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When Buying Contact Paper be Sure to Purchase the Right Length of Roll and Color

ď śThroughout the years people have found new uses for contact paper. In addition to being used as shelf liner, it is also used to create decorative trim on walls and tables as well as coverings for various furniture pieces. pieces ď śPeople shopping for this type of paper, will find several new styles available as decorative contact paper. These include many marbled designs using rich colors of emerald green, blue and gold.

ď śWhen buying contact paper, it is important to check what the length of the roll is to make sure there will be enough to use for the project. project ď śWhile the standard width of eighteen inches is the same for all of the rolls rolls, the cheaper priced products usually measure only nine feet in length, while the more expensive styles can be as long as seventy-five feet.

ď śMarbled designs offer rich backgrounds often used to cover furniture pieces in bedrooms. It is an easy way to give old pieces of furniture a new look. look ď śMeasuring all of the items before shopping will help in purchasing enough of the product to complete the entire project.

ď śThe color or pattern on contact paper will often determine where or what it is used for. The classic wood grain contact paper can be used to line the interior shelves of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. ď śThis grain is available in a few different shades ranging from a dark walnut to a lighter oak.

ď śWhen using contact paper as a protective coating on certain objects such as books, the clear contact paper is the best type to purchase. purchase ď śThis provides protection against scratches and marks marks, yet still allows the cover of the book to show through. This type of contact paper is often used to cover school books so they will not become damaged.

ď śWhen looking to purchase contact paper for use in redecorating rooms in the home, some styles of black contact paper can enhance items with bold colors. colors Black trim or accenting always makes colors appear more vivid. vivid ď ś The black and white checkered design can add a contemporary touch when used as wall trim where the wall meets the ceiling.

ď śPeople should always make sure they are purchasing the original brand of this item to make sure it will perform the way it is supposed to to. The vinyl is designed to be washable and can also be easily removed when no longer needed needed. Choosing the right length and color will help projects turn out the way y they y should. ď ś p // p p q /

When Buying Contact Paper be Sure to Purchase the Right Length of Roll and Color