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Where To Apply For Nurse Practitioner Fi Financial i l Assistance A i

ď śFor a nurse to continue pursuing their education in hopes of achieving a higher education, degree than what they currently have, can be very y expensive, p , and not everyone y can afford to take on student loans at that point in their career.

ď śFor those who wish to pursue their Master’s Master s degree in nursing, nursing or even a Doctorate, in order to become a nurse practitioner,, the sheer cost alone could p deter their dreams. y there are many y sources of nurse ď śLuckily, practitioner financial assistance available today, some from very surprising sources.

Education requirements  In order for a nurse to pursue an educational path to the level of nurse practitioner, he or she will have to undergo studies that will eventually lead them to either a Master’s degree in Nursing, or a Doctorate. If they do not already have the Bachelor’s degree required to become a Registered Nurse, then that should be their first step. step

After that, obtaining a Master’s degree will allow them to work alongside doctors in healthcare as an equal in diagnosis and treatment for their patients. p Those that wish to do more can pursue their Doctorate, usually y in a specified p field of study, like neonatology or oncology.

ď śNurse practitioner financial assistance possibilities ď ś ď śIn order to help these dedicated individuals pursue their chosen career path into the field of Nurse Practitioner, there are scholarships, grants and awards available from several notable institutions and organizations today.

ď śBeyond the level of student loans, these nurse practitioner scholarships and nurse practitioner grants can help them cover their tuition and other expenses p while studying for their higher degrees, including research projects.

Organization based awards  A prominent organization serving the needs of nursing practitioners everywhere is the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation, has partnered with Procter & Gamble in recent years to provide scholarships and grants to deserving nurses pursuing their higher degrees.

ď śThey include the Endowed Scholarship In Community Service, Service for those who have made contributions to the community through g p patient care;; and the Endowed Scholarship in Gastroenterology, for clinical and research interests. ď śThey also offer three Astellas Heart Health awards for differing levels of aid, f those for th pursuing i educational d ti l projects j t dealing with heart health.

ď śThere are also awards available through the NPHF, NPHF known as the Outcomes Research awards, are given to working nurse p practitioners,, nurse midwives,, and graduate students studying in the Washington State area, and will allow them to pursue a two-year research project that relates to primary care as given by these specialists, specialists and how it affects their patients.

School based awards  Students undergoing university studies in Connecticut may be eligible for grants provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, for accelerated studies.

Both Loyola University, and universities in Louisiana have received grant money to help graduating nurse practitioners repay p y their student loans,, at a rate of 85% of the total loan. g recipients p must teach in a In exchange, college of nursing for a term of four years, in hopes of graduating more nurses than th before. b f 

Where To Apply For Nurse Practitioner Financial Assistance  

For a nurse to continue pursuing their education, in hopes of achieving a higher degree than what they currently have, can be very expensive...