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What Other Herbalife Reviews Are Missing

ď śIf you are reading this post, then you are probably thinking about becoming a Herbalife distributor or getting started on the Herbalife products. p ď śI would like to provide an honest and brief review of this company p y as well as cover the most important, overlooked information, that all other Herbalife reviews i are nott telling t lli you (this (thi one piece of information easily determines your success or failure with Herbalife should you choose to join).

ď śDisclaimer: I am not a Herbalife distributor or customer customer. ď śThe information in this Herbalife review is an unbiased third party perspective of the company.

ď śHerbalife is a network marketing company that has been around since 1980. ď śThey currently have an extensive product line including weight management and nutritional supplements. These products are marketed exclusively through their distributors in a world wide market.

ď śThis company is one of the giant network marketing companies that has stood the test of time and solidified themselves as one of the p premier health and wellness companies in the world. This company is definitely legitimate.

The Herbalife product line is extensive. They offer products for fat loss loss, digestive health, personal care, energy, immunity solutions,, and hearth health. After spending a lot of time reading other Herbablife reviews of their products, I have come to the conclusion that their products are pretty average. Th There are a lot l t off people l that th t have h had h d great success with the products like 'Total Total Control' Control and have lost a good amount of weight.

ď śBut there were a lot of people who didn't really have any success success. A lot of fitness experts have questioned the side effects of some of the ingredients g in their products, including soy and sugar. you are seriously y interested in the ď śIf y Herbalife products, I recommend taking a list of the ingredients to a certified fitness expertt that th t can explain l i more thoroughly. th hl

ď śThe Herbalife compensation plan is pretty standard I could spend 2 standard. 2-3 3 pages explaining to you everything about the compensation p p plan,, but you y would be better off just going to and downloading a copy of the compensation plan for f yourself. f ď śBut the basic way it works is like this. Y You basically b i ll gett paid id 2 different diff t ways.

ď śThe first way is by ordering the product wholesale and selling it retail. wholesale, retail ď ś The 2nd way is by building a sales force, force and getting paid a percentage of all the volume that your team generates.

ď śNow it's time to move on to the main portion of my rant about what other Herbalife reviews are not telling you. ď śIt really doesn't matter how great the products or the compensation plan are. What matters is if you know how to market your business beyond the circle of your friends, family, and contacts.

ď śIf you don't have a marketing system that will put your business in front of thousands of people on a monthly basis, then chances are y you will fail with Herbalife (or any other company for that matter). ď śEven if Herbalife was the best company on the planet, if you can't position yourself lf iin ffrontt off people l that th t are looking for nutrition products or people that are looking for a network marketing opportunity, then you are out of luck.

ď śGet a marketing system that works. We recommend MLSP (check out our My Lead System Pro review for more information). ) MLSP will enable y you to build a fully customized sales funnel that will work for you on autopilot. All of the other Herbalife f reviews are leaving out the most important piece of the puzzle, which is marketing marketing. Learn the skill of internet marketing, and you will write your own ticket my friend. ď ś

What Other Herbalife Reviews Are Missing  

If you are reading this post, then you are probably thinking about becoming a Herbalife distributor or getting started on the Herbalife prod...

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