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What Are Compression Socks?

What are graduated compression socks, and why are pro athletes wearing them? Watch your favorite NFL team closely on Sunday and you’ll notice many of the players l wearing i custom t d designed i d VO2fx® VO2f ® graduated compression socks as part of their game day uniform. uniform

What you don’t realize is that many players from teams around the league are also wearing VO2fx® compression socks for post-game post game recovery recovery, to rehab from injuries and while travelling.

“Our guys love VO2fx! Wearing the VO2fx graduated compression socks makes their legs feel energized. They tell me their legs have never felt better during or after a game. ”  - Steve Urbaniak, NFL Equipment Manager, San Francisco.

So, what are compression socks? VO2fx® compression socks are made with graduated compression technology. This means there is a measured amount of compression exerted at the ankle, and the level of compression gradually reduces as the sock reaches up the leg to below the knee.

The compression range is always referred to in “mmHg”, which is the millimeters of mercury displayed on a medical compression measuring device. device All you need to know is that unless a product displays the range of compression i.e. 15-20mmHg or 20-30mmHg on the package, it is not a graduated compression sock.

So beware of generic “compression socks” you see advertised. The compression isn’t graduated which means they can actually constrict your blood flow and cause serious problems. This is particularly true if the compression range is inverted – meaning more compression under the knee and less at the ankle. Always check for measured, graduated compression (mmHg).

ď śGraduated compression is medical technology that has been used in hospitals for decades to assist patients with medical issues related to poor circulation and for recovery/rehab from surgery.

Now, because graduated compression socks are able to increase the circulation to your lower legs, they are able to supply more oxygenated blood to your muscles. muscles A d for And f an athlete, thl t that th t means the th world! ld!

And here’s the bottom line. Graduated compression socks have been clinically proven to increase circulation in numerous medical studies. studies They’re also the standard preventative treatment in hospitals for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clots and during recovery and rehab from surgery. 

What Are Compression Socks