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What You Need To Know About Grounds M i Maintenance

ď śWhen you go into a beautifully maintained park and comment on how well maintained it is, it is actually the ground maintenance worker that y g you are praising and thanking. you are a ground g maintenance ď ś If y worker, your job is not only beneficial socially, but it is aesthetically pleasing as well. ll

ď śAnd that is the beauty of the job which requires a lot of hard work from the workers. ď śThey also help to cut off tress that are dying or causing a potential danger to others. Their work is specialised and absolutely mandatory.

ď śWhat you need to be a Ground Maintenance Worker or a Tree Surgeon ď śThe work of maintaining the ground, at the entry level, requires no educational qualification. For a ground maintenance job at the entry level, there is no educational eligibility criterion, though a high school diploma is given more value.

ď śThere are usually short training periods for people going for the ground maintenance job, especially if they are to deal with chemicals like pesticides, p , insecticides and fungicides. g license is a must for ď śBesides, driving those who want to take up driving responsibilities too. Otherwise this criterion it i iis exempted. t d If you wantt tto b be a tree surgeon, you can do without education but a degree in forestry or education, agriculture can help a lot.

ď śIt is a perfect job for people who love gardening and like being surrounded by plants and trees. If you plan to become a tree surgeon, g , try y availing g an internship p with a doctor from whom you can get first-hand knowledge. ď śThus, use your skills and your passion to choose what you love best.

ď śTasks for a Ground Maintenance Worker ď śAs a ground maintenance worker, you have many responsibilities which start with trimming trees. ď śYou also have to clean overgrown vegetables and tree branches and fallen leaves along with weeding and planting plants.

ď śRaking leaves, mulling and pruning them are your job responsibilities. responsibilities ď śYou also have to plant trees trees, see to it that they get proper fertilizers and the right amount of sunlight and water.

ď śSpecially throughout the monsoon when the plants are generally caught by the various insects, you have to carefully atomizer them to eliminate them of their disease. g winters, snowing g is a common ď śDuring phenomenon which has to be later cleaned. Besides, the beautification and th precise the i sizes i off plants l t planted l t d indoors also falls under the category of works that you might have to do. do

ď śJob Description for Tree Surgeon ď śSpecialized hands adept at curing trees of their diseases are the requirements of a tree surgeon, explaining his name. Your primary duty is to treat diseased trees that need help by preventing the infection from spreading. So, knowledge of how to cut branches in various conditions like a narrow area or thick foliage is important. important

ď śNot just rid them of the diseases, but to cure weak trees is also a tree surgeon surgeon’s s duty. You also have to be sharp enough to notice which branches or trees can potentially harm human habitation and control their growth. Thus, choose to be a tree surgeon iff you love doing these.

ď śMost companies have a need for grounds maintenance or a qualified tree surgeon then follow one of the links to find out more. ď ś

What You Need To Know About Grounds Maintenance  
What You Need To Know About Grounds Maintenance  

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