and discarded electronics products in the United States.

™Fast paced technological advances along with falling prices have resulted in computers being much easier to replace then in the p past. Figuring g g out what to do with the old ones has become an issue that Federal government agencies, particularly the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), is grappling with. ™Th ™They have h gone so far f as to t characterize h t i old unwanted computers as “hazardous household waste. waste ”

™One of two things is typically done with discarded electronics electronics. They are either thrown away and placed in landfills or incinerated. Both can cause p problems for the environment. y are put p in landfills, they y take up p ™If they limited space while also potentially leaking mercury, lead, cadmium and other th toxins t i in i the th groundwater d t and d soil. il

™If they are incinerated, toxins are released into the atmosphere. atmosphere These methods of handling unwanted computers p and p parts is essentially ya matter or choosing between the lesser of two evils. ™A superior approach to the aforementioned would be recycling. Unfortunately, it is done far too little.

™On average, only 15% of electronics are recycled Not only is this bad for the recycled. environment but it also means that we are missing g out on the extraction of valuable materials that can be used for other industries (or the electronics one), for instance aluminum, tin, plastic, iron and silicon. ™G ld and ™Gold d copper can be b found f d in i computes as well.

™Computer recycling businesses take old computers and/or parts and either fix them up to be reused or recycle the materials. ™When computers are refurbished they are often g given to non-profit p organizations or schools. They might even be sold on the open market.

™Computer recycling is a responsible way to handle old old, unwanted computers. computers Recycling is a much better option than dumping p g computers p or their p parts into landfills or incinerating them. g so is less damaging g g to the ™Doing environment because it makes use of materials that actually have some value.

™These materials can be used by a number of different industries industries, including the electronics one. ™Individuals interested in recycling their own computers should look online for companies p that accept p used devices for this purpose. ™

Why Computer Recycling in Houston Can Help Save The Environment  

As the dangers of dumping or incinerating unwanted computers becomes better known, more and more people are starting to champion computer re...

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