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What do you look like online when someone who needs your services i searches h for f you?

Your customers, clients, and patients are all over the Internet Internet, searching before doing business with people. But the negative g side: it’s the wild,, wild west out there with gunslingers just looking for people to trash with their blogs and online reviews. Are you being sued in the court of public opinion i i and d you don’t d ’t even know k it?

ď śQUESTION: with 97% of all consumers now using the Internet when researching products or services in their local area and 55% of all local searches being g done with intent to buy, what do YOU look like when people Google you?

ď śHave you taken a look in the mirror lately? Your economic mirror? The one holding the reflection of your economic health and well being? g ď śAnd what about the Google Google-search search mirror? What reflection do you discover there? What do you prospects find?

So - What do you look like to the 97% of people who now check online before starting a relationship? Will they: feel a connection to you through your online identity? recognize that you can solve their problems? 
 immediately feel that they know, like, and trust you? y

find something neutral about you (that really doesn’t doesn t help send them your way)?  discover a complaint on Angie Angie’s s List that you didn’t even know existed? OR… are you not even visible to them?

ď śWhat is a highly-trained professional to do? ď śHow do you set up and maintain a powerful online presence that draws in new clients and patients and makes existing ones raving fans and insanely loyal?

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ď śWhen prospective clients, customers, or patients Google you before deciding to do business with you, what do they find? What is their their first impression p of you? ď śDo they like you or do they move on and you never know the reason?

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What do you look like online when someone who needs your services searches for you