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When Your Girlfriends Flirt With Your Man

ď śIt's unfortunate but many women are more attracted to a man when they know he is committed. If he's wearing a wedding g ring, g, Ooh la la... If he's always y with his girlfriend, she thinks, this could be me. ď śIf he's proud to show off photos of his children, she thinks he's such a great f th father, and d that's th t' what h t I want. t

ď śSo how is a girl supposed to handle her flirtatious girlfriends around her man? How do you know your guy is safe if you need to use the ladie's room and your y girlfriend stays behind? p to help py you out if ď śHere are a few tips you're experiencing a girlfriend who can't seem to refrain from flirting with your man.

ď śConfront Her: ď śIf you see her openly flirting with your guy, winking at him or touching him, you need to sit her down and let her know that it's not okay. Tell her she needs to have respect p for y you and your y relationship.

ď śDon't Let Her Get Away With The Old "I'm I m just a flirt flirt" Excuse: ď śAfter you confront her she may apologize up and down down, swearing to you it means nothing, she's just a born natural flirt, but don't accept p this. If she's a natural flirt, she'd be flirting with everyone, not just your man. Unless she's flirting everybody, b d even the th 90 year old ld man she h sees at the bar, she's not a natural flirt, so don don'tt believe her excuses excuses.

ď śReverse The Tables To See How She Likes It: ď śSometimes people don't realize what it feels like until it's it s done to them them, so go ahead and be a little flirtatious with her boyfriend y or guys g y she shows interests in to show her just how it feels when she does it to your man. It may open her eyes to t her h own ways and d teach t h her h a lesson about respecting someone else's relationship. relationship

ď śStop Bringing Her Around: ď śIf you've tried all the above things and she still persists to flirt with your man, but you still want to keep your friendship, you need to stop bringing her around y your man. You'll have to hang g out with each other alone, that means she'll miss big get togethers, birthday celebrations, l b ti etc... t Sh She'll 'll eventually t ll catch t h on and ask you why you've stopped including her in these things. things This is a great time for a talk.

ď śEnd The Friendship: ď śIf all else fails, fails it's time to cut her off completely. She doesn't value your friendship respect your relationship friendship, relationship, or you. It may be hard to cut her out of your life if she's a long y g time friend, but it needs to be done.

At the end of the day, every woman should have respect for another another's s woman's relationship.

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When Your Girlfriends Flirt With Your Man  
When Your Girlfriends Flirt With Your Man  

It's unfortunate but many women are more attracted to a man when they know he is committed. If he's wearing a wedding ring, Ooh la la... If...